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close this bookEnergy and Protein requirements, Proceedings of an IDECG workshop, November 1994, London, UK, Supplement of the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition (International Dietary Energy Consultative Group - IDECG, 1994, 198 pages)
close this folderReport of the working group on energy requirements of older individuals
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Recommendations on requirements

1. Equations to predict BMR from weight or weight and height should be revised to include recently available data and to divide the older population into three age ranges. The ranges 65-75, 76-85 and 86 + years are suggested.

2. Recommendations on expected energy requirements (expressed in the PAL system) should be integrated into a PAL system appropriate for adults of all ages.

3. It is expected that the range of healthy PALs in the older population (defined as >65 years) is 1.5-1.8. Limitations in the availability of valid TEE data in the older population currently prevent specific recommendations on typical PALs in relation to age. However, it was agreed that in general PALs will decrease with increasing age over 65 years, that older men can be expected to have somewhat higher energy requirements than older women (because of a lower proportion of fat) and that individuals with high levels of physical activity will have higher values for PAL than individuals with low physical activity. The lower end of the recommended range for PAL, 1.5 units, does not represent the minimum expected level of energy requirements in the older population but rather the lower limit thought to be compatible with levels of physical activity required to prevent accelerated changes in muscle and bone. It is recommended that older individuals be sufficiently physically active to at least meet a PAL level of 1.5. Older individuals who are extremely sedentary may have undesirably low requirements down to 1.4 PAL.

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