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Title [Papers from the] International Security Assistance Force PRT conference, 10-11 September 2008.

Imprint [Kabul] : Headquarters, International Security Assistance Force (ISAF), 2008.
Physical Description 2 v. (various pagings) ; 30 cm. + cd
Notes Contents: [01] Afghanistan National Development Strategy (ANDS), v. 1 [not printed out]—[02] Executive summary of ANDS [not printed out]—[03] PDP [Provincial Development Plan] ARD [Agriculture and Rural Development] sector projects after consultations between the responsible line ministries and provincial representatives (16 p.)—[04] Provincial and ministerial consultations on Provincial Development Plans (PDPs) : March 1st-9th 2008, Kabul, Afghanistan (13 p.)—[05] PDP health sector projects after consultations between the responsible line ministries and provincial representatives (10 p.)—[06] PDP road sector projects after …. (7 p.)—PRTs: [07] Lines of operation PRTMEY [?] (6 p.)—[08] Water in Logar Province / Czech PRT, Logar Province, Afghanistan ; Petr Kavka (10 p.)—[09] Guidelines for the interaction and coordination of humanitarian actors and military actors in Afghanistan : version 1.1 (01 September 2008) (17 p.)—[10] Coordination of emergency operations (19 p.)—[11] Civil-military guidelines & reference for complex emergencies / UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (New York, 2008) (91 p.)—[12] UNAMA regional division [map]—[13] Guidelines on the use of military and civil defence assets in disaster (34 p.)—[14] Prison reform : achieving the goals of the Afghan compact (1 p.)—[15] PRT Executive Steering Committee Policy note number 3 : “PRT coordination and intervention in humanitarian assistance” (3 p.)—[16] PRT Executive steering Committee policy note 2 : “PRT engagement in DIAG” (2 p.)—[17] PRT Executive Steering Committee policy note number 1 : “PRT engagement in provincial development” (2 p.)—[18] PRTs : how can you help your local prison?—[19] Guidelines on the use of military and civil defence assets to support United Nations humanitarian activities in complex emergencies (March 2003) (21 p.)—[20] [UN] acronyms (5 p.)—[21] Security Council resolution 1806 (2008) S/RES/1806/(2008) (7 p.)—[22] UNAMA regional and provincial offices, as of May 2008 [map] (1 p.)—[23] Afghanistan UN country team (as of 14 July 2008) (1 p.)—[24] Development programmes and humanitarian activities of the UN country team (UNAMA and UN Agencies, funds and programmes) in Afghanistan, July 2007 [map] (1 p.)—[25] Offices of the UN country team (UNAMA and UN agencies, funds and programmes) in Afghanistaly, July 2007 [map] (1 p.)—[26] Guidance to PRTs and other military units on the humanitarian response system in Afghanistan (3 p.)—[27] IDP [Internally Displaced Persons in Afghanistan] / UNHCR (September 2008) (2 p.)—[28] Land allocation scheme [in Afghanistan] / UNHCR (2 p.)—[29] Protection / UNHCR (September 2008) (2 p.)—[30] Assisted voluntary repatriation to Afghanistan, return by province of destination (02 Mar [20]02-31 Jul [20]08 [map] (1 p.)—[30] Shelter / UNHCR (September 2008) (2 p.)—[31] UNHCR Afghanistan at a glance (7 Sep 2008) (3 p.)—[32] Voluntary repatriation / UNHCR (September 2008) (2 p.)—[33] Water / UNHCR (September 2008) (2 p.)—[34] Winterization assistance discussion paper and proposal : lessons learned and ways forward : external / UNHCR Sub Office Kabul (10 June 2008) (9 p.)—[35] USAID Afghanistan …. Programme [one page summaries of USAID projects completed and on-going with implementing partner printed for each province] (31 July 2008] (35 p.)—[36] USAID … [summary sheets on Alternative Development and Agriculture, Democracy and governance, Provincial Reconstruction Teams, Infrastructure]—[37] Fact sheet / USAID [summaries for each province of USAID activities]—[38] USAID Afghanistan country profile (2 p.)—[39] USAID Afghanistan [PowerPoint briefing] (16 p.)—[40] Civil-Military Fusion Center (CFC), Civil-Military Overview (CMO) (PowerPoint overheads) (11 p.)—[41] US Department of Defense, Detachment Bagram, Briefing for PRT commanders, 08 September 2008 (8 p.)—[42] International Security Assistance Force [ISAF] [map] (10 June 2008) (2 p.).
Subject Headings Provincial Reconstruction Teams (PRTs) – Congresses.
Military assistance – Afghanistan – Evaluation.
Economic assistance – Afghanistan.
International relief – Afghanistan – Evaluation.
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