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close this bookFood and Nutrition Bulletin Volume 01, Number 2, 1979 (UNU, 1979, 48 pages)
View the documentGrain legumes: Processing and storage problems
View the documentUse of organic residues in aquaculture
View the documentSolid fermentation of starchy substrates
View the documentProtein-energy requirements under conditions prevailing in developing countries: Current knowledge and research needs
View the documentPossible actions by governments to improve human nutrition
View the documentFood, nutrition, and agriculture policy in West Africa: A new orientation
View the documentInteraction between agriculture, food science and technology, and nutrition
View the documentWorkshop in the state of the art of bioconversion of organic residues for rural communities
View the documentThe role of women in meeting food and nutritional needs
View the documentTechnology transfer to develop food and agricultural products, conservation, and processing industries
View the documentPost-harvest food losses in developing countries: A new study
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View the documentAssociated institutions and co-ordinators
View the documentAdvisers to the world hunger programme