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2.1 Second Progress Review Committee Meeting

A number of project issues were discussed at the Second Progress Review Committee Meeting, held on 25 September, 1997 at the Ministry of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources Development (MOFARD) (see Minutes, Annex IV). Project staff are enthusiastic and the project appears to be progressing adequately, although it is now behind schedule. A Project Co-ordinating Assistant has been appointed. The National Consultant (Legal) has left Sri Lanka; a replacement is to be recruited by FAO. Research has been initiated as far as possible pending receipt of equipment (equipment has been ordered by FAO and is beginning to arrive). Broodstock have been collected since August and are being held for analysis pending arrival of the PCR equipment. Four cycles of national training have been completed. The issue of lack of security at the Chilaw Extension Centre was discussed in light of the need to insure protection of newly acquired project equipment.