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Javaid -- An analytical study of Pakistan’s policy toward Afghanistan... -- 2013

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Author Javaid, Umbreen.
Fatima, Qamar.
Title An analytical study of Pakistan’s policy toward Afghanistan before the Taliban’s rise / Umbreen Javaid and Qamar Fatima.
Imprint 2013.
Physical Description p. 59-89 ; 30 cm.
Notes Includes bibliographical references(p. 85-89).
Published in : “Journal of Political Studies, Vol. 20, Issue - 2, 2013, 59:89.”
“Pakistan and Afghanistan are interlocked into numerous connections ranging from geographical proximity, ethnic religious commonalities to historical experiences. But no harmony of interests or shared strategic considerations for the region and the world as well could take place. From the outset Pakistan aspired to have friendly relations with Afghanistan. Since 1947 Afghanistan had been supporting Pakhtun separatists due to its denial of legality of the Durand line.To meet the challenges emanating from Afghan governments’ hostilities, a shift in Pakistan’s policy towards Afghanistan occurred when in the 1970s, it created links with a number of Afghan Islamists opposition leaders. In 1980s, these links fully matured with a new dimension to force a communist su
per power Soviet Union for its retreat from the backyard of Pakistan. Since then Pakistan has actively remained engaged with Afghan affairs. This study analyzes various phases and perspectives on Pakistan’s Policy towards a strategically important country, with which Pakistan’s peace and stability are divinely bound due to its geographical vicinity, racial, ethnic and religious intricacies.” – (abstract).
Subject Headings Afghanistan.
Afghanistan – History.
Afghanistan – Social conditions.
Afghanistan – History – Saur Revolution, 1978.
Afghanistan – History – Soviet occupation, 1979-1989.
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