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close this bookThe Impact of Technology on Human Rights: Global Case-studies (UNU, 1993, 322 pages)
close this folder4. Human rights and technological development: Eastern Europe and Poland
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Preface: objective and methodology of the project

This project aims at finding relationships between human rights and technological progress in East European countries (with special reference to Poland). An attempt has been made to find out whether this relationship is positive or negative, i.e. whether technological progress violates human rights or is compatible with them, as well as whether human rights stimulate or hamper technological progress. The study also tries to establish which of the two is a determinative factor: i.e. is it human rights that determine technological progress or vice versa - or is this a two-way relationship?

The study concentrates on these relationships in the form that existed in the past and on crucial changes in this field taking place at present. Owing to the significance and pace of these changes, scope for the prognostic part has been rather limited.

The study should be seen as a pioneer work, as no research of this kind has been conducted in Eastern Europe before and had to be undertaken from scratch. The project was worked on by seven research groups consisting of lawyers, economists, and sociologists, both theorists and practitioners. They decided to compare legislation in force in Poland with actual situations pertaining to particular technologies. Special attention was given to two major industrial centres (Cracow and Lódz), as well as to traditional technologies (steel and textiles) and new technologies (nuclear energy and telecommunications).