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View the documentAccelerating Sustainable Agriculture Program (ASAP) : Mazar Foods... -- 2008
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View the documentAccelerating Sustainable Agriculture Program (ASAP) : program-wide environmental... -- 2008
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View the documentAccelerating Sustainable Agriculture Program (ASAP). -- 2008?
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View the documentiMMAP. -- Afghanistan : Local civilian population targeted... -- 2014
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View the documentAfghanistan Small and Medium Enterprise Development (ASMED) :... -- 2007
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View the documentiMMAP. -- Afghanistan : Badakhshan province – regional... -- 2014
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View the documentiMMAP. -- Afghanistan : IMC covered health facilities and... -- 2014
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View the documentiMMAP -- Afghanistan : Sari Pul Province, sair pul... -- 2014
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View the documentAfghanistan Information Management Systems (AIMS). -- Afghanistan : administrative divisions with province centers... -- 2007
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View the documentAfghanistan accelerating Sustainable Agriculture Program (ASAP) : Pesticide... -- 2008
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View the documentAfghanistan. Laws, statutes, etc. 1977. Civil law of the... -- 2006
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View the documentAfghanistan. Laws, statutes, etc. Shiite personal status law.... -- 2009
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View the documentAmendment number sixteen to the strategic objective grant... -- 2009
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View the documentWalsh -- An information management and organizational plan for the... -- 2009
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View the documentAssessing the coal resources of Afghanistan / U.... -- 2005
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View the documentBowersox -- Assessment of Afghanistan gemstone industry : final report...
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View the documentAssessment of small and mini hydropower stations :... -- 2006
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View the documentAudit of funds earmarked by Congress to provide... -- 2005
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View the documentMafizul Islam -- Bamiyan-Dushi road socio-economic baseline study final report /... -- 2009
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View the documentDavis -- Calibrated Landsat ETM+ nonthermal-band image mosaics of Afghanistan... -- 2006
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View the documentSayeed -- Community leadership assessment report / this report was... -- 2006
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View the documentStanfield -- Description of procedures for producing legal deeds to... -- 2005
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View the documentJohnston -- Economic analysis of net returns to opium poppy,... -- 2008
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View the documentEconomic growth updates / USAID Afghanistan.
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View the documentSnee -- Emerald deposits of the Panjsher Valley, Afghanistan :... --
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View the documentEvaluation of performance based grants program in Afghanistan. -- 2008
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View the documentErasmus -- Evaluation of the refresher training program / this... -- 2006
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View the documentExisting transmission lines of Afghanistan -- 2008
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View the documentFact sheet … province / USAID... -- 2008
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View the documentFormative research for civic education programs on elections... -- 2005
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View the documentHyder -- GMP and HECCP
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View the documentWhitney -- Geology, water, and wind in the lower Helmand... -- 2006
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View the documentIncreasing community participation in health services : a... -- 2004
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View the documentSigal -- Internews network, final report : building independent media...
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View the documentKabul urbanization and development challenges : a... -- 2011
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View the documentDavis -- Landsat ETM+ false-color image mosaics of Afghanistan /... -- 2007
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View the documentGebremedhin -- Legal issues in Afghanistan land titling and registration... -- 2005
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View the documentGebremedhin -- Legal issues pertaining to land titling and registration... -- 2006
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View the documentHamilton -- Legislative process in Afghanistan / prepared by Mark... -- 2007
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View the documentHamilton -- Legislative process in Afghanistan / prepared by Mark... -- 2007
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View the documentLegislative session summary.
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View the documentLoan study report : Kajakai project, Afghanistan /... -- 1967
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View the documentAustin -- Local Governance and Community Development Programme (LGCD) evaluation... -- 2009
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View the documentMCH program description : Afghanistan. Maternal and child... -- 2008
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View the documentMicro-hydro power in Afghanistan : an audit, lessons... -- 2006
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View the documentMicrofinance for Afghanistan’s agricultural sector / Rebuilding Agricultural... -- 2005
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View the documentNational radio frequency survey / Internews, USAID.
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View the documentEstrada -- Perennial horticulture in eastern Afghanistan : subsector overview... -- 2005
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View the documentGebremedhin -- Preliminary assessment of informal settlements in Kabul city... -- 2005
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View the documentPrivate sector needs assessment : USAID... -- 2004
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View the documentPrivatization of state-owned enterprises / Ministry... --
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View the documentPrivatization of veterinary services in Afghanistan : development... -- 2006
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View the documentQuarterly report : quarterly technical report / Afghanistan...
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View the documentRebuilding Afghanistan : food for work :... -- 1994
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View the documentRural Expansion of Afghanistan’s Community-Based Healthcare project ... -- 2004
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View the documentDewey -- Seismicity of Afghanistan and vicinity / edited by... -- 2006
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View the documentStrategic plan for education (2005-2010) / USAID/Afghanistan. -- 2004
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View the documentMin -- Strengthening the Provincial Ministry of Public Health :... -- 2006
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View the documentSurvey of Afghanistan’s leadership : mental modalities and... -- 2005
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View the documentThe technical and ecnomoic feasibility of development of... -- 2006
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View the documentTraining courses on “Effective governance and management “...
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View the documentTraining needs assessment for Ministry of Energy and... -- 2006
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View the documentDupree -- USAID and social scientists discuss Afghanistan’s development prospects...
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View the documentUSAID assistance to Afghanistan 2002-2008. -- 2008
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View the documentUSAID country health statistical report : Afghanistan /...
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View the documentUSAID overview : briefing to ISAF Joint Command,... -- 2010
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View the documentBrown -- USAID rural development projects in Helmand Province, Afghanistan,... -- 2010
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View the documentUSAID/Afghanistan Alternative Livelihoods Project (ALP) / Chemonics. --
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View the documentSoloway -- USAID’s assistance to the media sector in Afghanistan... -- 2005
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View the documentVining -- Water-balance simulations of runoff and reservoir storage for... -- 2007
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View the documentWhite paper on tenure security and community based...
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View the documentافغانستان. دافغانستان درسمی جریدی : له 1-900 ګڼی... -- 2006]
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View the documentکینزیک، باربارا. -- مراقبت های اساسی مادر ونوزاد : یک راهنما... -- 2005
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View the documentهامیلتون، مارک. -- پروسه قانون گذاری در افغانستان / تهیه شده... --
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