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close this bookStrategies for market orientation of small scale milk producers and their organisations. Proceedings of a worshop held at Mogororo Hotel, Mogororo, Tanzania, 20-24 March 1995. (1995)
close this folderSession 5: Comparative evaluation of dairy marketing systems.
close this folderCompetitive performance of formal and informal milk marketing channels in Northern Tanzania: The case of Hai district
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Small traders are often accused of adulteration of milk quality. What quality standards were used?

Response: Nyange

Quality was not considered in the study.


a) Is it sustainable for the cooperatives to continue selling milk particularly for those which got assistance from outside when the assistance is withdrawn.

b) The cooperatives marketing has some external assistance in marketing milk. If the donors withdraw, are the Operations going to be sustainable?

a) With good management a good number of them are sustainable, for example the Nnroga Women cooperative Society, have bought their own vehicle after the assistance was withdrawn.

b) It is hoped that they are going to be sustainable because some of them have shown their move to be stable and sustainable.