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Ruffa -- The long and winding road … to success?... -- 2013

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Author Ruffa, Chiara.
Title The long and winding road … to success? Unit peace operation effectiveness and its effect on mission success / Chiara Ruffa.
Imprint [London : n.l.], 2013.
Physical Description 128-140 p. ; 30 cm.
Notes Published in “Defense & Security Analysis, 2013 Vol. 29, No. 2, 128–140,.”
“Why does peacekeeping sometimes fail? How can effective peacekeepers increase the likelihood of success of a mission? The two main flaws in the current evaluations of peace operations are that they mainly rely on already concluded missions and that they make use
of indicators that do not reveal micro-level dynamics. This article introduces an analytical framework relating the effectiveness of soldiers to their actual impact in their area of operation in a peace operation. The framework is called “unit peace operation effectiveness” (UPOE). Focusing on soldiers in peace operations, this article shows that: different units behave differently; emphasize different aspects of the mandate; and are effective in
different ways. Ultimately, this has an actual impact on the end-state of the mission. It relies on and adapts classic security studies works to theoretically enrich the peacekeeping literature. The model is tested in an illustrative case study based on ethnographic work on
French and Italian units in Afghanistan between 2008 and 2010.
Keywords: military effectiveness; peace operations; mission success; French army; Italian army; Afghanistan; ethnography.”
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French – Armed Forces – Afghanistan.
Italian – Armed Forces – Afghanistan.
Postwar reconstruction – Afghanistan.
Internal security – Afghanistan.
Insurgency – Afghanistan.
Military assistance, French – Afghanistan.
Humanitarian assistance, French – Afghanistan.
French – Armed Forces – History – Afghan War, 2001- .
Afghan War, 2001- – Participation, French – Evaluation.
Military assistance, Italian – Afghanistan.
Humanitarian assistance, Italian – Afghanistan.
Italian – Armed Forces – History – Afghan War, 2001- .
Afghan War, 2001- – Participation, Italian – Evaluation.
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