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View the documentSprechmann -- Advocacy tools and guidelines : promoting policy change... -- 2001
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View the documentAn overview of CARE Afghanistan’s current activities. -- 2002
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View the documentAnnual report / CARE International in Afghanistan.
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View the documentBenefits harms facilitation manual / Cooperative for Assistance... -- 2001
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View the documentBenefits harms hand book / Cooperative for Assistance... -- 2001
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View the documentCARE Afghanistan : briefing packet / CARE. -- 2000
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View the documentCARE at a glance : the internal newsletter...
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View the documentCARE pilot primary homeschool project : final... -- 1997
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View the documentMaxwell -- Livelihoods approaches and rights-based approaches : implications for...
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View the documentThe Kabul Widows Emergency Feeding Project (1996-2001). -- 2001
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