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Annex III Itinerary, organization visited, and personnel met



20 Sept

Depart Fernie/Cranbrook


21 Sept

Arrive Rome


22 Sept

FAO Headquarters
Dr. R. P. Subasinghe
(FAO/FIRI Fish Health Specialist)

Pre-mission briefing

23 Sept

FAO Headquarters
Dr. Subasinghe

Pre-mission briefing;
Discussion of other FAO programme activities

24 Sept

Depart Rome


25 Sept

Arrive Colombo


Ministry of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources Development (MOFARD)
Mr. A.M. Jayasekera, National Project Director (NPD); Director, Aquaculture Development Division

Briefing; preliminary development of itinerary

Second Project Progress Review Committee Meeting
Mr. L. Hettiarachchi (Additional Secretary, MOFARD) - Chairman
Dr. Jayasekera (NPD)
Dr. P.P.G.S.N. Siriwardena (Director, Inland Aquatic Resources and Aquaculture Division, NARA)
Mr. A. Hettiarachchi (Director, Export Development, MOFARD)
Mr. H.A.M. Kulathilake (MOFARD, Chilaw)
Mr. K.P. Sugathapala (Program Assistant, FAO)
Mr. W.H.S. Fernando (Director, Northwest Province, Fisheries Ministry)
Mr. K.S.B. Tennekoon (Shrimp Farmers and Exporters Association)
Mr. C. Perera (BAPFI)

Review of project staffing, equipment procurement, national training programmes, planning for the 1st Public Seminar Workshop, research status, international consultants, and security issues)

26 Sept


Briefing; payment of partial DSA

Mr. Sugathapala
National Aquatic Research Agency (NARA)
Dr. Siriwardena
Mrs. R.K.M. Wijegoonawardena

Itinerary development; briefing on NARA; review of expertise and facilities relative to aquatic animal health

27 Sept

Document review

28 Sept

Document review

29 Sept

Mr. G.J. Bernard (FAOR)
Mr. Sugathapala


Dr. Siriwardena

Itinerary development, discussions on structure of MOFARD and NARA

Mr. Jayasekera

Finalization of itinerary and appointments, discussions on MOFARD and AQD organization and capabilities

30 Sept

Field travel to Udawalawe
Fish Breeding Centre (MOFARD)
Mr. W.M. Upul Wijesinghe
Mr. R.M.B.U. Rajapukshe (Station Manager)
Dr. Dilip Kumar (FAO Consultant; Network of Aquaculture Centres in Asia-Pacific, Senior Aquaculturist)

Presentation of lecture on fish health management for freshwater fish culture during national training for aquaculture extension workers and fisheries officers

1 October

Udawalawe Fish Breeding Centre
Mr. R.M.B.U. Rajapukshe

Review offish culture operations and within country movements of live fish relative to disease control

Return travel to Colombo

2 October

Document review

3 October

Field Travel to the Northwest Province
Mr. P. Salgado (Director, Aqua Garden Ltd.)

Visit to Sri Lanka's largest shrimp grower; visits to medium and small-scale farms near Chilaw and Mundal

Mr. N.N.E. Cooray (NARA)

Brief visit to Chilaw Aquaculture Extension Centre (MOFARD)

Mr. A.M.S. Pushpananda (NARA)

4 October

Travel to Hambantota
Mr. Jayasekera
Dr. D. Kumar

5 October

Rural Aquaculture Development Centre, Bandagiriya
Mr. A. Wickramasinghe
(Director, Small Fishers Federation)

Tour of Centre and visits to small-scale rural fish culture projects of SFF

6 October

Dr. Siriwardena
Mrs. R.K.M. Wijegoonawardena
Mr. H.M. Palitha Kithsiri
Dr. M. Perera (Acting Director, Post Harvest Technology)

Review of research project status; revision of project schedule;
meeting with junior staff; visits to Post Harvest Technology Division and NARA library

Keells Aquariums (Pvt) Ltd, Ekala, Ja-Ela
Mr. S.L.J.R. Samarasekara (Manager)
Dr. Siriwardena

Visit to Sri Lanka's largest private ornamental fish operation;
discussion of problems related to certification vis-a-vis the industry

7 October

Sri Lanka Customs Department
Mr. R.L. Gunasekara (Superintendent of Customs)
Mr. Jayasekera (MOFARD)

Briefing and review of customs regulations and operational procedures related to import/export of live aquatic

Mr. A. Hettiarachchi
(Director, Export Development)

Discussion of export issues relative to aquatic animal diseases

8 October

Sri Lanka Export Development Board
Ms. M. P. Rodrigo
(Director, Project Management)

Discussion of organization and financing for the project's first
Public Seminar Workshop

Development Finance Corporation of Ceylon
Mr. L.G. Perera (Deputy General Manager, DFCC)
Mr. M.A. Seneviratne (Senior Project Officer, Fisheries)
Mr. L. Wickramasinghe (DFCC)
Mr. Jayasekera (MOFARD)

Discussion of organization and financing for the project's first Public Seminar Workshop

Department of Animal Production and Health, Animal Quarantine
Station, Colombo
Dr. A. Hewakopara
(Animal Quarantine Officer)
Mr. Jayasekera (MOFARD)

Review of departmental mandate and procedures relative to quarantine and certification of aquatic animals;
discussion of FAO/NACA TCP Project and OIE reporting responsibilities

Mr. Bandusera (Permanent Secretary)

Courtesy call; briefing and discussion of project activities, issues and needs
Mr. Jayasekera vis-a-vis fish and quarantine and certification

9 October

Document review

10 October

Veterinary Investigation Centre, Welisara
Dr. G. R. Rajapaksha
(Veterinary Surgeon)

Review of VIC expertise and facilities relative to aquatic animal quarantine and certification;
briefing on FAO/NACA TCP

Mr. L. Hettiarachchi
(Additional Secretary)

Courtesy call and briefing

Mr. G. Bernard
Mr. Sugathapala

Mission debriefing

Department of Wildlife
Mr. H.D. Ratanayaka
(Deputy Director, Research and Training)

Discussion on international trade in aquatic animals

Prof. Episinghe (Chairman)

Courtesy call and briefing

11 October

Document review

12 October

Depart Colombo/Arrive Bangkok


13 October

Mrs. D. Blessich (Project Operations Officer

Mission debriefing -)

Aquatic Animal Health Research Institute
Dr. S. Chinabut
Mr. I. MacCrae

Informal discussions on FAO and AAHRI activities relevant to quarantine and certification

Depart Bangkok


14 October

Arrive Rome


14-15 Oct.

FAO Headquarters
Dr. Subasinghe

Mission debriefing

16 October

Depart Rome/Arrive Cranbrook/Fernie