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View the documentHoltman -- A discussion of Afghan involvement in reconstruction and... -- 1990
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View the documentCarter -- A preliminary investigation of contemporary Afghan councils /... -- 1989
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View the documentACBAR annual report / Agency Coordinating Body for...
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View the documentACBAR directory of contacts / Agency...
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View the documentACBAR directory of humanitarian agencies working for Afghans. Directory...
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View the documentACBAR directory of members / Agency Coordinating Body... --
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View the documentACBAR education sub-committee : school database by geographical... -- 1997
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View the documentACBAR plan / Agency Coordinating Body for Afghan...
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View the documentACBAR status of operation / Agency Coordinating Body... -- 1993
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View the documentNaithani -- ANDS economic issues and terminology : a CSANDS... -- 2006
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View the documentSwart -- Afghanistan health profile : statistics on health and... -- 1997
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View the documentPurves -- Afghanistan without poverty : a plain language guide...
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View the documentRitchie -- Aid effectiveness in Afghanistan : at a crossroads... -- 2006
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View the documentBaseline survey of Khak-e-jabar district, Kabul province /... -- 2000
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View the documentDatabase of NGO activities / Agency Co-ordinating Body...
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View the documentDatabase of NGO activities in eastern Afghanistan /...
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View the documentWaldman -- Falling short : aid effectiveness in Afghanistan /... -- 2008
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View the documentGuideline for the planning and implementation of projects... -- 1991
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View the documentAziz -- Micro-financing in Afghanistan strategies and options : a... -- 2000
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View the documentAziz -- Microfinancing in Afghanistan : strategies and options :... -- 2000
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View the documentStrand -- NGO coordination in Afghanistan : an evaluation...
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View the documentPurves -- NGO voices on agriculture and rural development /... -- 2008
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View the documentDwerryhouse -- NGO voices on education / Sarah Dwerryhouse. -- 2008
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View the documentWoloszyn -- NGO voices on health / Rachael Woloszyn. -- 2008
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View the documentWoloszyn -- NGO voices on social protection / Rachael Woloszyn. -- 2008
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View the documentDwerryhouse -- NGO voices on water / Susan Dwerryhouse. -- 2008
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View the documentNational workshop on micro-credit : “Empowering the poorest... -- 1999
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View the documentNews summary on Afghanistan : 1999 / Agency... -- 2000
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View the documentNotes from the second session of day two... --
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View the documentProceedings of the workshop on development of appropriate... -- 2000
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View the documentProtecting Afghan civilians : statement on the conduct... -- 2007
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View the documentProvincial Reconstruction Team and the security situation in... -- 2003
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View the documentReport of working group on harmonization and improving... --
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View the documentMeier -- Salary standardization fro national staff of NGOs in... -- 1992
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View the documentNaithani -- The case for small and medium enterprises in...
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View the documentBarden -- The role and importance of NGOs in Afghanistan... -- 2000
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View the documentPounds -- Where does the money go? : a study... -- 2006
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View the documentنایتانی، سهراب. -- دافغانستان دملی پرمختگ تگلاره اقتصادی مسایل او اصطلاحات... -- 2006
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View the documentنایتانی، سهراب. -- ستراتیژی وانکشاف ملی افغانستان : مسایل واصطلاحات اقتصادی،... -- 2006
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View the documentپه افغانستان کی دکرهنی او بیا ودانولو دپروژو...
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