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View the documentBadakhshan baseline survey report : Argu, Warduj and... -- 2000
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View the documentBucherer -- Europäische Reisende des 19. und 20 Jh. In... -- 1997
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View the documentQualitative survey on issues in girls’ education in... -- 2004?
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View the documentJoining people in their struggle against poverty :... -- 1998
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View the documentRam -- The new Afghanistan : pawn of America? /... -- 2004
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View the documentAnnual Report 1986: Afghan refugee Health Programmme ... -- 1986
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View the documentLeslie -- Money, lots of money / Jolyon Leslie... -- 2008
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View the documentEvacuation planning, March 2006 / British and Irish... -- 2006
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View the documentNassery -- Gender as a barrier to human development :... -- 2003?]
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View the documentBalkh and Jawzjan province irrigation : draft report... -- 2004
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View the documentPresidential and Provincial Council elections, 20 August 2009... -- 2009
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View the documentConstitution of republic of Afghanistan (1990) /... -- 1990
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View the documentYassari -- The Sharī΄a in the constitutions of Afghanistan, Iran... -- 2005
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View the documentGuidelines for drought preparedness and mitigation training /... --
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View the documentEighmy -- Kabul and urban Afghanistan : a demographic baseline... -- 2002
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View the documentWoods -- Assessment of RAMP technology diffusion program / by... -- 2003
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View the documentLunsford -- The Taliban and Afghanistan / Ralph Lunsford. -- 2009
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View the documentBaker -- Methodological considerations and the use of data from... -- 2010
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View the documentBedford -- Concise English-Afghan Dari dictionary : revised and enlarged... -- 1973
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View the documentHarrow -- Video-recorded decapitations : a seemingly perfect terrorist tactic...
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View the documentAfghanistan macroeconomic database development (appendices) : final report...
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View the documentDatabase of NGO activities / Agency Co-ordinating Body...
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View the documentPreliminary findings of the national risk and vulnerability... -- 2003
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View the documentWorkshop on the Afghan refugees health programme, 19-20-21... -- 1985
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View the documentVillage book : National Solidary Programme / prepared by... -- 2005
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View the documentMaking poultry production projects work in Afghanistan :... -- 2006
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View the documentHall -- The Shanghai Cooperation Organisation : a partner for... -- 2009
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View the documentInterim training for the Afghan judiciary : project... -- 2004?]
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View the documentHeritage of the Mughal world / The Agha... --
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View the documentGibaldi -- MLA handbook for writers of research papers, theses... -- 1980
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View the documentSummary of the National Risk and Vulnerability Assessment... -- 2009
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View the documentMatthews -- An anvil of clay: Pakistan’s military balks at... -- 2010
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View the documentChabot -- Comparing gross revenues for nuts and dried fruits...
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View the documentDistribution of pupils by gender and grade by... -- 2002
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View the documentJohnson -- Hazarajat baseline study : interim report /... -- 2000
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View the documentAfghanistan : commitment to development key to return... -- 2005
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View the documentFleschenberg -- “It is not a Charity, It is a... -- 2016
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View the documentMillennium Development Goals : Islamic Republic of Afghanistan...
source ref: 17187.html
View the documentForbes -- The Afghan wars , 1839-42 and 1878-80 /... -- 1896
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View the documentHelmand monitoring & evaluation programme. -- 2011
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View the documentMerkova -- Conflict analysis : Chak and Sakyedabad districts, Wardak... -- 2009
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View the documentHarpviken -- Social networks and migration in wartime Afghanistan /... -- 2009
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View the documentPinney -- National risk and vulnerability assessment 2003 : a... -- 2004
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View the documentNational health management information system : procedures manual... -- 2006
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View the documentMaass -- “National reconciliation in Afghanistan : review of the... -- 2005
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View the documentAfghanistan overview RC and PRT / produced... -- 2007
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View the documentMills -- A strange war / C.P. Mills. -- 1988
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View the documentBogdanov -- The tomb of the emperor Babur near Kabul... -- 1923
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View the documentMerz -- Still on the way to Afghanistan? : Germany... -- 2007
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View the documentNational reproductive health survey 2003 : final report... -- 2004
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View the documentMumtaz -- Market demand study for horticultural produce from Kandahar... -- 1997
source ref: 3077.html
View the documentڅیړنه : مجله علمی وتحقیقی پوهنتون کابل.
source ref: 13803.html
View the documentخان عبدالغنی خان. --
source ref: 7133.html
View the documentOn ‘Securing Afghanistan’s future” : the case for... -- 2004
source ref: 1320.html
View the documentWatkins -- Afghanistan : land in transition / by... -- 1963
source ref: 835.html
View the documentLewis -- Village life in northern India; studies in... -- 1958
source ref: 2942.html
View the documentInterim Afghanistan National Development Strategy : a strategy... -- 2005
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View the documentKemp -- Working against the rules : women aid workers... --
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View the documentMcIntosh -- Afghanistan Geological Survey : a digital library case... --
source ref: 3403.html
View the documentEducation in Afghanistan : great achievement but still... -- 2007
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View the documentSuhrke -- Democratizing a dependent state : the case of... -- 2008
source ref: 8743.html
View the documentWhitehouse -- The congregational mosque and other mosques from the... -- 1980
source ref: 205.html
View the documentBoyer -- Uncertain Afghanistan / Yves Boyer and Franz Brokenhagen. -- 2008
source ref: 13781.html
View the documentAfghanistan. Law, statutes, etc. 2005. Juvenile code. -- 2005
source ref: 10594.html
View the documentFatimie -- The future of the Afghan national health system... -- 2004
source ref: 12780.html
View the documentAfghanistan atlas map / United Nations High Commissioner... -- 2003-2005
source ref: 5244.html
View the documentMills -- From Africa to Afghanistan : with Richards and... -- 2007
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View the documentEkanayake -- Mega trends and challenges in refugee education :... -- 2003
source ref: 5118.html
View the documentAbbasi-Shavazi -- Return to Afghanistan? : a study of Afghans... -- 2005
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View the documentNatiq -- Country survey, Afghanistan : building effective partnerships :... -- 2004
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View the documentAfghanistan. Laws -- The decree of the president of the Islamic...
source ref: 16826.html
View the documentBarfield -- The Durand line : history, consequences and future... -- 2007
source ref: 7368.html
View the documentFoust -- Post-Soviet Central Asian national interests in Afghanistan. -- 2010
source ref: 12558.html
View the documentLunn -- The AfPak policy and the Pashtuns / Jon... -- 2010
source ref: 12469.html
View the documentNijat -- Subnational Governance in Afghanistan
source ref: 17602.html
View the documentVigne -- A personal narrative of a visit to Ghuzni,... -- 1999
source ref: 518.html
View the documentSteingass -- A comprehensive Persian-English dictionary, including the Arabic words... -- 2000
source ref: 1087.html
View the documentحمایت از محو خشونت علیه زن در افغانستان... -- 1381
source ref: 9409.html
View the documentDisarmament forum = Forum du désarmement.
source ref: 4352.html
View the documentSeibert -- Institutional assessment of the government set-up in Nangarhar... -- 2004
source ref: 2709.html
View the documentBatul -- Afghanistan livelihood trajectories : evidence from Faryab /... -- 2010
source ref: 12552.html
View the documentAkbar -- Come back to Afghanistan : a California teenager’s... -- 2005
source ref: 5627.html
View the documentThe reform of the judicial institutions and public... -- 2006
source ref: 4157.html
View the documentMcConnan -- Humanitarian Charter and Minimum Standards in Disaster Response... -- 2004
source ref: 2472.html
View the documentHyman -- Afghanistan under Soviet domination, 1964-81 / Anthony Hyman. -- 1982
source ref: 853.html
View the documentIrwin -- The stupa and the cosmic axis (yupa-yasti) /... --
source ref: 5268.html
View the documentAfghanistan : next test, last lesson. -- 2009
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View the documentCounter-narcotics in Afghanistan / Civil-Military Fusion Centre. -- 2012
source ref: 15847.html
View the documentTroops killed since 2001 map showing troops killed... -- 2008
source ref: 7961.html
View the documentShah -- Afghanistan of the Afghans / by Sirdar Ikbal... -- 1982
source ref: 1182.html
View the documentMills -- With Richards near Kandahar / Greg Mills. -- 2007
source ref: 5921.html
View the documentDoing business in Afghanistan : 2011 country commercial... -- 2011
source ref: 13623.html
View the documentMolla -- Food aid, wheat prices and poppy cultivation in... -- 2003
source ref: 933.html
View the documentIbrahimkhil -- A study of the private animal health services... -- 2010
source ref: 13217.html
View the documentEmadi -- A historical perspective of the Durand Line and... -- 1991
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View the documentInternational community Afghan police sector transformation (4 May... -- 2005
source ref: 9667.html
View the documentParliamentary elections of Afghanistan : 1384, 2005 /... --
source ref: 2143.html
View the documentWarnock -- Creating a failed state : the US... -- 2008
source ref: 10809.html
View the documentiMMAP. -- Afghanistan : support to the prevention, mitigation...
source ref: 16691.html
View the documentMaley -- From civil strife to civil society : civil... -- 2003
source ref: 636.html
View the documentAfghan foreign trade directory / Export Promotion...
source ref: 1629.html
View the documentSaikal -- The UN and Afghanistan contentions in democratization and... -- 2012
source ref: 16288.html
View the documentMaley -- Democratic governance and post-conflict transitions.
source ref: 12770.html
View the documentRahin -- Guide for community volunteers / prepared by Mohammad... -- 1999
source ref: 9546.html
View the documentPartnership for Advocating Community Education in Afghanistan (PACE-A)... -- 2012?
source ref: 15216.html
View the documentDayani -- A short presentation of Pashto : the language... -- 2006
source ref: 15187.html
View the documentHunter -- Integrating instruments of power and influence : lessons... -- 2008
source ref: 9220.html
View the documentFaubert -- Repatriation and reintegration : an appraisal of progress... -- 2005
source ref: 2167.html
View the documentIran : journal of the British Institute...
source ref: 854.html
View the documentThe prospects for officially sanctioned private sector participation... -- 1991
source ref: 9343.html
View the documentAfghanistan’s regional economic cooperation : central Asia, Iran... -- 2004
source ref: 9943.html
View the documentHakimi -- Getting savages to fight barbarians : counterinsurgency and... -- 2013
source ref: 16280.html
View the documentAfghanistan. Laws, statutes, etc. 2012. Decree on the execution... -- 2012
source ref: 15242.html
View the documentColucci -- Committing to Afghanistan : the case for increasing... -- 2007
source ref: 7586.html
View the documentHumanitarian aid for vulnerable people affected by the... -- 2004
source ref: 6146.html
View the documentBorovik -- Afganistan. English The hidden war : a Russian journalist's... -- 1990
source ref: 1356.html
View the documentThe ANSO report.
source ref: 9033.html
View the documentBlumroeder -- Practical paediatric guide (English) / author Malte L...
source ref: 16855.html
View the documentDupree -- The valley of Bamiyan / by Nancy Hatch... -- 2002
source ref: 736.html
View the documentiMMAP. -- Afghanistan : Paktika province – observed security... -- 2013
source ref: 16634.html
View the documentWirak -- Afghanistan : Norwegian education team report : draft... -- 2005
source ref: 2699.html
View the documentiMMAP. -- Afghanistan : Daykundi province – observed security... -- 2013
source ref: 16633.html
View the documentAtashi -- Afghanistan transitional justice in midst of war /... -- 2013
source ref: 16311.html
View the documentRicks -- Telling the Afghan military story … their way!... -- 2006
source ref: 8599.html
View the documentAfghanistan : making human rights the agenda /... -- 2001
source ref: 725.html
View the documentJayakody -- Separation of Powers under the Afghan Constitution: A...
source ref: 17649.html
View the documentEchavez, chona R. -- The other side of gender inequality: men and masculinities in Afghanistan / Chona R. Echavez with SayedMahdiMosawi and Leah Wilfreda RE Pilongo.
source ref: 17226.html
View the documentAfghanistan : the cost of freedom / Afghan...
source ref: 8189.html
View the documentThe ANSO scope of services, v.3 2008-2009. --
source ref: 10836.html
View the documentGodarzi -- Influencing factors on household income in rural Afghanistan... -- 2009
source ref: 10393.html
View the documentRojas -- Recommendations for integrating gender into the Rebuilding Agricultural... -- 2003
source ref: 1653.html
View the documentGohar -- Who learns from whom? : Pukhtoon traditions in... --
source ref: 13356.html
View the documentConference on preparing for Afghanistan’s reconstruction, Islamabad, 27-29... -- 2001
source ref: 6760.html
View the documentLambrick -- Sind, before the Muslim conquest / by H.... -- 1973]
source ref: 2901.html
source ref: 17594.html
View the documentMead -- Cultural patterns and technical change /ed. by Margaret... -- 1963
source ref: 90.html
View the documentAfghanistan RC and PRT locations / produced... -- 2010
source ref: 13008.html
View the documentNazri -- Vegetable crops : a manual for extension and... -- 2004
source ref: 8887.html
View the documentPolonskaia -- Islam in Central Asia / Ludmila Polonskaya and... -- 1994
source ref: 1240.html
View the documentBurston -- Celebrating success : working for the future /... -- 2006
source ref: 7581.html
View the documentBuchanan -- No relief : surveying the effects of gun... -- 2005
source ref: 2975.html
View the documentYoung -- Overcoming the obstacles to establishing a democratic state... -- 2007
source ref: 8808.html
View the documentCountry strategy and program update : Afghanistan /...
source ref: 2276.html
View the documentHayes -- Afghanistan : transition under threat / Geoffrey Hayes... -- 2008
source ref: 9279.html
View the documentGolombek -- The Timurid Shrine at Gazur Gah / Lisa... -- 1969
source ref: 620.html
View the documentMaking a reality of principled common programming. -- 1998
source ref: 9292.html
View the documentJohnson -- Afghanistan / Chris Johnson. -- 2004
source ref: 1234.html
View the documentHooson -- A new Soviet heartland? / by David J.... -- 1964
source ref: 961.html
View the documentFAO/WFP crop and food supply asssessment mission to...
source ref: 1775.html
View the documentThe study for the development of the master... -- 2009
source ref: 12708.html
View the documentPlatts -- A dictionary of Urdu classical Hindi and English... -- 2003
source ref: 2075.html
View the documentBalochistan through the ages : selection from government... -- 1979
source ref: 2393.html
View the documentFletcher -- Afghanistan, highway of conquest / by Arnold Fletcher. -- 1965
source ref: 882.html
View the documentAfghanistan : preliminary needs assessment education. -- 2001
source ref: 9636.html
View the documentKilling you is a very easy thing for... -- 2003
source ref: 1339.html
View the documentDomestic pharmaceutical consumption in Pakistan.
source ref: 8004.html
View the documentBarber -- The lords of the Golden Horn : ... --
source ref: 2946.html
View the documentStark -- Traveller's prelude / Freya Stark. -- 1951
source ref: 305.html
View the documentRangelov -- Abuse of power and conflict persistence in Afghanistan... -- 2012
source ref: 16331.html
View the documentFox -- Travels in Afghanistan 1937-1938 / Ernest F. Fox. -- 1943
source ref: 16165.html
View the documentChakrabarty -- Exploring regional security, South and Central Asia /... -- 2003
source ref: 15166.html
View the documentHelms -- The British excavations at Old Kandahar : preliminary... -- 1978
source ref: 5194.html
View the documentPreliminary 2004 presidential election results / JEMB. -- 2004
source ref: 1899.html
View the documentRubin -- Afghanistan 2005 and beyond : prospects for improved... --
source ref: 2144.html
View the documentHumanitarian action and the Afghanistan crisis : issues... -- 2001
source ref: 8518.html
View the documentMashal -- Factors associated with the health and nutritional status... -- 2008
source ref: 8645.html
View the documentAnsari -- Reconstruction the concept of ‘security’ in Afghanistan /... --
source ref: 10128.html
View the documentRamazani -- War fatigue? selective compassion and questionable ethics in...
source ref: 16336.html
View the documentKantor -- Speaking from the evidence : governance, justice and... -- 2010
source ref: 12308.html
View the documentGustavson -- A survey and analysis of regional effort to... -- 2005
source ref: 3013.html
View the documentAfghanistan crisis : UNDP strategy / UNDP. -- 2001
source ref: 796.html
View the documentUcko -- Beyond clear-hold-Build rethinking local-level counterinsurgency after Afghanistan /... -- 2013
source ref: 16399.html
View the documentAfghanistan overview . -- 2007
source ref: 8899.html
View the documentAfghanistan policy brief : the cost of doing... -- 2004
source ref: 1136.html
View the documentWilde -- Continuity and hiatus : structural patterns of Iran’s... -- 2009
source ref: 10821.html
View the documentMonitoring campaign finance in the 2010 Wolesi Jirga... -- 2010
source ref: 13254.html
View the documentThe establishment of consultative groups for furtherance of... -- 2002
source ref: 9684.html
View the documentAfghanistan outlook.
source ref: 5353.html
View the documentStatistics on crimes and accidents (countrywide and within... -- 2004
source ref: 1854.html
View the documentA policy for growth and development. -- 2007
source ref: 6697.html
View the documentTraining courses on “Effective governance and management “...
source ref: 6893.html
View the documentUSAID/Afghanistan Alternative Livelihoods Project (ALP) / Chemonics. --
source ref: 1950.html
View the documentKluijver -- Comments on the presidential decree on the electoral... -- 2004
source ref: 1599.html
View the documentStatus of Force Agreement (SOFA) : what is...
source ref: 15160.html
View the documentGrau -- Breaking contact without Leaving chaos : the soviet... -- 2007
source ref: 16376.html
View the documentNarayan-Parker -- Can anyone hear us? / Deepa Narayan ...... -- 2000
source ref: 4427.html
View the documentGaisford -- Atlas of man / . -- 1978
source ref: 244.html
View the documentStephens -- Report on a proposal for a programme of... -- 2001
source ref: 2922.html
View the documentShah -- Caravan of dreams / Idries Shah.
source ref: 17138.html
View the documentRennie -- Afghanistan in 2011 : a survey of the... -- 2011
source ref: 14532.html
View the documentAllon -- Three Gandhari Ekottarikagama-type sutras : British Library Kharoṣṭhi...
source ref: 7014.html
View the documentPublic Financial Management Reform Project. -- 2006
source ref: 13343.html
View the documentPain -- Developing a role of the Counter Narcotics Ministry... -- 2005
source ref: 2064.html
View the documentSharīf al-Radī -- Nahj al-balāghah. English Nahj al-balāghah = Nahjul balagha of... --
source ref: 1363.html
View the documentGregorian -- The emergence of modern Afghanistan : politics of... --
source ref: 737.html
View the documentSmith -- Political developments in Afghanistan / author Ben Smith. -- 2011
source ref: 14071.html
View the documentIncreasing community participation in health services : a... -- 2004
source ref: 4881.html
View the documentAfghanistan public sector accounting and auditing : a... -- 2007
source ref: 13342.html
View the documentWhitty -- The impact of counter-terrorism objectives on democratization and... -- 2009
source ref: 12020.html
View the documentظریفي، شیرعلی. -- د نوښتونو په هکله د شرعي احکامو بدلون... -- 1390
source ref: 16525.html
View the documentReport on construction of Salma Dam on Hari... -- 1973
source ref: 4200.html
View the documentAfghanistan : Withdrawal symptoms : cover story . -- 1989
source ref: 9993.html
View the documentDennys -- Disarmament, demobilization and rearmament? : the effects of... -- 2005
source ref: 2712.html
View the documentThornton -- Leaves from an Afghan scrapbook : the experiences... -- 1910
source ref: 271.html
View the documentFirst seven year economic and social development plan,... -- 1976]
source ref: 1504.html
View the documentAfghanistan. Constitution (2004). English. The constitution of Afghanistan :... --
source ref: 485.html
View the documentStoddard -- Providing aid in insecure environments: 2009 update /... -- 2009
source ref: 10825.html
View the documentThe role of opium as a source of... -- 1999
source ref: 778.html
View the documentGIS map of Afghanistan water points ... -- 2004
source ref: 1248.html
View the documentAfghanistan. Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development (MRRD). Strategic... -- 2010
source ref: 12314.html
View the documentBhasin -- Understanding gender / Kamla Bhasin -- 2000.
source ref: 8859.html
View the documentMichaud -- Horsemen of Afghanistan / Roland and Sabrina Michaud. -- 1988
source ref: 1823.html
View the document. 2009.... -- 2009
source ref: 15203.html
View the documentD.J. Brown -- Oil fueled ? : The Soviet invasion of... -- 2013
source ref: 16275.html
View the documentProject planning matrix, plan of operation, budget March... -- 2005
source ref: 3586.html
View the documentScott -- Assessing ISAF : a baseline study of NATO's... -- 2007
source ref: 7010.html
View the documentThe development of sustainable agricultural livelihoods in the... -- 2003?
source ref: 2701.html
View the documentTrip report Kunar / prepared by Development Alternatives,... -- 1990
source ref: 9333.html
View the documentSalama -- Does intent equal capability ? Al-Qaeda and weapons... -- 2007
source ref: 16265.html
View the documentA force in fragments : reconstitution the Afghan... -- 2010
source ref: 11782.html
View the documentCentral Asia : what role for the European... -- 2006
source ref: 4211.html
View the documentLeach -- Aspects of caste in south India, Ceylon, and...
source ref: 95.html
View the documentYunas -- Afghanistan : organization of the Peoples Democratic Party... -- 1998
source ref: 711.html
View the documentKitamura -- Plants of West Pakistan and Afghanistan / edited... -- 1977
source ref: 63.html
View the documentFeasibility study for installation of spillway gates at... -- 1971
source ref: 3646.html
View the documentBreckle -- Field guide Afghanistan : flora and vegetation =... -- 2010
source ref: 14855.html
View the documentAfghanistan’s security transition reaches key point. -- 2013
source ref: 16326.html
View the documentFrom compact to impact : defining a joint... -- 2008
source ref: 9109.html
View the document2004 Afghan elections project / Transitional Islamic State... -- 2004
source ref: 1675.html
View the documentIntili -- Fostering education for female, out-of-school youth in Afghanistan... -- 2006
source ref: 4381.html
View the documentAfghanistan’s environment 2008 : executive summary.
source ref: 8326.html
View the documentUnited Nations Population Fund final country programme document... -- 2009
source ref: 16567.html
View the documentLatify -- Darī istlāhī = Spoken Dari : preliminary edition...
source ref: 979.html
View the documentKabul Symposium on Addiction Treatment in Afghanistan :... -- 2005
source ref: 3437.html
View the documentNational Solidarity Programme. NSP 2 clearing backlog :... -- 2009
source ref: 10030.html
View the documentRussell -- Dead aid for Afghanistan / by Gerard Russell. -- 2010
source ref: 12761.html
View the documentNeeds assessment of children working in the streets... -- 1996
source ref: 9188.html
View the documentPillsbury -- An Afghan guide to how vegetables grow /... -- 1974
source ref: 65.html
View the documentClegg -- Protecting British soldiers in Afghanistan / Mark Clegg. -- 2012
source ref: 16392.html
View the documentFrom Leipzig to Cabul: an account of my... --
source ref: 16171.html
View the documentAnnual report / Counterpart international.
source ref: 10178.html
View the documentPartnership for growth : support to Islamic... -- 2010
source ref: 11888.html
View the documentPartnerships in sustainable mountain development : securing the... -- 2003
source ref: 1084.html
View the documentHello world : fashion magazine = سلام... -- ]
source ref: 12319.html
View the documentNational policy on internally displaced persons / Ministry...
source ref: 16433.html
View the documentMacDowall -- The references to the Kusanas in the Periplus... -- 1970
source ref: 5148.html
View the documentScott -- Domination and the arts of resistance : ...
source ref: 6224.html
View the documentIbrahimi -- Divide and rule : state penetration in Hazarajat... -- 2009
source ref: 9893.html
View the documentAfghanistan Peace and Reintegration Program (APRP) / Islamic... -- 2010
source ref: 12410.html
View the documentWomen and men in Afghanistan : baseline statistics... -- 2008
source ref: 10186.html
View the documentResources in Greater Center Asia Afghanistan Trans-Boundary Waters:... -- 2015
source ref: 17290.html
View the documentPorter -- UNOPS education programmes in the Yakawlang, Panjao and...
source ref: 6917.html
View the documentMeal to go delivery.
source ref: 14895.html
View the documentShah -- Adventures, facts and fantasy in darkest England /...
source ref: 17130.html
View the documentAfghanistan : getting disarmament back on track /... -- 2005
source ref: 2149.html
View the documentStrand -- NGO coordination in Afghanistan : an evaluation...
source ref: 944.html
View the documentMahoney -- Getting away with murder : the real... -- 2004
source ref: 4257.html
View the documentDupree -- Afghanistan : historical patterns in education / by... -- 1998
source ref: 5253.html
View the documentList of available reports, manuals and books in... -- 2005]
source ref: 1936.html
View the documentCDC secretary training manual / prepared by... -- 2005
source ref: 4702.html
View the documentپیشنهادها برای اصلاحات امور مالی فعالیت های سیاسی... -- 2011؟]
source ref: 16094.html
View the documentWorld Bank group : working for a world... --
source ref: 4398.html
View the documentGlatzer -- The Pashtun tribal system / by Bernt Glatzer. -- 2002
source ref: 6934.html
View the documentرفیع، حبیب الله. -- لاسی نجلی : دپښتو فولکلور دیوی کیسی پر... -- 1386
source ref: 7890.html
View the documentHolland -- Capacity-building through policymaking : developing Afghanistan’s national education... -- 2010
source ref: 12920.html
View the documentAfghanistan. Laws, statutes, etc. 1964. Law no, 2 of... --
source ref: 10603.html
View the documentPayne -- Urban land tenure policy options : titles or... --
source ref: 1648.html
View the documentStark -- Riding to the Tigris / Freya Stark. -- 1959
source ref: 291.html
View the documentiMMAP. -- Afghanistan : support to the prevention, mitigation... -- 2013
source ref: 16681.html
View the documentFleming -- A simple wooden tripod for vertical photography /... -- 1978
source ref: 5207.html
View the documentAnnual report of the United Nations High Commissioner... -- 2008
source ref: 8430.html
View the documentYunas -- Afghanistan : political parties, groups, movements and Mujahideen... -- 1997]
source ref: 1688.html
View the documentSchetter -- Beyond warlordism : the local security architecture in... -- 2007
source ref: 7392.html
View the documentMansoor -- Baseline drug indicator study : a comparative cross-sectional... -- 2002
source ref: 14247.html
View the documentHanley -- English-Pushtu dictionary = د انګایسی او پښتو قاموسو...
source ref: 15185.html
View the documentShurkin -- Subnational government in Afghanistan / Michael Shurkin. -- 2011
source ref: 14236.html
View the documentAchakzai -- Afghan parliamentary elections / Abdul Halim Achakzai. ... -- 2010
source ref: 12441.html
View the documentAccess to information law recommendations. -- 2011
source ref: 15183.html
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View the documentPurmakhtag : newsletter.
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View the documentNational development framework. -- 2002
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View the documentCanada’s engagement in Afghanistan.
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View the documentField study of informal and customary justice in... -- 2005
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View the documentDari-English dictionary / M. Nasim Neghat, principal investigator... --
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View the documentNational Action Plan for Women (NAPWA) : draft. --
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View the documentAfghan National Security Forces : actions needed...
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View the documentLocal governance in rural Afghanistan. -- 2010
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View the documentAfghanistan : appeal .
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View the documentفرهنگ فنی ٱبیاری و زهکشی = technical dictionary... --
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View the documentGuidelines for relations between US armed forces and... -- 2007
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View the documentNational Indicative Programme 2007-2010 : Islamic Republic of...
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View the documentAfghanistan. Laws -- Decree of the president of the Islamic Republic...
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View the documentMinoia -- Researching livelihoods and services affected by conflict
source ref: 17588.html
View the documentAfghanistan annual malaria journal / Islamic Republic of...
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View the document2002-2003 winter preparedness plan : executive summary /... -- 2002
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View the documentKoetz -- Review of Functions of Government Agencies in Afghanistan
source ref: 17586.html
View the documentAnnual project report / Disbandment of Illegal Armed...
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View the documentOwnership in practice : the key to smart... -- 2009
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View the documentAgricultural research and extension network newsletter / Agricultural...
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View the documentBeck -- Humanitarian action : improving monitoring to enhance accountability... -- 2003
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View the documentVon der Mehden -- Politics of the developing nations. -- 1964
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View the documentDevelopment of a National Capacity Development Framework for...
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View the documentMcMichael -- Soviet tactical performance and adaptation in Afghanistan /... -- 2007
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View the documentAfghanistan : selected RAMP activities / RAMP... -- 2006
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View the documentLaulajaninen -- Progress report on “Edukit & facts for life”...
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View the documentGupta -- Archaeology of Soviet Central Asia and the Indian...
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View the documentWarlord Inc. : extortion and corruption along the... -- 2010
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View the documentRaverty -- A dictionary of the Pukhto, Pushto, or language... -- 2001
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View the documentWomen building peace and preventing sexual violence in... -- 2007
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View the documentCommunity-based disaster awareness and mitigation in Afghanistan :...
source ref: 13464.html
View the documentGhani -- Production and domination : Afghanistan, 1747-1901 / Ashraf... -- 1982
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View the documentSmillie -- Patronage or partnership : local capacity building in... -- 2001
source ref: 6310.html
View the documentEnglish-Pashto dictionary = Inglīsī-Pushtū qāmūs. -- 2003
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View the documentThe Afghan children’s house project: external evaluation: final... -- 2013
source ref: 16538.html
View the documentAssessment and recommendations for the rehabilitation of refugee... -- 2002?
source ref: 10780.html
View the documentAfghan NGOs Coordination Bureau brief activities report (1991-1996). -- 1991
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View the documentZwalf -- The shrines of Gandhara / W. Zwalf. -- 1979
source ref: 4411.html
View the documentWassel -- Afghanistan political parties / . -- 2007
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View the documentJohnson -- LIWP (Labour Intensive Works Programme) evaluation / Chris... -- 2004
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View the documentAfghanistan : developments in justice and reconciliation.
source ref: 12994.html
View the documentHarpviken -- Understanding warlordism : three biographies from Afghanistan’s southeastern... -- 2010
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View the documentMorgenstierne -- Report on a linguistic mission to Afghanistan /...
source ref: 5123.html
View the documentTodd -- Drug use and harm reduction in Afghanistan /...
source ref: 4832.html
View the documentEvaluation of the UNHCR Shelter Assistance Programme: full... -- 2013
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View the documentDean -- A review of the nutritional situation of Afghan... -- 2004
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View the documentAhmed -- Judicial reform in Afghanistan : a case study... -- 2005
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View the documentLister -- The future of international NGOs : new challenges... -- 2004
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View the documentCordesman -- Shape, clear, hold, and build : the uncertain... -- 2009
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View the documentAnnual report / Afghanistan Women Council.
source ref: 8905.html
View the documentAnand Gopal. -- The battle for Afghanistan : militancy and conflict... -- 2010
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View the documentLadbury -- Helmand justice mapping study : final report /... -- 2010
source ref: 13234.html
View the documentDemocratic Republic of Afghanistan : hypsometric map /...
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View the documentFair -- Islamic education in Pakistan / C. Christine Fair. -- 2006
source ref: 4213.html
View the documentOlcott -- Central Asia : living in Afghanistan’s shadow /... -- 2009
source ref: 12977.html
View the documentThomas -- Household Water Insecurity: Changing Paradigm for Better Framing...
source ref: 17526.html
View the documentAfghanistan Subnational Governance Programme : programme brief /... -- 2006
source ref: 8381.html
View the documentWhitehead -- Catalogue of coins in the Lahore Museum, Lahore...
source ref: 1546.html
View the documentProvincial Reconstruction Team and the security situation in... -- 2003
source ref: 9473.html
View the documentGender equity strategy : 2002-2006 / Aga Khan... --
source ref: 2244.html
View the documentShah -- The magic monastery : analogical and action philosophy...
source ref: 17159.html
View the documentSait -- Land, law, and Islam : property and human... -- 2006
source ref: 5637.html
View the documentAnnual report : Afghanistan section / Amnesty International.
source ref: 720.html
View the documentOmari -- District assessment report : Behsood District, Nangarhar Province... -- 2010
source ref: 12910.html
View the documentUs̲mān -- Real men keep their word : tales... -- 2005
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View the documentAfghanistan / NATO = OTAN.
source ref: 13040.html
View the documentGrace -- Who owns the farm? : rural women’s access... -- 2005
source ref: 2089.html
View the documentOwtadolajam -- A sociological study of the Hazara tribe in... -- 2006
source ref: 8562.html
View the documentNotes from the second session of day two... --
source ref: 7354.html
View the documentSpain -- The way of the Pathans / by James...
source ref: 21.html
View the documentAfghanistan Research and Evaluation Unit (AREU) -- Public Lecture and Open Discussion “The Afghan National...
source ref: 17521.html
View the documentCordesman -- Aghanistan: meeting the real world challenges of transition... -- 2013
source ref: 15861.html
View the documentUSAID/OTI Afghanistan program : final evaluation / prepared... -- 2005
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View the documentVolunteers against conflict / United Nations Volunteers ;... -- 1996
source ref: 6308.html
View the documentBalkhi -- Wahabi movement / Fasihuddin Balkhi. -- 1966
source ref: 2462.html
View the documentAn analysis of the process of expansion of... -- 2000
source ref: 776.html
View the documentAfghanistan urban reconstruction plan / Islamic Transitional State... -- 2002
source ref: 2574.html
View the documentشرعیات : د شرعیاتو پوهنځې دري میاشتنې خپرونه.
source ref: 15251.html
View the documentReid -- Years of change in Bengal and Assam /... -- 1966
source ref: 2612.html
View the documentIDPs sample survey in Kabul city / UNHCR... -- 2014
source ref: 16564.html
View the documentDelesgues -- Integrity manual for practitioners : working on integrity... -- 2009
source ref: 11861.html
View the documentAfghanistan Research and Evaluation Unit library : ... --
source ref: 4971.html
View the documentEgnell -- Winning ‘Hearts and Minds’? a critical analysis of... -- 2010
source ref: 16402.html
View the documentCortright -- Afghan women speak : enhancing security and human... -- 2010
source ref: 12699.html
View the documentBerry -- Community psychosocial support in Afghanistan / Jo de... -- 2004
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View the documentGiridharadas -- The anatomy of a conflict : Afghanistan and... -- 2002
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View the documentA response analysis framework for food and nutrition... -- 2011
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View the documentAnnual report / Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission.
source ref: 2140.html
View the documentGlatzer -- Is Afghanistan on the brink of ethnic and... -- 1998
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View the documentMalik -- Islam : beliefs and practices / by Yasmin... -- 2003
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View the documentCollinson -- Politically informed humanitarian programming : using a political... -- 2002
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View the documentLongfield -- A qualitative assessment of young and adult perspectives... -- 2004
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View the documentWellhausen -- Arabische Reich und sein Sturz. English The Arab kingdom... -- 1973
source ref: 427.html
View the documentAsian highway / editorial supervision, Economic and...
source ref: 3156.html
View the documentTarīq ut-tahqiq : a Sufi Mathnavi ascribed to... --
source ref: 1514.html
View the documentThe Istanbul Declaration : fourth Regional Economic Cooperation... -- 2010
source ref: 12892.html
View the documentCanfield -- The ecology of rural ethnic groups and the... -- 1973
source ref: 12604.html
View the documentEichfeld -- The Hundi system : a model of the... -- 1994?
source ref: 9482.html
View the documentWright -- Collateral coverage : media images of Afghan refugees... -- 2002
source ref: 4964.html
View the documentموسسه تحصیلات عالی کاتب. -- 1387
source ref: 8952.html
View the documentNutrition and tuberculosis baseline survey : Kabul, Nangarhar,... -- 1998
source ref: 4924.html
View the documentKey indicators of the labour market .
source ref: 2662.html
View the documentEffective factors associated with drug addiction and the...
source ref: 8058.html
View the documentExum -- Leverage : designing a political campaign for Afghanistan... -- 2010
source ref: 12007.html
View the documentBarakat -- Urban rehabilitation in Kabul : bridging communities... -- 1995
source ref: 12671.html
View the documentLiebl -- Pushtuns, tribalism, leadership, Islam and Taliban : a...
source ref: 7534.html
View the documentBurhan -- Dari for foreigners : book 1 / M.... -- 1983
source ref: 5530.html
View the documentWatt -- The formative period of Islamic thought / ... -- 1973
source ref: 1565.html
View the documentCollinson -- Power, livelihoods and conflict : case studies in... -- 2003
source ref: 795.html
View the documentShah -- In search of King Solomon's mines / Tahir...
source ref: 17136.html
View the documentCarter -- A preliminary investigation of contemporary Afghan councils /... -- 1989
source ref: 2465.html
View the documentGlobal campaign for secure tenure : implementing the... -- 1999
source ref: 1649.html
View the documentPost conflict Afghanistan : a perspective on revitalization... -- 2004
source ref: 1568.html
View the documentSchomberg -- Between the Oxus and the Indus / by... -- 1976
source ref: 282.html
View the documentAfghanistan : Wardak province : a socio-economic profile...
source ref: 8197.html
View the documentRural poverty in Afghanistan : initial insights from... -- 2004
source ref: 312.html
View the documentSayar -- Life of carpet weaving women in north Afghanistan...
source ref: 7846.html
View the documentWolfe -- Herat : a pictorial guide / text Nancy... -- 1966
source ref: 969.html
View the documentWeijer -- Cashmere value chain analysis Afghanistan / … prepared... -- 2004?
source ref: 13208.html
View the documentHusain -- A guide to hajj / compiled by S....
source ref: 5190.html
View the documentIndia review.
source ref: 3178.html
View the documentLarsson -- Provincial survey of Nuristan / Katarina Larsson. -- 2006
source ref: 4423.html
View the documentCrombe -- Is independent humanitarian action over in Afghanistan? /...
source ref: 6890.html
View the documentWells -- Coining a country: reconstruction and relief amid insurgency,... -- 2013
source ref: 16478.html
View the documentDisarmament and reintegration in Afghanistan / International Crisis... -- 2003
source ref: 1683.html
View the documentHumanitarian assistance through mobile cash transfer in northern... -- 2014
source ref: 16531.html
View the documentAhwar -- Path dependency & the international conferences on Afghanistan... -- 2012
source ref: 14852.html
View the documentWannell -- Heart : elite burials an endangered heritage /...
source ref: 15912.html
View the documentStrategic chaos and Taliban resurgence in Afghanistan :... -- 2008
source ref: 8050.html
View the documentIslamic Republic of Afghanistan political system summary.
source ref: 7969.html
View the documentAmmen jan. -- Prospects for peace in Afghanistan : the role... -- 2004
source ref: 9509.html
View the documentAtmar -- Coherence or cooption? : politics, aid and peacebuilding... -- 2001
source ref: 6817.html
View the documentChaudet -- Perceived and real threats coming from the south... -- 2012
source ref: 16364.html
View the documentDupree -- Landlocked images : snap responses to an... -- 1962
source ref: 10224.html
View the documentFree and Fair Election Foundation of Afghanistan analysis... -- 2010
source ref: 11587.html
View the documentHofman -- Measuring the impact of humanitarian aid : a... -- 2004
source ref: 1884.html
View the documentGul Lala Wazir -- A small key for Pashto and English language... --
source ref: 3094.html
View the documentGoodson -- Afghanistan's endless war : state failure, regional politics,... -- 2001
source ref: 613.html
View the documentHowell -- Governance in China / Jude Howell. -- 2004
source ref: 1161.html
View the documentBigwood -- Repeating mistakes of the past : another mycoherbicide... -- 2006
source ref: 4183.html
View the documentAuditors’ reports for AREU . --
source ref: 5865.html
View the documentMacdonald -- Afghanistan’s reintegration challenges : land and housing /... -- 2010
source ref: 12890.html
View the documentInternational community Afghan police sector transformation (4 May... -- 2005
source ref: 9668.html
View the documentKakar -- Afghanistan Human Development Report 2011 : the forgotten... -- 2011
source ref: 13646.html
View the documentProspects for regional development and economic cooperation in... -- 2005
source ref: 4869.html
View the documentEwans -- Afghanistan : is failure an option? / by... -- 2008
source ref: 13443.html
View the documentLewis -- Anthropology made simple. -- 1969
source ref: 80.html
View the document= Public record of Afghanistan’s Loya Jirga :...
source ref: 7264.html
View the documentGhirshman -- Persia from the origins to Alexander the great... -- 1964
source ref: 229.html
View the documentiMMAP. -- Afghanistan : Baghlan province – observed security... -- 2013
source ref: 16660.html
View the documentPresentation of the observations and questions : first... -- 2002
source ref: 876.html
View the documentMiakhel -- Understanding Afghanistan : the importance of tribal culture... 2009
source ref: 11696.html
View the documentMuhammad Ashraf Khan. -- Taxila : home of stucco art / Muhammad... -- 2005
source ref: 5619.html
View the documentGoodhand -- Frontiers and wars : the opium economy in... -- 2005
source ref: 2041.html
View the documentAfghanistan. Law, statutes, etc. 1999. Law on organizing... --
source ref: 10592.html
View the documentMineral map of Afghanistan / The Head... 2010
source ref: 11218.html
View the documentTrafficking in persons in Afghanistan : field survey... -- 2008
source ref: 8658.html
View the documentJahangiri -- Simorgh : the thirty wise birds : an... -- 2010
source ref: 14592.html
View the documentLockhart -- The aid relationship in Afghanistan : struggling for... -- 2007
source ref: 6687.html
View the documentWilder -- Needs assessment exercise of education sector / prepared... -- 2006
source ref: 5401.html
View the documentWolesi Jirga and Provincial Council results. --
source ref: 4742.html
View the documentHuman terrain in Spin Boldak district, Kandahar Afghanistan... -- 2010
source ref: 12351.html
View the documentIEC public outreach catalogue : 2010 Parliamentary (Wolesi... -- 2010
source ref: 13583.html
View the documentiMMAP. -- Afghanistan : Jawzjan province – observed security... -- 2013
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View the documentRural Expansion of Afghanistan’s Community-Based Healthcare project ... -- 2004
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View the documentAfghanistan. Laws, statutes, etc. 1987. Law on procedure of obtaining rights
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View the document140 طبي درسي کتابونه =...
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View the documentBlumröder -- Practical paediatric guide / Malte L. von Blumröder.
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View the documentWakhan & the Afghan Pamir : in the... -- 2005
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View the documentAfghanistan : opium survey / United Nations Office...
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View the documentNational Solidarity Programme (NSP) : promoting local governance... --
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View the documentProgress in Afghanistan : Bucharest Summit 2-4 April...
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View the documentAfghanistan competitiveness project key documents library / compiled... -- 2006
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View the documentگاپلان، سریلان. -- دپارلمان اصطلاحاتو قاموس دافغانستان دملی شورا دغړو لپاره... -- 1386
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View the documentThe decline towards crisis : Afghanistan’s deteriorating drought... --
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View the documentAnand -- Replacing narco-usurers with micro-lenders : the agricultural finance... -- 2004
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View the documentشازادا آو شازادیګیس خېسی : پشیدی خېسا /...
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View the documentJayaraman -- Afghanistan : ringing in the future /... -- 2006
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View the documentFinding way of solving energy... -- 2003
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View the documentCommunity handpump water supply and sanitation guide for... -- 1999
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View the documentAn introduction to the law of Afghanistan. -- 2009
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View the documentSurvey report : street and working children situation... -- 2006
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View the documentSemple -- Why buy a voter registration card? / [Michael... -- 2009
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View the documentAfghan studies -- 1978-1982
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View the documentiMMAP. -- Afghanistan : Zabul province – observed... -- 2013
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View the documentSharing knowledge and lessons learned for better understanding... -- 2011
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View the documentLudin -- Tears of anguish : the story of a... -- 1995
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View the documentAnnual report / National Rural Access Program (NRAP)...
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View the documentSouth-West Asia and Central Asia administrative map :... -- 2001
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View the documentNijssen -- Civil society in transitional contexts : a...
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View the documentCentral Helmand drainage : project paper /... -- 1975
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View the documentThe resolution adopted at the conclusion of the Peace Jirga (2010 June 2-3 : Kabul)
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View the documentAdamec -- Historical dictionary of Afghan wars, revolutions, and insurgencies...
source ref: 7042.html
View the documentHuman development report.
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View the documentAnwari -- Bad, painful sedative : research report : part... -- 2003
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View the documentACTED Afghanistan activity report.
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View the documentWilder -- A house divided? : analysing the 2005 Afghan... -- 2005
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View the documentBijlvert -- Who is who in new cabinet? -- 2009
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View the documentAfghanistan drug control : strategy evolving and progress... -- 2010
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View the documentAbd al-Raḥman Khan -- The life of Abdur Rahman, Amir of Afghanistan... -- 1900
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View the documentVentevogel -- Properties of the Hopkins Symptom Checklist-25 (HSCL-25) and... -- 2007
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View the documentNatsios -- US strategy in Afghanistan on the eve of... -- 2004
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View the documentPaterson -- Understanding markets in Afghanistan : a study of... -- 2005
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View the documentNorth east region, Afghanistan . -- 2007
source ref: 7434.html
View the documentAfghanistan. Laws, statutes, etc. 1956. Law for registration of... --
source ref: 10631.html
View the documentGandhara sculpture in the National Museum of Pakistan;... -- 1964
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View the documentMansfield -- Counter-narcotics in Afghanistan : the failure of success?... -- 2008
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View the documentPVO co-financing and rural assistance projects : draft... -- 1986
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View the documentMap showing districts won by the main candidates... -- 2010
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View the documentAfghanistan district names and geo-codes : August 2002... -- 2002
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View the documentA survey of progress / The Ministry of...
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View the documentBall -- The monuments of Afghanistan : history, archaeology and... -- 2008
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View the documentDupree -- A note on Afghanistan 1971 / by...
source ref: 10544.html
View the documentRaz -- HIV/AIDS in Afghanistan : government’s stand in... -- 2007
source ref: 10183.html
View the documentآیینه اخبار : مرور هفته وار بر اخبار...
source ref: 7773.html
View the documentSayeed -- Community leadership assessment report / this report was... -- 2006
source ref: 4900.html
View the documentIqbal -- Circumstances leading to the First Afghan War /... -- 1975
source ref: 976.html
View the documentRassoul -- A handbook of critical terms and concepts in... -- 2004
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View the documentAzizi -- NEEP joint planning team (MRRD, MPW, MIWRE, MOWA,... -- 2004
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View the documentSpin Boldak report : the ancient trade route. -- 2010
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View the documentSinger -- A history of technology. -- 1958
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View the documentTrousdale -- The long sword and scabbard slide in Asia... -- 1975
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View the documentThomson -- Drought, livestock losses and the potential for feed... -- 2003
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View the documentShah -- Special illumination : the Sufi use of humour...
source ref: 17168.html
View the documentGuidelines for training of Afghanistan election administrators :... -- 2005
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View the documentWater management, livestock and the opium economy :... -- 2006
source ref: 4899.html
View the documentAnnual report / UNICEF Afghanistan Country Office.
source ref: 5361.html
View the documentTures -- Operation Enduring Freedom : the quest for democratization... -- 2005
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View the documentDaniel -- Islam and the West : the making...
source ref: 1474.html
View the documentUnited States. National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).... -- 2009
source ref: 10345.html
View the documentHuman rights report : Afghanistan / US Department...
source ref: 11450.html
View the documentCatignani -- Getting coin at the tactical level in Afghanistan... -- 2012
source ref: 16384.html
View the documentKlijn -- Informal credit practices in rural Afghanistan : case... -- 2007
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View the documentParto -- Understanding gender in agricultural production : an annotated... -- 2010
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View the documentEducation in Afghanistan during the last fifty years. -- 1968
source ref: 672.html
View the documentAlbright -- The archaeology of Palestine / William Foxwell Albright. -- 1956
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View the documentDupree -- The Afghans honor a Muslim saint :... -- 1976
source ref: 10561.html
View the documentiMMAP. -- Afghanistan : Faryab province –... -- 2014
source ref: 16590.html
View the documentRubin -- (Re)building Afghanistan : the folly of stateless democracy...
source ref: 1125.html
View the documentWollaston -- An English-Persian dictionary : compiled from original sources... -- 2001
source ref: 1180.html
View the documentTowards a human rights partnership for effective field...
source ref: 6756.html
View the documentAfghanistan watching brief : a joint UNDP-WB project... -- 2001
source ref: 3495.html
View the documentTrainer’s guide for polling procedures : Afghanistan Wolesi... -- 2005
source ref: 3244.html
View the documentWood -- The importance of Cohesion in the Afghan national... -- 2012
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View the documentChouvy -- The ironies of Afghan opium production / by... -- 2003?
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View the documentAnnual report / GNI in Afghanistan.
source ref: 7419.html
View the documentMcSweeney -- UNDP climate change profiles : Afghanistan / C.... -- 2008
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View the documentRice -- Islamic art / David Talbot Rice. -- 1965
source ref: 397.html
View the documentABC News, BBC and ARD public_opinion poll of... -- 2010
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View the documentDonini -- Humanitarian agenda 2015 : final report / Antonio... -- 2008
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View the documentSupplementary materials for mathematics / Department for International... --
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View the documentSedra -- Afghanistan and the folly of apolitical demilitarization /... -- 2011
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View the documentGuideline for the planning and implementation of projects... -- 1991
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View the documentDupree -- Parliament versus the executive in Afghanistan ... -- 1971
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View the documentWomen in the news / UNIFEM, Afghanistan.
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View the documentZaidi -- Captive in Afghanistan : a true personal story... -- 2000
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View the documentGarner -- Oriental blue and white / by Sir Harry... -- 1973
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View the documentSandor -- Apple production / [written by Ferenc Sandor ..... -- 2008
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View the documentPaterson -- Understanding markets in Afghanistan : a study of... -- 2005
source ref: 3237.html
View the documentEdwards -- Heroes of the age : moral fault lines... -- 1996
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View the documentDurakovic -- Abstracts of three papers on uranium contamination of... -- 2002-2005
source ref: 4733.html
View the documentBook policy program : year 1386 from Mizan...
source ref: 7896.html
View the documentAfghanistan and ICARDA / International Center for Agricultural... -- 2005
source ref: 3005.html
View the documentMcAuslan -- Municipal law in the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan... -- 2005
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View the documentHabib -- Sultan Mahmud of Ghaznin : a study /... -- 1978
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View the documentEducation in Afghanistan : during the last half-century... -- 1956
source ref: 671.html
View the documentHoughton -- ALNAP review of humanitarian action in 2003 :... -- 2004
source ref: 2242.html
View the documentUnited States plan for sustaining the Afghanistan National... -- 2008
source ref: 8464.html
View the documentFakhari -- Dispute between Iran and Afghanistan on the issue... -- 2004
source ref: 1838.html
View the documentAbdurrahman Khan -- The life of Abdur Rahman, Amir of Afghanistan... -- ]
source ref: 459.html
View the documentNational Solidarity Programme : training manual for core... -- 2005
source ref: 4697.html
View the documentJournal of Afghanistan studies / Afghanistan Studies Centre.
source ref: 1812.html
View the documentAfghan Energy Information Center (AIEC). IRP transportation and energy... -- 2009
source ref: 11659.html
View the documentAfghanistan National Development Strategy. -- 2006
source ref: 8904.html
View the documentNatiq -- Participatory rural appraisal in Ishkashem, Badakshan /... -- 1996
source ref: 4923.html
View the documentAfghanistan. -- 2007
source ref: 8830.html
View the documentCollier -- Doing well out of war / Paul Collier. -- 1999
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View the documentA comparative study of Afghan street heroin addicts... -- 2000
source ref: 761.html
View the documentHanifi -- Impoverishing a colonial frontier : cash, credit, and...
source ref: 2716.html
View the documentPractical tools for community conservation in southern Africa. -- 2006
source ref: 6014.html
View the documentNo quick fix : curbing opium poppy cultivation... -- 2006
source ref: 5529.html
View the documentAfghanistan .
source ref: 3125.html
View the documentAfghanistan monthly review. -- 2004-2007
source ref: 5860.html
View the documentProtracted relief and recovery operation : a report... -- 2004
source ref: 642.html
View the documentRuttig -- The other side : dimensions of the Afghan... -- 2009
source ref: 10379.html
View the documentNational mid-year review report : Islamic Republic of...
source ref: 8578.html
View the documentMcAuslan -- Urban land law in the Islamic Republic of... -- 2005
source ref: 3127.html
View the documentDani -- Peshawar : historic city of the Frontier... -- 1969
source ref: 1244.html
View the document : US-Afghan business matchmaking conference... -- 2005
source ref: 3584.html
View the documentStark -- Perseus in the wind / Freya Stark ;...
source ref: 1334.html
View the documentShah -- Kara Kush : a novel / by Idries... -- 1986
source ref: 12394.html
View the documentNasr -- Islamic science : an illustrated study / Seyyed... -- 1976
source ref: 1326.html
View the documentSpeeches and presentations from the Afghanistan Development Forum... -- 2007
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View the documentInnocent -- Should America Liberate Afghanistan’s women? / Malou Innocent. -- 2011
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View the documentAfghan National Police logistics mentor handbook / CJTF... --
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View the documentPilot phase sub national consultations for the... -- 2007
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View the documentولسمل محمد حسن. -- . دپاکستان دولت دافغانانو دوست نه بلکه دښمن دی...
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View the documentThe implementation of human rights with regard to...
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View the documentWar, technology and society in the Middle East... -- 1975
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View the documentMargesson -- Afghan refugees : current status and future prospects...
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View the documentSpivack -- Feasibility study on opium licensing in Afghanistan for... -- 2005
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View the documentLaying of foundation stone for construction of new... -- 2009
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View the documentGazetteer of Afghanistan : names approved by the... -- 1983
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View the documentLamb -- Religion and militancy in Pakistan and Afghanistan :... -- 2012
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View the documentBaghlan prison: severe damage to $11.3 million facility... -- 2014
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View the document2005 civil military interface strategy : activities and... -- 2005
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View the documentTraining programme Pakistan & Afghanistan / Save the... -- 2000
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View the documentGuideline for CBR centres / prepared by... -- 1999
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View the documentNorth Afghanistan with provinces and districts /... -- 2005
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View the documentParents and children speak out : is government-provided... -- 2007
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View the documentOpinion poll on Afghan currency / Adam Smith... -- 2002
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View the documentLorentz -- A view of Chinese rugs from the seventeenth... -- 1973]
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View the documentLa situation des femmes et des filles en... -- 2004
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View the documentAfghanistan / Office of Inspector General.
source ref: 9768.html
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View the documentAsmussen -- The death of Cambyses : DB I,433 Uvāmaršiyuš... -- 196-?]
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View the documentPriority Reform and Reconstruction in Afghanistan : reforming... --
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View the documentGanesh -- Women’s economic empowerment in Afghanistan, 2002-2012 : information... -- 2013
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View the documentCourt -- Policy engagement : how civil society can be... -- 2006
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View the documentNyberg -- Hilfsbuch des Pehlevi. English & Pahlavi A manual...
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View the documentGhani -- A ten-year framework for Afghanistan : executing the... -- 2009
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View the documentBarben -- Gender and training : mainstreaming gender equality and... -- 2005
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View the documentFacts for life : a communication challenge. -- 1993
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View the documentTanin -- Afghanistan. Laws, statutes, etc. 2005. Police law : published... -- 2006
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View the documentScott -- The north Shamalan : a survey of land... -- 1971
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View the document 14 years report (1989-2002) / Mine Detection... -- 2002
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View the documentSpooner -- The evil eye in the Middle East /... -- 1970
source ref: 5224.html
View the document. -- ]
source ref: 3831.html
View the documentFacilitating learning : a series of ‘Training... -- 2006
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View the documentMukhopadhyay -- Warlords as bureaucrats : the Afghan experience /... -- 2009
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View the document2005 Wolesi Jirga and Provincial Council Elections /... -- 2005
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View the documentSecurity policy and continuity plan / Afghanistan Research... -- 2008
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View the documentRashid -- The betrayal of the Afghans / Ahmed Rashid. -- 2004
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View the documentBalcome-Rawding -- Afghanistan’s energy and natural resources / Russell Balcome-Rawding,... -- 1989
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View the documentGuimbert -- Back to school in Afghanistan : determinants of... -- 2006
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View the documentProceedings of the workshop on development of appropriate... -- 2000
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View the documentWisner -- At risk : natural hazards, people's vulnerability,... -- 2004
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View the documentShah -- The pleasantries of the incredible Mulla Nasrudin /...
source ref: 17137.html
View the documentTowards a successful 2009 Afghan Presidential election. -- 2008
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View the documentBloxom -- Promoting self-help solutions by vulnerable afghan refugees in... -- 1991
source ref: 9192.html
View the documentAfghanistan. Laws -- Mass media law : translation of official Gazette.
source ref: 16808.html
View the documentMcChesney -- Afghanistan's Islam
source ref: 17370.html
View the documentPhythian -- A concise dictionary of correct English / [compiled...
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View the documentSarabi -- Politics and modern history of Hazara sectarian politics...
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View the documentAfghanistan. Laws, statutes, etc. 1980. The law on the... --
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View the documentMatheson -- The tigers of Baluchistan / Sylvia A.... -- 1975
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View the documentField notes : Afghanistan insurgency assessment the signs... -- 2006
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View the documentDistrict assessment : Panjwayi District, Kandahar Province. -- 2009
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View the documentGrey -- Operation Snakebite / Stephen Grey. -- 2010
source ref: 14701.html
View the documentGiustozzi -- The Northern Front : the Afghan insurgency spreading... -- 2010
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View the documentFrumkin -- Archaeology in Soviet Central Asia / by Grégoire... -- 1970
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View the documentBodansky -- A question of trust / Yossef Bodansky... --
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View the documentWarner -- The Dragon Empress : life and times... -- 1972
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View the documentForsberg -- Politics and power in Kandahar -- 2010
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View the documentiMMAP. -- Afghanistan : Panjsher province – observed security... -- 2013
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View the documentNational private sector development program : draft for... -- 2004
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View the documentJewett -- Edward FitzGerald / by Iran B. Hassani Jewett.
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View the documentMayer -- Islamic armourers and their works / by L.... -- 1962
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View the documentMujtaba -- Education status and development strategies in Afghanistan:... -- 2014
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View the documentUNAMA factsheet .
source ref: 5669.html
View the documentDupree -- The valley of Bamiyan / by Nancy Hatch... -- 1967
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View the documentDean -- Afghan refugees : mental health and flight to... -- 2004
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View the documentFinal evaluation reports on health financing pilots :... -- 2008
source ref: 8290.html
View the documentCarver -- Are the reasons for the failure of statebuilding... -- 2011
source ref: 16317.html
View the documentPreventing child and forced marriages : the role... -- 2005
source ref: 3905.html
View the documentHiejman -- Disaster management preparedness training / facilitated by Annelies... -- 2006
source ref: 5631.html
View the documentمؤسسه خدمات صحی وانکشافی افغان = Afghan Health...
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View the documentCrowe -- The Gardens of Mughul India: a history and... -- 1972
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View the documentInroads : the Canadian journal of opinion :... -- 2006
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View the documentMassacres of Hazaras in Afghanistan / Human Rights... -- 2001
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View the documentAfghanistan : agricultural lands 1993 (Landsat). -- 2008?
source ref: 10323.html
View the documentCreating a network of model schools to support... -- 2013
source ref: 16510.html
View the documentروبینت، دان. -- انتخاب یک دسته علوفه پهن برگ (گیاه پهن... --
source ref: 8013.html
View the documentEighmy -- Afghanistan population estimates by district / by Thomas... -- 1990
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View the documentRogers -- A history of ancient Persia, from the earliest... -- 1929
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View the documentLarson -- Political parties in Afghanistan : a review of... -- 2011
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View the documentLee -- Water management, livestock and the opium economy ... -- 2007
source ref: 6598.html
View the documentNewbrander -- Rebuilding health systems and providing health services in... -- 2007
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View the documentChoudhry -- Private international law : conflict of laws /... --
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View the documentDupree -- Afghanistan over a cup of tea : 46... -- 2008
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View the documentDonaldson -- The wild rue : a study of... -- 1973
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View the documentKoehler -- Assessing peace and conflict potentials in the target... -- 2004
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View the documentCurtis -- Denying terrorists safe haven in Pakistan / Lisa... -- 2006
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View the documentReconstructing the draft food security strategy. -- 2001
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View the documentMaking every vote count : domestic election... -- 1996
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View the documentDaniel -- Islam, Europe and Empire / Norman Daniel. -- 1966
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View the documentMacKenzie -- The battle for Afghanistan : militancy and conflict... -- 2010
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View the documentRyan -- Afghanistan : a tale of never ending tragedy...
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View the documentAgriculture, Rural Investment and Enterprise Strengthening (ARIES) program... -- 2009
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View the documentProvincial Reconstruction Team (PRT) Executive Steering Committee :... -- 2004
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View the documentKilcullen -- Perspectives on reconciliation options in Afghanistan : prepared... -- 2010
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View the documentTortajada -- Grito silenciado. English. The silenced cry : one... -- 2004
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View the documentSchadl -- The man outside: the problem with the external...
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View the documentEdward -- The Khyber : a sketch of the pass,...
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View the documentPhysical education fundamentals in Afghanistan : the first... -- 2005
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View the documentDurand -- The first Afghan war and its causes /... -- 1998
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View the documentBroken laws, broken lives : medical evidence of... -- 2008
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View the documentNegus -- Fedora 5 and Red Hat Enterprise Linux... -- 2005
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View the documentStenersen -- Al-Qaeda’s allies : explaining the relationship between al-Qaeda... -- 2010
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View the documentThe briefest backgrond of the WUFA and ASC... -- 2004]
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View the documentCommunications strategy / Afghanistan Research and Evaluation Unit... -- 2010
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View the documentiMMAP. -- Afghanistan : Ghor province – observed security... -- 2013
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View the documentFrewen -- Contested nation-building : the challenge of countering insurgency... -- 2007
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View the documentMountain development resource book for Afghanistan. -- 2009
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View the documentDennys -- The call for tough arms controls : voices... -- 2006
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View the documentWildman -- Ending the US war in Afghanistan : ... -- 2010
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View the documentAfghanistan : European involvement. -- 2008
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View the documentShah -- The religion of the Sufis : from the...
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View the documentGuides to Afghan tax law from Afghanistan Revenue... -- 2011
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View the documentJustice and Rule of Law : National Priority... -- 2004
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View the documentLewis -- Rumi : past and present, east and west...
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View the documentAid and politics : trends and... -- 2003
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View the documentOstrowski -- WCS Afghanistan biodiversity conservation project field reports.
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View the documentNutrition survey manual : emergency nutrition surveys, Afghanistan... -- 2002
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View the documentKlatt -- Langenscheidts Taschenwörterbuch der englischen und deutschen Sprache :...
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View the documentACBAR education sub-committee : school database by geographical... -- 1997
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View the documentMinistry and other government institution strategies prepared for... -- 2006-2007
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View the documentTechnical assistance for the feasibility studies of the...
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View the documentFischer -- Reconstruction, stability and security in Afghanistan : the... -- 2007
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View the documentAfghanistan. Laws, statutes, etc. 2010. Decree by the President of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan on ratification of electoral law
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View the documentHarrison -- ‘Pashtunistan’ : the challenge to Pakistan and Afghanistan... -- 2008
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View the documentPakistan integrated household survey (PIHS) : round 2:... -- 1999
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View the documentAfghanistan 2005 and beyond : prospects for improved... -- 2005
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View the documentConflict sensitivity and peace building in development :... -- 2004
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View the documentEttinger -- NATO in Afghanistan : fighting together, fighting alone...
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View the documentHamilton -- Legislative process in Afghanistan / prepared by Mark... -- 2007
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View the documentAll known Afghanistan energy systems to year 2015/1394... -- 2008
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View the documentWinter teacher training : training manual. -- 2002-2003
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View the documentHistory of the war in Affghanistan, from its... -- 1843
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View the documentThe Bajaur incident : an account of the... -- 1960?
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View the documentReport of United Nations High Commissioner for Human... -- 2005
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View the documentAfghanistan UN security accessibility map / UNDSS.
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View the documentLiterature : the reader’s choice / Glencoe. -- 2005
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View the documentFinal narrative report Jam Minaret / Helping Afghan... -- 2002?
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View the documentEuropean Network of NGOs in Afghanistan (ENNA) and... -- 2006
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View the documentGender and development papers.
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View the documentMiddlebrook -- All along the watch tower : bringing peace... -- 2006
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View the documentNeumann -- Afghanistan : thinking through the basics / Ronald... -- 2009
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View the documentReport of the Secretary-General on children and armed... -- 2008
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View the documentIslamic Republic of Afghanistan : capacity building in... -- 2007
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View the documentStatus of gender units in the Government of... -- 2008
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View the documentSwedish Committee for Afghanistan. --
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View the documentStrategic plan 2006-2010 / Coordination of Humanitarian Assistance. -- 2005
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View the documentبه کابل خوش آمدید = Welcome to Kabul. --
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View the documentStatus of large mammals in proposed Big Pamir...
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View the documentJohnson -- Developing Taliban counter-narratives : field research and analytic... -- 2009
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View the documentAfghanistan : increasing hardship and limited support for... -- 2008
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View the documentCaravan (Aleppo, Syria : Online) Caravan ...
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View the documentThe study on the Kabul metropolitian area urban... -- 2006
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View the documentGhirshman -- Iran : From the earliest times to the... -- 1954
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View the documentHunte -- Exploring the realities of the urban poor :... -- 2004
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View the documentSchütte -- Gaining some ground : urban livelihoods in Jalalabad... -- 2006
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View the documentAfghanistan. Laws, statutes, etc. 2005. Statutes on the employment of foreign citizens in Afghanistan
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View the documentUnited Nations development assistance framework : in support... -- 2010
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View the documentQuarterly progress report / Mine Clearance Planning Agency.
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View the documentHandbook for estimating the socio-economic and environmental effects... -- 2003
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View the documentThe Enabling Environment Conference : Effective Private Sector... -- 2007
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View the documentGoodhand -- Dancing with the prince : the role of... -- 1994
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View the documentAfghanistan. --
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View the documentILFE toolkit : adapted Afghan... -- 2010
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View the documentProtecting Afghan civilians : statement on the conduct... -- 2007
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View the documentDetermining chemical waste streams in Afghanistan : consolidated... -- 2007
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View the documentAnnis -- English Afghan Dari dictionary /
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View the documentAfghanistan in 2007 : a survey of the... -- 2007
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View the documentAfghanistan. Laws, statutes, etc. 2007. Decree of the President... -- 1386
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View the documentMonitoring trip 2 to Kunar province 30 June-9... -- 1989
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View the documentافغانستان، قوانین فرمانونه اوداسی نور. دپوهنتونونو قانون. -- 1347
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View the documentAfghanistan. Laws, statutes, etc. 1939. Law of passports in... --
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View the documentAfghanistan. Laws, statutes, etc. 1955. Law of commerce, 1334. --
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View the documentAfghanistan agricultural strategy : food security strategy for... -- 1997
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View the documentShah -- Four Ṣufi classics : Salaman and Absal ;...
source ref: 17142.html
View the documentMullick -- Helping Pakistan defeat the Taliban : a joint... -- 2009
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View the documentSiddique -- Pakistan at 61 : an assessment of challenges... -- 2009?
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View the documentHaress -- Judicial Review in Afghanistan: A Flawed Practice
source ref: 17582.html
View the documentWhat’s on in Kabul.
source ref: 6896.html
View the documentAfghanistan’s Islam: From Conversion to the Taliban/ Nile...
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View the documentAmartya Sen, Romi Khosla, Michael Mutter and David... -- 2002
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View the documentWeijer -- Conference on Afghan pastoralists (Kuchi) : report of... -- 2006
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View the documentAhmad -- Gulbuddin Hekmatyar : an Afghan trail from jihad... -- 2004
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View the documentسالنامه احصائیوی / اداره مرکز احصائیه.
source ref: 1099.html
View the documentPapers from anti-corruption workshop in Kabul, June 2006 -- 2006
source ref: 4475.html
View the documentAfghanistan. Laws, statutes, etc. 1974. Telephone law, 20 Hoot... --
source ref: 10468.html
View the documentEFA 2000, Afghanistan : draft final report /... -- 2000
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View the documentPurpose and strategic outline of three series of... -- 2003
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View the documentTimur -- Malfuzat. English. The Mulfuzat Timury = or Autobiographical... -- 1975
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View the documentNational higher education strategic plan 2010-2014 / Islamic... -- 2009]
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View the documentThe cost of kill/capture : impact of the... -- 2011
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View the documentPotash -- Afghan Energy Information Center close out report /... -- 2006
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View the documentBevan -- The house of Seleucus. -- 1902
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View the documentWeinbaum -- Collection of six academic articles (1977-2005) on Afghanistan-US...
source ref: 3438.html
View the documentStigter -- Afghan migratory strategies : an assessment of repatriation... -- 2006
source ref: 5403.html
View the documentSigsgaard -- On the road to resilience : capacity development... -- 2011
source ref: 13538.html
View the documentBlock -- Embracing the occupiers : conversations with the future... -- 2009
source ref: 10939.html
View the documentDirectory of the UN family of agencies and... -- 1995
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View the documentTarn -- Alexander the Great / by W. W. Tarn.... -- 1956
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View the documentPuglisi -- Preliminary report on the researches at Hazar Sum... -- 1963
source ref: 5204.html
View the documentMacDonald -- Afghanistan transition : dangers of a summer drawdown... -- 2011
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View the documentBlagaescu -- Capacity development for policy advocacy : current thinking... -- 2006
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View the documentProgram report 2005-2007 : Initiative to Promote Afghan... -- 2007
source ref: 8875.html
View the documentParto -- Overview and critical assessment of the customs system... -- 2011
source ref: 16515.html
View the documentChayes -- The punishment of virtue : inside Afghanistan after... -- 2006
source ref: 7040.html
View the documentPasha -- Pro-poor growth and politics : the Asian experience... -- 2004
source ref: 3195.html
View the documentجنتری افغانستان / تهیه وتنظیم محمد نسیم هزاره.
source ref: 3272.html
View the documentUnited Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). Geographic Information and Mapping Unit. Population and Geographic Data Section (GIMU/PGDS). -- Afghanistan : UNHCR assisted repatriation : province... -- 2006
source ref: 5266.html
View the documentNassery -- Case reports from Afghanistan I : a chronic... -- 2005
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View the documentColeridge -- Afghanistan’s children speak to the UN Special Session,... -- 2001
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View the documentThesiger -- Desert, marsh, and mountain : the world of... -- 1979
source ref: 174.html
View the documentAssessment of development results : Islamic Republic of... -- 2009
source ref: 11020.html
View the documentUS counternarcotics strategy for Afghanistan : March 2010. -- 2010
source ref: 12045.html
View the documentMortenson -- Three cups of tea : one man’s mission... -- 2006
source ref: 5606.html
View the documentRüttig -- Some things got better: how much got good?:... -- 2014
source ref: 16553.html
View the documentInformal brainstorming workshop on food security in Afghanistan... -- 2000
source ref: 4915.html
View the documentWily -- Resolution of property rights disputes in urban areas... -- 2005
source ref: 2161.html
View the documentChildren and their rights in Afghanistan : current... -- 2004
source ref: 8829.html
View the documentNizām al-Mulk -- Siyāsat´nāmah. English The book of government : or, Rules... -- 1978
source ref: 1519.html
View the documentShah -- Afghanistan National Development Strategy (ANDS) formulation process: influencing... -- 2009
source ref: 10146.html
View the documentTalking about talks : toward a political settlement...
source ref: 17105.html
View the documentPearn -- An introduction to the history of South-east Asia... -- 1963]
source ref: 2944.html
View the documentDaulatzai -- A leap of faith : thoughts on secularistic... -- 2004
source ref: 8614.html
View the documentLaw progress chart as of … / Afghanistan...
source ref: 3012.html
View the documentBrahami -- The rule of law at home and abroad... -- 2002
source ref: 9798.html
View the documentWorld development report.
source ref: 2135.html
View the documentKamali -- Afghanistan’s constitution ten years on : what are...
source ref: 17012.html
View the documentAfghanistan monthly food security bulletin / Afghanistan Network...
source ref: 1412.html
View the documentStein -- Ruins of desert Cathay : personal narrative of... -- 1968
source ref: 1667.html
View the documentTechnology, business and society papers.
source ref: 3597.html
View the documentCambon -- Hidden Afghanistan / under the direction of Pierre... -- 2007
source ref: 8707.html
View the documentMansfield -- Opium poppy eradication : how to raise risk... -- 2006
source ref: 4761.html
View the documentRusson -- Toolkit / Karen Russon, Craig Russon. -- 2005
source ref: 4215.html
View the documentEsmaty -- Women and political leadership : the problems facing... -- 2010
source ref: 12819.html
View the documentAnwar Hussain. -- Impact evaluation of Afghanaid projects in Badakhshan province,... -- 2000
source ref: 5872.html
View the documentEmadi -- Afghanistan’s Gordian knot : an analysis of...
source ref: 6881.html
View the documentSaljuqi -- Ensuring health participation for better health outcomes :... -- 2008
source ref: 8879.html
View the documentFrankel -- Archaeologists at work : studies on Halaf pottery... -- 1979]
source ref: 151.html
View the documentLambrick -- Sind : a general introduction / by H.... -- 1975
source ref: 2726.html
View the documentThomas -- Paradigms driving the water sector reform: a mismatch...
source ref: 17599.html
View the documentPrivatization of state-owned enterprises / Ministry... --
source ref: 10180.html
View the documentKantor -- Policy note series : urban poverty reduction in...
source ref: 6843.html
View the documentLister -- The community fora process in Mazar-e-Sharif, Afghanistan :...
source ref: 5899.html
View the documentCPAU Human Security Project : quarterly reports.
source ref: 14211.html
View the documentCounter Narcotics Deputy Minister’s function : implementation plan... -- 2004
source ref: 5003.html
View the documentNational reproductive health strategy for Afghanistan (2003-2005) :... -- 2003
source ref: 9254.html
View the documentDa'ud -- Speeches. President Daoud’s speeches, messages, interviews and official visits... --
source ref: 1453.html
View the documentFree and Fair Election Foundation of Afghanistan. -- 2004
source ref: 9777.html
View the documentChange of command ceremony HQ ISAF. -- 2006
source ref: 4340.html
View the documentAfghanistan : Operation Salam / Office for the...
source ref: 8821.html
View the documentMansfield -- Evidence from the field : understanding changing levels... -- 2007
source ref: 7974.html
View the documentWOL team-link.
source ref: 8580.html
View the documentPakistan : transition to democracy? -- 2002
source ref: 6733.html
View the documentBBC World Service public opinion poll of Afghanistan,... -- 2007
source ref: 7458.html
View the documentCan people secure themselves? : tribal security system... -- 2007?
source ref: 9615.html
View the documentiMMAP. -- Afghanistan : Logar province – observed... -- 2013
source ref: 16613.html
View the documentMode -- Das frühe Indien / von Heinz Mode. -- 1959
source ref: 1969.html
View the documentAfghanistan. Laws -- Presidential decree on non-interference of government officials in...
source ref: 16812.html
View the documentKhan -- Ziyarat of Nasir Khusraw : Hazrat Sa’id, Yumgan...
source ref: 10894.html
View the documentCanada in Afghanistan : report of the Standing... -- 2008
source ref: 8718.html
View the document2004 presidential election polling centers / Joint Electoral... -- 2004
source ref: 1913.html
View the documentKnowledge, Attitude, and Practice (KAP) : survey of... -- 2010
source ref: 12848.html
View the documentMansfield -- MOVING WITH THE TIMES:
source ref: 17557.html
View the documentJackson -- The rules of the game: towards a theory...
source ref: 17556.html
View the documentCurrion -- Strength in numbers : a review of NGO...
source ref: 13345.html
View the documentSituation paper on election in Afghanistan / release... -- 2004
source ref: 1715.html
View the documentGiustozzi -- Afghanistan : transition without end, an analytical narrative... -- 2008
source ref: 9605.html
View the documentTaylor -- Afghanistan : towards a handover of security responsibility?... -- 2010
source ref: 12471.html
View the documentTake our words abroad. -- 2000
source ref: 6916.html
View the documentJahesh -- Documents of the Watan Party congress / managing... --
source ref: 3334.html
View the documentA question of gender : reflections from a... -- 199-
source ref: 4992.html
View the documentSchoder -- Building resource corridors in Afghanistan: a solution to... -- 2013
source ref: 16509.html
View the documentElectoral complaints commission final report : 2009 Presidential... -- 2010
source ref: 11890.html
View the documentAfghanistan. Laws, statutes, etc. 1962. Law of the Bureau...
source ref: 10607.html
View the documentGeoffroy-Schneiter -- Gandhara : the memory of Afghanistan / Bérénice... -- 2001
source ref: 1742.html
View the documentAfghanistan. Laws, statutes, etc. 1999. Presidential decree of the... --
source ref: 4801.html
View the documentBrown -- The world of late antiquity : from Marcus... -- 1971
source ref: 12081.html
View the documentAnnual report / International Assistance Mission.
source ref: 3824.html
View the documentOhiorhenuan -- Post-conflict economic recovery : enabling... -- 2008
source ref: 9426.html
View the documentمجله توانمندی : تقویه جامعه مدنی در افغانستان...
source ref: 16236.html
View the documentGiustozzi -- The inverted cycle : Kabul and the strongmen’s... -- 2007
source ref: 7140.html
View the documentRoe -- Water management, livestock and the opium economy :... -- 2009
source ref: 10337.html
View the documentTreakle -- Toolkits for activists : a user’s guide to... -- 2001
source ref: 5106.html
View the documentCentral and South Asia State Regional Security Conference (2005). -- Central and South Asia State Regional Security Conference... -- 2005
source ref: 2047.html
View the documentAfghanistan soil map.
source ref: 11086.html
View the documentIOM in Afghanistan : stabilizing communities for sustainable... -- 2005?
source ref: 5595.html
View the documentAndrews -- Turkmen needlework : dressmaking and embroidery among the... -- 1976
source ref: 146.html
View the documentWeiss -- Humanitarianism across borders : sustaining civilians in times... -- 1993
source ref: 6309.html
View the documentReport on jirga for peace, security and reconciliation... -- 2007
source ref: 1306.html
View the documentTropp -- Willingness to pay for improved drinking water supplies... -- 1999
source ref: 1925.html
View the documentAfghans’ Health and Social Assistance Organization (AHSAO) :... -- 1991
source ref: 14248.html
View the documentShannon -- NGOs playing for humanitarian space in the New... -- 2006
source ref: 4718.html
View the documentMansfield -- Alternative development in Afghanistan : the failure of... -- 2001
source ref: 798.html
View the documentBayley -- Report on border and customs related facilities and... -- 2005
source ref: 3695.html
View the documentRice -- Art in Afghanistan: objects from the Kabul Museum... -- 1971
source ref: 1528.html
View the documentEast and west.
source ref: 2110.html
View the documentMason -- Women’s work : Afghan male perspectives on the...
source ref: 13566.html
View the documentWomen in Kabul : a needs assessment :... --
source ref: 912.html
View the documentESC newsletter.
source ref: 8605.html
View the documentGould -- Democracy, Afghan style / producer/director Tamara Gould... -- 2004
source ref: 5648.html
View the documentDeeks -- Detention in Afghanistan : the need for an... -- 2009
source ref: 10313.html
View the documentSchetter -- Neither functioning, nor failing of the state! :... -- 2009
source ref: 12998.html
View the documentKemeny -- Sustainable health care, Afghan style / Cat Kemeny. -- 2012
source ref: 16327.html
View the documentBosworth -- The Ghaznavids : their empire in Afghanistan and... -- 1992
source ref: 544.html
View the documentFange -- The state of the Afghan state / Anders... -- 2009
source ref: 11062.html
View the documentAfghanistan in 2008 : a survey of the... -- 2008
source ref: 8903.html
View the documentCourtney -- In the balance : measuring progress in Afghanistan... -- 2005
source ref: 3097.html
View the documentCommon country assessment for the Islamic Republic of... -- 2004
source ref: 4671.html
View the documentAfghanistan : rehabilitation steering committee : summary conclusions... -- 1995
source ref: 8791.html
View the documentAtmar -- Politicisation of humanitarian aid and its consequences for...
source ref: 6738.html
View the documentQazi -- The Neo-Taliban, counterinsurgency, and the american endgame in... -- 2011
source ref: 14234.html
View the documentMarshall -- The Buddhist art of Gandhara. -- 1960
source ref: 440.html
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View the documentLessons in terror : attacks on education in... -- 2006
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View the documentSchrecker -- US strategy in Afghanistan : flawed assumptions will... -- 2010
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View the documentEnglish for today : a cassette... -- 2004
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View the document2009 Presidential and Provincial Council elections : final... -- 2010
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View the documentNewsletter / Afghan Civil Society Forum (ACSF).
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View the documentProcedures for the accreditation of domestic and international... -- 2004
source ref: 635.html
View the documentKabul satellite image and district maps ... -- 2004
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View the documentVaidya -- Thawak micro hydropower project : a technical... -- 2004
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View the documentObserving the presidential election : a guide for... -- 2004
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View the documentInformation bulletin / International Association for the Study...
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View the documentNathan -- Poppy blues : the collapse of poppy eradication... -- 2010
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View the documentReynolds -- A guide to parliamentary elections in Afghanistan /... -- 2005
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View the documentMihalka -- Pashtunistan, NATO and the Global War on Terror... -- 2008
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View the documentBenjamin -- The gender dimensions of internal displacement :... -- 1998
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View the documentSherzay -- Guideline for treatment of Emergency : (In English)... -- 2013
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View the documentBowen -- Translation or travesty? : an enquiry into Robert... -- 1973
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View the documentNational Skills Development and Labour Market Programme /... -- 2004
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View the documentHelmand-Arghandab Valley irrigation system : a change assessment,... -- 1993
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View the documentiMMAP. -- Afghanistan : natural disaster-induced IDPs in 2013... -- 2013
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View the documentShabistari -- The secret garden / Mahmud Shabistari ; translated...
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View the documentMHRA style book : notes for authors, editors,... -- 1991
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View the documentNGO insecurity in Afghanistan / Afghanistan NGO Safety... -- 2005
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View the documentHopkins -- Afghanistan in 2010 : a survey of the... -- 2013
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View the documentAnnual report / Da Afghanistan Bank.
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View the documentKent -- Covering up Karzai & Co. / Arthur Kent. -- 2007
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View the documentLister -- Caught in confusion : local governance structures in... -- 2005
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View the documentAfghanistan : options for a new constitution. -- 2003
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View the documentRubin -- The political economy of war and peace in...
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View the documentMalik -- Tapping the local resource / Nadeem Malik. -- 2002
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View the documentFarhadi -- Strategic plan for a nationwide telecommunications infrastructure for... -- 2002
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View the documentProvincial reconstruction teams = تیم بازسازی...
source ref: 7895.html
View the documentVoice of Pushtoons. -- 195-?
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View the documentAfghanistan : people registered for assisted return,... -- 2002
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View the documentFielden -- Female employment in Afghanistan : a study of... -- 2000
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View the documentShah -- The dermis probe / Idries Shah.
source ref: 17156.html
View the documentComputer locale requirements for Afghanistan / Afghan Transitional... -- 2003
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View the documentکمیته سویدن برای افغانستان، ارگان نشراتی برنامه بازتوانی...
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View the documentSafar -- External review of the Afghanistan Research and Evaluation... -- 2011
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View the documentAfghanistan Information Management Service (AIMS). Kunduz city map :... -- 2007
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View the documentAgrometeorological seasonal bulletin / Agromet Project of USGS.
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View the documentBisogno -- Corruption in Afghanistan : bribery as reported by... -- 2010
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View the documentÖzerdem -- Sustainable reintegration to returning refugees in post Taliban... -- 2006
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View the documentIslamic Republic of Afghanistan : military system summary.... -- 2007
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View the documentDrug use in Afghanistan : ... survey :...
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View the documentEtling -- Legal authorities in the Afghan legal system (1964-1979)... --
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View the documentExisting transmission lines of Afghanistan -- 2008
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View the documentIndia. Army. Intelligence Branch. -- Frontier and overseas expeditions from India.
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View the documentAfghan refugee artists = Naqqāshān-i muhājir-i Afghānistān 1978-2001. -- 2002
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View the documentAfghanistan update / Center for Defense Information (CDI) Action...
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View the documentiMMAP. -- Afghanistan : Herat Province – Injil district... -- 2013
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View the documentMojumdar -- Another Afghan story : portraying Afghans and their... -- 2010
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View the documentAfghanistan national health resources assessment / prepared for... -- 2002
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View the documentHynek -- The Czech provincial reconstruction team in Afghanistan :... -- 2010
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View the documentHandbook for women’s rights advocates / International Foundation... -- 2011
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View the documentMoheb -- Russian atrocities in Afghanistan : some scattered pages... --
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View the documentMinisterial circular : tax exemption policy for donor... -- 2006
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View the documentThe study on the Kabul metropolitan area urban... -- 2006
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View the documentIbrahim Abdulla Al-Marzouqi. -- Human rights and Islamic law / by Ibrahim... -- 2000
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View the documentDressler -- Securing Helmand : understanding and responding to the... -- 2009
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View the documentRugh -- Education for Afghans : a strategy paper :... -- 1998
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View the documentRouholamini -- Systèmes d’irrigation traditionnels dans la région de Kerman...
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View the documentBhatia -- Minimal investment, minimal results : the failure of... -- 2004
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View the documentNajam -- Community-level sustainability assessment : Dasudi, India : a... -- 1999
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View the documentByron -- The road to Oxiana. --
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View the documentTechno-economic feasibility study for the Central Asia-South Asia... -- 2008
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View the documentUSAID/Afghanistan strategy / USAID -- 2008
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View the documentBuilding support for the people of Afghanistan /... --
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View the documentHayner -- Unspeakable truths : facing the challenge of... -- 2002
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View the documentCOIN in Helmand Province : after the clear,... --
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View the documentShah -- Sufi thought and action / assembled by Idries...
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View the documentHoldsworth -- Turkestan in the nineteenth century : a... -- 1959
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View the documentAssessment of arms, ammunition, and explosives control and... -- 2008
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View the documentUNAMA mapping report on human rights abuses in... -- 2005
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View the documentHossain -- Statement by Dr. Kamal Hossain, Special Rappoteur at... -- 2001
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View the documentKamran -- Drought assessment in southern Afghanistan : Kandahar, Helmand... -- 2000
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View the documentDressler -- The Quetta Shura Taliban in southern Afghanistan :... -- 2009
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View the documentEducation profile in Afghanistan. -- 2002
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View the documentPrivate sector cross-border trade between Afghanistan and Pakistan... -- 1990
source ref: 9467.html
View the documentDonor profiles / Ministry of Finance. -- 2008
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View the documentKozyulin -- Afghanistan-2014 and the Taliban with its head proud... -- 2013
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View the documentPalau -- Afghanistan’s transboundary water resources : regional dimensions /... -- 2011
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View the documentKunder -- USAID’s progress in helping the people of Afghanistan... -- 2006
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View the documentKakar -- The collection of vital statistics in Afghanistan :... -- 1994
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View the documentGhazni a city of empire builders, scholars and... -- 2011
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View the documentRuiz -- Report on the environmental protection process and related... -- 1992
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View the documentAfghanistan : from presidential to parliamentary elections /... -- 2004
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View the documentThomas -- Developing transboundary water resources: What perspectives for cooperation...
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View the documentRubin -- From Great Game to grand bargain : ending... -- 2008
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View the documentRichards -- Islamic civilisation, 950-1150 : a colloquium published... -- 1973
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View the documentHow to register a None-Governmental Organization in... -- 2006
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View the documentGhosh -- A leap forward capacity building, eduction and India-Afghanistan... -- 2013
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View the documentDemocracy, governance and human rights papers.
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View the documentParker -- The role of the Department of Defense in... -- 2007
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View the documentAgrawal -- An integrated study of the copper bronze technology... -- 1968
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View the documentTrade and regional cooperation between Afghanistan and its... -- 2004
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View the documentJarring -- On the distribution of Turk tribes in Afghanistan...
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View the documentAzarbaijani-Moghaddam -- Outreach to Afghan women guide. -- 2007
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View the documentDupree -- First reflections on the Second Kashmir War ... -- 1965
source ref: 10535.html
View the documentSafar -- External review of the Afghanistan Research and Evaluation... -- 2011
source ref: 13719.html
View the documentSingh -- Ahmad Shah Durrani : father of modern Afghanistan... -- 1981
source ref: 706.html
View the documentMacDowall -- The coinage of Jaya-Prakasa Malla of Kathmandu /... -- 1957
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View the documentLarsen -- UNAMA in Afghanistan : challenges and opportunities in... -- 2010
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View the documentGender and elections in Afghanistan : helpdesk research... -- 2009
source ref: 11995.html
View the documentAfghanistan justice sector overview : April 2007 /...
source ref: 6999.html
View the document17168, 17169, 17170, 17171, 17172, 17173, 17174, 17175,...
source ref: 15233.html
View the documentFeasibility study for the development of a gas-fired... -- 2005
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View the documentEshaq -- Afghans suffer from biased media reports / presented... -- 2004
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View the documentCountry profile. Afghanistan. -- 2006
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View the documentPoole -- Afghanistan : tracking major resource flows 2002-2010 /... -- 2011
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View the documentAfghanistan : special issue / Area Study Centre... -- 2001
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View the documentMaley -- Political order in post-Communist Afghanistan / William Maley... -- 1992
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View the documentAfghanistan country sitrep / UNDSS (SIOC).
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View the documentSocio-demographic and economic survey : Daykundi / Islamic...
source ref: 16894.html
View the documentUK operations in Afghanistan : thirteenth report of... -- 2007
source ref: 6878.html
View the documentRubin -- Afghanistan’s geo-strategic identity / Barnett R. Rubin. -- 2006
source ref: 4763.html
View the documentSetting the right priorities : protecting children affected... -- 2010
source ref: 11911.html
View the documentHughes -- Kalid-i-Afghani. English. Translation of the Kalid-i-Afghani , the...
source ref: 6494.html
View the documentAbdullah Khan. -- Mawlana ‘Ubayd Allah Sindhi’s mission to Afghanistan and...
source ref: 1151.html
View the documentOrbons -- Are non-lethal weapons a viable military option to... -- 2012
source ref: 16404.html
View the documentIrvine -- Afghanistan mid-term review preparations : report of the... -- 1997
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View the documentLewins -- Using software in qualitative research : a... -- 2007
source ref: 9661.html
View the documentThe millennium of the birth of Al Beruni... -- 1973
source ref: 2803.html
View the documentNassery -- Gender and the NSP / , Ministry... -- 2004?
source ref: 2157.html
View the documentMohammad Isaqzadah. -- on Afghanistan’s roads extortion and abuse against... -- 2013
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View the documentJalalzai -- The politics of religion and violence in Afghanistan...
source ref: 2551.html
View the documentGender disparities as a challenge to human development... -- 2004
source ref: 1591.html
View the documentNewby -- A concise encyclopedia of Islam / Gordon D.... -- 2002
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View the documentSchetter -- Why a further Afghanistan conference? / by Conrad... -- 2004
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View the documentStay engaged! : weak governance and fragile states... -- 2006
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View the documentBanerjee -- Afghanistan : no security, no governance / Nipa... -- 2009
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View the documentFirdawsī. -- Shāhnāmah. English The epic of the kings : Shah-nama,... -- 1967
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View the documentISAF PRT handbook / International Security Assistance Force. -- 2007
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View the documentRodenburg -- The trade in wild animal furs in Afghanistan... -- 1977
source ref: 56.html
View the documentFisher -- Down at the district : a look at... -- 2010
source ref: 12934.html
View the documentLand Titling and Economic Restructuring in Afghanistan (LTERA)... -- 2009
source ref: 11926.html
View the documentBarfield -- Afghan customary law and its relationship to formal... 2003
source ref: 12704.html
View the documentآموزش Corel draw 12 / CD Center... --
source ref: 8232.html
View the documentNoorani -- Aynak a concession for “Change” : case study... -- 2013
source ref: 16122.html
View the documentAnnual report / Coordination of Humanitarian Assistance.
source ref: 10835.html
View the documentSocio-economic impacts of climate change in Afghanistan :... -- 2008?
source ref: 10034.html
View the documentMajrūh -- The Sovietization of Afghanistan / by S.B.... --
source ref: 1501.html
View the documentGaster -- Myth, legend, and custom in the Old Testament... -- 1969
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View the documentSediqi -- A preliminary assessment of air quality in Kabul... -- 2003
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View the documentDraft strategy paper (March 2002) / Afghanistan Research... -- 2006
source ref: 5012.html
View the documentBaseline study for pilot democratic policing across 8... -- 2010
source ref: 11418.html
View the documentiMMAP. -- Afghanistan : Nangarhar province - Behsud... -- 2013
source ref: 16676.html
View the documentMars -- Mapping phyllic and argillic-altered rocks in southeastern Afghanistan...
source ref: 7004.html
View the documentAfghanistan : agricultural and rangelands 1993 (Landsat). -- 2008?
source ref: 10322.html
View the documentRecommendation for funding for a short-duration country programme... -- 1999
source ref: 5275.html
View the documentBeasley -- In the line of fire : surveying the... -- 2003
source ref: 1294.html
View the documentEsmaty -- A broken relationship : a study of the... -- 2010
source ref: 12313.html
View the documentTroeller -- The birth of Saudi Arabia : Britain and... -- 1976
source ref: 2869.html
View the documentRamsey -- Afghanistan: disaster management and emergency preparedness / Amber... -- 2010
source ref: 12776.html
View the documentWakefield -- Gender and local level decision making : findings... -- 2004
source ref: 2565.html
View the documentTapper -- Bartered brides : politics, gender and marriage in... -- 1991
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View the documentAfghan senators’ biographies. -- 2006?
source ref: 8127.html
View the documentMikser -- Transition in Afghanistan : assessing the security effort... -- 2011
source ref: 13921.html
View the documentLocal governance and cross-border relations : 19 September... -- 2006
source ref: 10828.html
View the documentAfghanistan. Laws, statutes, etc. (2000). Regulation on implementation of...
source ref: 7001.html
View the documentAḥrar -- Correspondence. English. Selections The letters of Khwaja Ubayd Allah... -- 2002
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View the documentDupree -- The helicopter in East Pakistan :... -- 1964
source ref: 10238.html
View the documentPalmer -- A concise dictionary, English-Persian : together with a... -- 2002
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View the documentReconnaissance survey report in Wardak and Bamian provinces... -- 1997
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View the documentAfghanistan. Laws, statutes, etc. 2005. Law on organization and... --
source ref: 10623.html
View the documentGrare -- The Afghanistan refugees in Pakistan / Frédéric Grare... -- 2011
source ref: 14277.html
View the documentEvaluation of performance based grants program in Afghanistan. -- 2008
source ref: 10764.html
View the documentMuslim architecture and art treasures in Pakistan /... -- 1965
source ref: 2886.html
View the documentChambers -- Rural development : putting the last first /... -- 1984
source ref: 8667.html
View the documentStrategic plan 1999-2003 / Norwegian Project Office,... --
source ref: 3822.html
View the documentSadaf Rashad Ali -- Strike a Pose: Comparing Associated Press and UNICEF...
source ref: 17394.html
View the documentKoetz -- Review of Functions of Government Agencies in Afghanistan
source ref: 17589.html
View the documentBonosky -- Washington's secret war against Afghanistan / Phillip... -- 1985
source ref: 837.html
View the document2010 Wolesi Jirga candidate list. -- 2010
source ref: 12482.html
View the documentArnuad Chouvy -- Finding an alternative to illict opium productive in... -- 2011
source ref: 14270.html
View the documentRoy -- Nouvelle Asie centrale, ou, La fabrication des nations.... -- 2000
source ref: 1216.html
View the documentMinhāj Sirāj Jūzjānī -- Tabakāt-I Nāsirī. English Tabakāt-i-Nāsirī : a general history... -- 1977
source ref: 1510.html
View the documentGrainger -- Rebuilding Afghanistan / Marc Grainger reports ; photographs... -- 2009
source ref: 9596.html
View the documentOlufsen -- Through the unknown Pamirs : the second Danish... -- 1904
source ref: 16207.html
View the documentChouvy -- Le défi afghan de l'opium / Pierre-Arnaud Chouvy. -- 2006
source ref: 5497.html
View the documentVEGA Afghanistan : community development agriculture program in...
source ref: 11434.html
View the documentCoping with complexity : reforming international assistance to... --
source ref: 6808.html
View the documentMansfield -- The ban on opium production across Nangarhar :... -- 2011
source ref: 14271.html
View the documentAslamzai -- Treatment guidelines of pediatrics = دکوچنیانود د درملني... -- 2011
source ref: 15274.html
View the documentJohnson -- Ismail Khan, Herat, and Iranian influence / by...
source ref: 6491.html
View the documentNarbeth -- Livelihoods and protection : displacement and vulnerable communities... -- 2003
source ref: 905.html
View the documentContingency contracting : DOD, State, and USAID contracts... -- 2008
source ref: 9211.html
View the documentDupree -- Pakistan : West Pakistan revisited : first... -- 1959
source ref: 10210.html
View the documentAfghanistan. Laws, statutes, etc. 1968. English. The Afghanistan educational... -- 1968
source ref: 10432.html
View the documentAfghanistan report 2009.
source ref: 10280.html
View the documentFoster -- Toxic air : pollution and health consequences in... -- 2011
source ref: 13974.html
View the documentMaaref : a bimonthly education publication.
source ref: 8588.html
View the documentANSO weekly incident list.
source ref: 9036.html
View the documentCandidate nomination : Wolesi Jirga and provincial council... -- 2005
source ref: 9775.html
View the documentIndia : a reprint of the special India... -- 1930
source ref: 10442.html
View the documentChase -- Mapping and situation assessment of high risk key... -- 2007
source ref: 7746.html
View the documentHerawi -- Summary of Afghanistan accomplishments in 1385 : (Mar.... -- 2007
source ref: 6290.html
View the documentDittmann -- Recent developments in Kabul's Shar-e-Naw and Central Bazaar... -- 2007
source ref: 7400.html
View the documentJalrez howza / HTT/AF-5. -- 2010
source ref: 12799.html
View the documentایولډسن، جینز. -- سپوږمیه کړنګ وهه راخیژه :
source ref: 9520.html
View the documentMediothek für Afghanistan e.V. = Media center for... --
source ref: 5363.html
View the documentGreater Azra initiative : Joint Reintegration Programme in... -- 2000
source ref: 9384.html
View the documentSlugget -- Mapping of psychosocial support for girls and boys... -- 2003
source ref: 8291.html
View the documentAfghanistan : all who are not friends, are... -- 2007
source ref: 6160.html
View the documentWestin -- Foreign assistance : observations on post-conflict assistance in... -- 2003
source ref: 7111.html
View the documentCaganoff -- The garden at the end of the world... -- 2010
source ref: 12330.html
View the documentKothari -- Economic, social and cultural rights : women and... -- 2003
source ref: 824.html
View the documentMaloney -- A violent impediment: the evolution of insurgent operations... -- 2008
source ref: 8759.html
View the documentBetween the jirga and the judge : alternative... -- 2009
source ref: 11772.html
View the documentNeils -- Specific market assessments for almonds (shelled and unshelled),... -- 2004
source ref: 1662.html
View the documentNoorzoy -- Alternative economic systems for Afghanistan / M. Siddieq... -- 1983
source ref: 9242.html
View the documentHovland -- Successful communication : a toolkit for researchers and...
source ref: 7820.html
View the documentHodes -- Spoiler groups of the anti-government insurgency / Cyrus... -- 2007
source ref: 16262.html
View the documentKoehler -- Stellungnahme van Jan Koehler vor dem Auswärtigen Ausschuss... -- 2010
source ref: 13749.html
View the documentAtmar -- Aid, conflict and peacebuilding in Afghanistan : what... -- 2002
source ref: 315.html
View the documentAfghanistan. Laws, statutes, etc. 2005. Presidential decree of the... -- 2005
source ref: 10430.html
View the documentPilger -- Liberating Afghanistan / . -- 2007
source ref: 6846.html
View the documentEducation v’s social stability. -- 2002
source ref: 9665.html
View the documentMoore -- A passion for difference : essays in anthropology... -- 1994
source ref: 5100.html
View the documentSouth Asian studies (Society for South Asian Studies). South...
source ref: 1100.html
View the documentZöllner -- Targeting international audiences : current and future approaches... -- 2005
source ref: 4251.html
View the documentMiller -- From research to road map : learning from... -- 2006
source ref: 4437.html
View the documentElliott -- Morocco and Its Women's Rights Struggle: A Failure...
source ref: 17385.html
View the documentBalland -- Census in Afghanistan / Daniel Balland. --
source ref: 1589.html
View the documentBadakhshan province water features . -- 2009
source ref: 11660.html
View the documentDani -- Peshawar : historic city of the Frontier... -- 2002
source ref: 1168.html
View the documentPakistan archaeology / Dept. of Archaeology, Ministry of...
source ref: 2173.html
View the documentBasic design study report on the project for... -- 2004
source ref: 8636.html
View the documentCordesman -- The Afghan-Pakistan war : threat developments / Anthony... -- 2008
source ref: 8052.html
View the documentGovernmental task force, combating violence against women :... -- 2004
source ref: 3044.html
View the documentBattiston -- The Afghan civil society : a look from... -- 2011
source ref: 14232.html
View the documentKatzman -- Afghanistan : post-war governance, security and U.S. policy... -- 2008
source ref: 10812.html
View the documentDupree -- Afghanistan : landlocked images fifteen years lager... -- 1976
source ref: 10564.html
View the documentCoates -- Measuring food insecurity : going beyond indicators of... -- 2003
source ref: 316.html
View the documentAfghanistan Development Forum : Afghanistan private sector and... -- 2003
source ref: 12785.html
View the documentAfghan perceptions and experiences of corruption : a... -- 2010
source ref: 12842.html
View the documentAnnual report / World Bank.
source ref: 3190.html
View the documentAfghanistan. Laws, statutes, etc. 1935. Law for appropriation of... --
source ref: 10605.html
View the documentA changing nation : DFID support to Afghanistan... --
source ref: 1522.html
View the documentReport on women’s political participation in Afghanistan /... 2005
source ref: 2471.html
View the documentAfghanistan mine clearance programme : work plan 1997... -- 1997
source ref: 6564.html
View the documentPublic nutrition policy and strategy 2003-2006 / Transitional... --
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View the documentYayha Massoud. -- Afghans can win this war / by Yahya... -- 2010
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View the documentMathews -- Afghanistan law bibliography / Compiled by Tim Mathews.
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View the documentYellow pages Afghanistan : A-Z.
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View the documentCivic education baseline study / ACSFo [Afghanistan Civil... -- 2010
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View the documentiMMAP. -- Afghanistan : Kunduz province – observed... -- 2013
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View the documentVulnerability of internally displaced persons in urban settings. -- 2011
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View the documentمخدرات : دنشه ئی توکو پرضد دمبارزی وزارت...
source ref: 4766.html
View the documentReview : news from the Asian Development Bank...
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View the documentGrissom -- Making it up as we go along :... -- 2010
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View the documentUSAID’s Food Insecurity Response for Urban Populations program:...
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View the documentنائیک، عبدالکریم ذاکر. -- قرآن او نوی ساینس = The Qur’an and... -- 1385
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View the documentResources in Greater Center Asia Afghanistan Trans-Boundary Waters:... -- 2015
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View the documentPeople and homes in the old city :... -- 2008
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View the document“Enduring freedom" : abuses by U.S. forces in... -- 2004
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View the documentDupree -- Education patterns in the context of an emergency... -- 1998
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View the documentدځنګلونو، څرځایونو و وحشی ژویو دپاره پالیسی او... -- 1383
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View the documentiMMAP. -- Afghanistan : Balkh province – observed security... -- 2013
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View the documentAfghanistan Research and Evaluation Unit (AREU) -- Secure Livelihoods Research Consortium Afghanistan Research Programme
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View the documentPamphlets from the Independent Administrative Reform and Civil... --
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View the documentLarson -- Electoral turnout in Afghanistan : an act of...
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View the documentTAF-Global logistics and operations support for the elections... -- 2004
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View the documentFactsheets released by the Independent Election Commission (IEC)... -- 2009-2010
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View the documentCompilation of Afghanistan laws : chronological index (draft... --
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View the documentElection observation report : Wolesi Jirga and Provincial... -- 2005
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View the documentHarpviken -- Transcending traditionalism : the emergence of non-state military...
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View the documentFoster -- Greenstone : an implementation in Afghanistan : a...
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View the documentمن و تو= Me and you sport weekly...
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View the documentBallentine -- The political economy of armed conflict : ... -- 2003
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View the documentParticipatory learning and action. London : International Institute...
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View the documentUS civil-military framework for Afghanistan. -- 2013
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View the documentAfghanistan. Ministry of Public Health. National health policy 2005-2009... -- 2005
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View the documentDupree -- American private enterprise in Afghanistan : the... -- 1960
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View the documentAfghanistan National Development Strategy (ANDS) newsletter.
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View the documentDoing business in Afghanistan : services / AISA.... -- 2011?
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View the documentEversley -- The Turkish Empire : its growth and decay...
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View the documentAjeer business magazine = آژیر مجله تجارتی
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View the documentAsian affairs.
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View the documentAfghanistan. -- 2006
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View the documentThe agricultural survey of Afghanistan.
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View the documentGoga -- The functioning of Kabul municipality / . -- 2004
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View the documentVulnerability and analysis review / the Livelihoods and... -- 2002
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View the documentIndia's role in Afghanistan. -- 2011
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View the documentAfghanistan socio-economic and demographic national and provincial profiles...
source ref: 7645.html
View the documentA guide to government in Afghanistan : case... -- 2004
source ref: 7.html
View the documentRebuilding Afghanistan : one village at a... -- 2007]
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View the documentEvaluation of Danish humanitarian assistance to Afghanistan 1992-1998 -- 1999
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View the documentZyck -- how to lose allies and finance your enemies... -- 2012
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View the documentUNHCR Afghanistan in the … ... -- 2000
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View the documentSivaramamurti -- An album of Indian sculpture / C. Sivaramamurti. -- 1975
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View the documentExile and return : report on a study... -- 1996
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View the documentAfghanistan food security monitoring bulletin (AFSMB) / jointly...
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View the documentMetz -- Everything old is new again : can American...
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View the documentDupree -- Gandhara : an instant guide to... -- 1985
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View the documentPre-test of the film script for “The little... -- 2004
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View the documentThe Afghanistan digital library : a project of...
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View the documentAfghanistan : Bamyan province : a socio-economic profile... -- 1991
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View the documentCordesman -- The war in Afghanistan : key trends in... -- 2010
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View the documentدافغانی سوداګرو میرمنو لړلیک / دسوداګری او صنایعو... -- 1387
source ref: 8986.html
View the documentMonteil -- Iran / par Vincent Monteil.
source ref: 3339.html
View the documentAid flows : information management : progress so... --
source ref: 9551.html
View the documentNorth west region / prepared... -- 2005
source ref: 2978.html
View the documentDobbins -- Afghanistan guidelines for a peace process / James... -- 2011
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View the documentMasson -- Legends of the Afghan countries, in verse :... -- 1848
source ref: 16168.html
View the documentSummary of the first seven year economic and...
source ref: 8196.html
View the documentA basic package of health services for Afghanistan... -- 2003
source ref: 4366.html
View the documentIMMAP. -- Afghanistan : Common Operating Picture for...
source ref: 16619.html
View the documentDismantling the “Taliban” one non-Taliban group at a... --
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View the documentLindholm -- Frontier perspectives : essays in comparative anthropology /... -- 1996
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View the documentPapers from Gender Sector Strategy meeting of ANDS... -- 2007
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View the documentWinterbotham -- The state of transitional justice in Afghanistan :... -- 2010
source ref: 12306.html
View the documentOperation Moshtarak : lessons learned / The International... -- 2010
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View the documentحقوق بشر درافغانستان : معیار های ملی وبین... -- 1385
source ref: 6511.html
View the documentJalal al-Din Rumi -- Masnavi i Ma’navi : teachings of Rumi :...
source ref: 17126.html
View the documentEighmy -- Afghanistan’s population : settled, nomadic, displaced and refugee... -- 2002
source ref: 861.html
View the documentMap catalogue / developed by Emergency Resource Center. --
source ref: 5866.html
View the documentVaziri -- HIV and AIDS awareness and knowledge in Afghanistan... -- 2008
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View the documentPottinger -- Travels in Beloochistan and Sinde, accompanied by a... -- 1976
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View the documentFerdinand -- Afghan nomads : caravans, conflicts and trade in... -- 2006
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View the documentAREU -- The A to Z Guide to Assistance in...
source ref: 17652.html
View the documentCunningham -- Coins of the Indo-Scythians / .
source ref: 2882.html
View the documentProblem drug use in Afghan communities : an... -- 1999
source ref: 759.html
View the documentPlatts -- A dictionary of Urdū, classical Hindī, and English...
source ref: 1949.html
View the documentاشرف الکتابی، حسن، 1346. -- انگلیسی در سفر = English on trip :... -- 1376
source ref: 10096.html
View the documentKey issues and consolidated comments : from the...
source ref: 7506.html
View the documentSpink -- Education and politics in Afghanistan : the importance... -- 2005
source ref: 3400.html
View the documentCoburn -- Losing legitimacy? : some Afghan views on the... -- 2009
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View the documentHassinger -- A survey of the mammals of Afghanistan ... -- 1973
source ref: 6234.html
View the documentOverview of the enemy : staff statement no.... --
source ref: 1455.html
View the documentAall -- Guide to IGOs, NGOs, and the military in... -- 2000
source ref: 1005.html
View the documentAn assessment of problem drug use in Kabul... -- 2003
source ref: 6806.html
View the documentASCHIANA ...
source ref: 9189.html
View the documentZoya -- Zoya's story : an Afghan woman's battle... -- 2002
source ref: 1196.html
View the documentCordesman -- The “post conflict” lessons of Iraq and Afghanistan... -- 2004
source ref: 9932.html
View the documentOverfeld -- Economic development and security for Afghanistan : increasing... -- 2010
source ref: 11665.html
View the documentPritchard -- Thompson in Helmand : comparing theory to practice... -- 2010
source ref: 16401.html
View the documentiMMAP. -- Afghanistan : Helmand province – Nahri... -- 2013
source ref: 16647.html
View the documentافغانستان. تړونونه اوداسی نور. دهلمند (هیرمند) داوبو په... -- 1351
source ref: 8914.html
View the documentPress release Afghanistan (ext) / World Bank. -- 2001-2002
source ref: 3292.html
View the documentSherkhkan Bandar to Herat railway line : pre-feasibility... -- 2010
source ref: 12857.html
View the documentStrengthening the collaborative process for building an effective... -- 2004
source ref: 4762.html
View the documentStanfield -- Land administration in (post) conflict conditions : the... -- 2006
source ref: 6967.html
View the documentFeasibility study : agricultural and natural resource management... -- 2002
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View the documentAllison -- Security cooperation between western states and Russia over... -- 2008
source ref: 9731.html
View the documentAnnual report / International Rescue Committee, Pakistan programme.
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View the documentBeliaev -- Ocherki po istorii muzyki narodov SSSR. English Central... -- 1975
source ref: 1972.html
View the documentMatney -- Business women in Kabul : a study of... -- 2002
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View the documentBarger -- Excavations in Swat and explorations in the Oxus... -- 1941
source ref: 5233.html
View the documentTabrizi -- Me and Rumi : the autobiography of Shams-i... -- 2004
source ref: 6352.html
View the documentAfghanistan National Development Strategy (ANDS) documents 1387-1391 :... -- 2008
source ref: 8921.html
View the documentChandler -- From Kosovo to Kabul : human rights and... -- 2002
source ref: 1743.html
View the documentCoburn -- Parliamentarians and local politics in Afghanistan II /... -- 2010
source ref: 12925.html
View the documentDerksen -- Impact or illusion? reintegration under the Afghanistan peace... -- 2011
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View the documentLister -- Understanding markets in Afghanistan : a case study... -- 2004
source ref: 1470.html
View the documentDupree -- Afghanistan’s slow march to democracy : reflections... -- 1963
source ref: 10225.html
View the documentEggerman -- AACA public information campaign : AREU public opinion... -- 2003
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View the documentWarikoo -- The Afghanistan crisis : issues and perspectives /... -- 2002
source ref: 1747.html
View the documentParker -- A collection of Afghan legends / by... -- 1970
source ref: 1271.html
View the documentO’Hanlon -- Plan A-minus for Afghanistan / Michael O’Hanlon and... -- 2011
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View the documentWylly -- The borderland : the country of the Pathans... 1912 (1998 printing)
source ref: 686.html
View the documentJalalzai -- NARCO- terrorism in Afghanistan / Musa Khan Jalalzai. -- 2006
source ref: 15517.html
View the documentPym -- The ancient civilization of Angkor / by Christopher... -- 1968
source ref: 114.html
View the documentUSDMA topographic maps / AIMS. --
source ref: 2795.html
View the documentMount-Cors -- Sharing perspectives on curriculum development in Afghanistan :... -- 2003
source ref: 2113.html
View the documentKühn -- Aid, opium and the state of rents in... -- 2008
source ref: 16267.html
View the documentAfghan update / Office of Communication and Public...
source ref: 2045.html
View the documentDupree -- Afghanistan continues its experiment with democracy ... -- 1971
source ref: 10545.html
View the documentO’Connor -- Health care in Muslim Asia : development and... -- 1994
source ref: 4448.html
View the documentUnited States Government integrated civilian-military campaign plan for... -- 2011
source ref: 13567.html
View the documentMurphy -- Basic grammar in use : reference and practice... -- 2002
source ref: 8335.html
View the documentNational disability survey in Afghanistan : proposal. -- 2004
source ref: 9176.html
View the documentRehabilitation needs assessment for the middle Helmand irrigated... -- 2004
source ref: 1643.html
View the documentJoint Coordination and Monitoring Board : papers from... -- 2007
source ref: 6526.html
View the documentGebremedhin -- Land tenure and administration in rural Afghanistan :... -- 2007
source ref: 9751.html
View the documentAfghanistan, ancient land with modern ways = ... --
source ref: 3079.html
View the documentCharney -- Voter education planning survey : Afghanistan 2004 national... -- 2004
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View the documentWehr -- Arabisches Wörterbuch für die Schriftsprache der Gegenwart. ... -- 1994
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View the documentAfghanistan’s new legislature : making democracy work. -- 2006
source ref: 4274.html
View the documentMurray -- India--Which century? / by David Stark Murray. -- 1967
source ref: 2817.html
View the documentVining -- Water-balance simulations of runoff and reservoir storage for... -- 2007