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Peace: Not truce at the brink of war

One of the major precepts of the new political thinking is exactly the idea that - under the conditions of confrontation - it is impossible to provide any reliable guarantee for coexistence. The peace that would prevail would, at best, be a truce at the brink of war. The prospects for a true coexistence of different social systems can only be peaceful - there exists no other alternative. And it is evident that such an interpretation of peaceful coexistence is incompatible with its description as a form of class struggle.

That is precisely why the new political thinking renounces the transfer of class antagonisms, and the principles of political and ideological confrontation, into the area of foreign policy. It insists that inter-state relations be de-ideologized.

On such a platform, I believe it would be possible to unite the representatives of a great number of different classes and advocates of various ideological and political schools. The object of the new thinking could thus be seen as striving to arrive at a common denominator, which would serve to unite a range of ethnic, social and class groups in the cause of promoting values that are common to all human civilization.