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Smith -- Afghanistan after the occupation: examining the post-Soviet... -- 2014

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Author Smith, Shane A.
Title Afghanistan after the occupation: examining the post-Soviet withdrawal and the Najibullah regime it left behind, 1989-1992 / Shane A Smith.
Imprint 2014.
Physical Description p. 308-343 ; 30 cm.
Notes Includes bibliographical references.
Published in ”The historian v. 76 (no. 1), p. 308-343.”
“Is Afghanistan’s government doomed to fall soon after most NATO forces leave in 2014, as many in the government, intelligence, and academic communities seem to think? This debate has echoes in the country’s past. As such, this study explores the 1989–1992 time frame, a period during which international expectations of Afghan collapse proved premature, but ultimately accurate. In spite of assessments that the government of the Republic of Afghanistan might not even last until the Soviet withdrawal was complete, Mohammad Najibullah (1947–96)’s regime outlived the USSR itself, collapsing only after Soviet assistance dried up. Najibullah’s survival involved copious Soviet aid and deft political maneuvering in an attempt to manipulate the environment in his favor.”
Subject Headings Afghanistan – History – Soviet occupation, 1979-1989.
Afghanistan – History – Soviet occupation, 1989-1992.
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