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Central Asia caspian sea basin region after the... -- 2014

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Title Central Asia caspian sea basin region after the withdrawal of US and NATO troops from Afghanistan.
Imprint 2014.
Physical Description p. 54-60 ; 30 cm.
Notes summary of a roundtable discussion (November 2013)” (2014), American foreign policy interests 36: 54-60.
“Concern has been growing that, in light of the major U.S. policy decision to withdraw from Afghanistan in 2014, U.S. interests and foreign policy in Central Asia and the Caspian Sea Basin Region are in danger of falling between the stools through a combination of shifting priorities, diminishing resources, and Central Asia ‘fatigue.’ As a result, the National Committee on American Foreign Policy conducted a roundtable to address the following three questions: Why is the region important to U.S. strategic interests, why is it necessary for the United States to maintain a presence in the region, and what would be the consequences if the United States walks away? The report explains the importance of U.S. strategic interests in the region and sets forth specific policy recommendations.”—(Abstract).
Subject Headings National security – Asia, Central.
Asia, Central – Strategic aspects.
Asia, Central – Politics and government – 2001- – Congresses.

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