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View the documentA profile of Afghan refugees in Pakistan an... -- 2002
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View the documentAmiri -- Afghan gender equity programme : a concept paper... -- 2000
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View the documentAfghanistan : challenges to return : executive summary... -- 2004
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View the documentRoy -- Afghanistan : internal politics and socio-economic dynamics and... -- 2003
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View the documentAfghanistan : UNHCR assisted repatriation border-crossing (no.... -- 2002
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View the documentAfghanistan : people registered for assisted return,... -- 2002
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View the documentDurable solutions for kuchi IDPs in the south... -- 2006
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View the documentFrequently asked questions : a circular for Afghan...
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View the documentHuman rights in Afghanistan : national and international... -- 2006
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View the documentIDP / UNHCR. -- 2008
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View the documentIDPs sample survey in Kabul city / UNHCR... -- 2014
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View the documentIntegration of returnees in the Afghan labor market... -- 2006
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View the documentMaking fifty years of refugee protection 1951-2001 /... -- 2001
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View the documentMonitoring of the situation of returnees in Afghanistan... -- 2001
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View the documentMonitoring of the situation of returnees in Afghanistan... -- 2000
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View the documentNeeds assessment of children working in the streets... -- 1996
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View the documentOperation manual for Afghan refugee health programme in... -- 1986
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View the documentResearch study on IDPs in urban settings :... -- 2011
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View the documentReturn of refugees from neighbouring countries : background... -- 2000
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View the documentRussell -- Return to Afghanistan / written and designed... -- 2002
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View the documentMendes -- Survey on the nutritional health & socio-economic status... -- 1983
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View the documentHynes -- The issue of “trust” or “mistrust” in research... -- 2003
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View the documentUNHCR Afghanistan in the … ... -- 2000
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View the documentWorkshop on the Afghan refugees health programme, 19-20-21... -- 1985
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View the documentبازگشت : اطلاعات تازه / اداره کمیشنری عالی...
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View the documentستنیدنه : تازه معلومات / دکډوالو په چاروکی...
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