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View the documentAfghanistan series on tolerance, conflict resolution and culture... -- 2000
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View the documentAfghanistan. Laws, statutes, etc. The law on the... --
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View the documentAfghanistan. Laws, statutes, etc. 1980. The law on the... --
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View the documentBamiyan : preserve our cultural heritage. -- 2005
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View the documentBasic education strategies Afghanistan / UNESCO. -- 1996
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View the documentEFA 2000, Afghanistan : draft final report /... -- 2000
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View the documentHetland -- Education mission to Kabul, Afghanistan, 8-11 December 2002... -- 2002
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View the documentEducational reconstruction in Afghanistan : transitional support strategy,... -- 2002
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View the documentInclusive & child-friendly education in Afghanistan : success... -- 2010
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View the documentNeeds & rights assessment : inclusive education in... -- 2009
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View the documentUNESCO Country Programming Document (UCPD) : Afghanistan 2010-2011. -- 2010
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View the documentصافی، لطف الله. -- هوا او اوبه / لیکونکی لطف الله صافی. -- 1380
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