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Cook -- The size of the fight in the dog... -- 2009

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Author Cook, Barnaby.
Fraser, Curtis J.K.
Roberts, D. Jonathan.
Title The size of the fight in the dog : 2009 : an assessment of the security situation in Afghanistan / Barnaby Cook, Curtis J.K. Fraser and D. Jonathan Roberts.
Imprint London : King’s College, 2009.
Physical Description 30 p. ; 30 cm.
Notes Summary: “The current situation in Afghanistan is characterised by a resurgent Taliban and al-Qaeda coupled with a weak and corrupt central government. The anti-coalition forces exhibit the capacity to inflict casualties and hamper coalition efforts at pacifying the region. The coalition war aims are currently shifting away from winning the war, towards ending the war and achieving something of a Nixonian peace with honour. To do this, the surge in all but name is being used to purchase a window of opportunity in which the coalition hope to make progress while the Taliban are on the back foot. Attaining even a limited victory of this kind will depend on the age old concept of division and conquest. Whilst the conflict should be seen as one of multiple insurgencies, it should be combated with a cohesive and unified effort. Thus if the conflict is to be won, it will be won on the district level, village by village. Failure to arrive at a situation in which the coalition can withdraw on their own terms will result in a protracted and unpleasant stalemate that will see the evaporation of domestic support at home.” (Executive summary).
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“20 March 2009.”
Includes bibliography (p. 25-30).
“King’s College, London.”
Subject Headings Insurgency – Afghanistan.
Internal security – Afghanistan
Afghanistan – Politics and government – 2001- .
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