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close this bookConsultancy report on first extension staff training in horticulture. (1998)
close this folderBasic understanding of horticulture
close this folderReview of effects of physical factors of the environment on horticultural crops
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- A slight wind is necessary to replenish Carbondioxide near plant surface.

- Wind carries oxygen away from the plant.

- Less wind, less evaporation, less water requirement.

- Wind can be a limiting factor in vegetables production where strong winds (a ver. Wind speed of 7.2 km/hr) occur e.g. Typhoons (wind speed of 60 km/hr)

- Use of windbreaks (shelter belts) minimize damage, a relatively slow wind.

- Dusting plants - affects rate of photosynthesis of coating the photosynthesizing leaves and green stem.

- May blow away pests and diseases thus carry pests to or away from crop.

- May interfere with farm operations e.g. spraying, etc..

- May aid in pollination.