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close this folder3. Technology and human rights: critical implications for Thailand
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Appendix 1

The following is a list of projects on science and technology, identified in the current planning of the Ministry of Science, Technology, and Energy (1990):

1. Study of improvements concerning the structure of the ministry.
2. Preparation of long-term plan on science and technology
3. Establishment of national committee on science and technology.
4. Drafting of law to develop science and technology.
5. Development of the ministry's potential in planning, administration, and operation.
6. Activities concerning analysis and evaluation of technology.
7. Development of the Thailand Institute of Scientific and Technological Research.
8. Development of service personnel in science and technology.
9. Development of engineering.
10. Development of electronics and computers.
11. Development of technology and materials.
12. Remote sensing.
13. Setting up of factories for mineral transformation.
14. Research on rockets.
15. Development of nuclear substance.
16. Research on science and nuclear technology.
17. Development of the National Research Council.
18. Technology transfer for the automobile industry.
19. Nuclear technology transfer.
20. Establishment of committee on technology transfer.
21. Cooperative activities with other countries on science and technology.
22. Promotion of technology transfer through the private sector.
23. Planning for cooperation with other countries on technology transfer.
24. Development of laboratories.
25. Development of information centre on science and technology.
26. Development of indices on science and technology.
27. Setting up of revolving fund for research on science and technology.
28. Support for scientific and technological associations.
29. Establishment of joint private and public sector committee on science and technology.
30. Activities to raise funds for research.
31. Development of robots.
32. Pooling of resources for science and technology.
33. Dissemination of knowledge on science and technology.

Apart from these projects, there are many others falling under different sectors such as environment, rural development, and urbanization.