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View the documentEffects of iron supplementation on iron nutrition status and cognitive functions in children
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Open this folder and view contentsAnaemia in central Asia: Demographic and health survey experience
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View the documentThe Iraqi national nutrition survey: Correlation between various anthropometric measurements as indicators of severity of malnutrition
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Open this folder and view contentsConcurrent prevalence of chronic energy deficiency and obesity among women in Purworejo, central Java, Indonesia
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Open this folder and view contentsEnergy and protein intake and nutritional status of primary schoolchildren 5 to 10 years of age in schools with and without feeding programmes in Nyambene district, Kenya
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Open this folder and view contentsThe Helen Keller international food-frequency method underestimates vitamin A intake where sustained breastfeeding is common
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Open this folder and view contentsVirtual elimination of iodine-deficiency disorders achieved in nine counties of Jiangsu province, China
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