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close this bookManaging Water for Peace in the Middle East: Alternative Strategies (UNU, 1995, 309 pages)
close this folder2. Review studies on arid-zone hydrology and water-resources development and management
View the document2.1 The arid zone in global atmospheric circulation water resources
View the document2.2 The Tigris and Euphrates Rivers
View the document2.3 The Indus River
View the document2.4 The Nile River
View the document2.5 The Jordan River
View the document2.6 The Colorado River
View the document2.7 Non-renewable groundwater development in the Middle East
View the document2.8 Brackish-groundwater reverse-osmosis desalination in Bahrain
View the document2.9 Seawater desalination in the Arabian Gulf countries
View the document2.10 Groundwater-hydro development in Chile and Libya
View the document2.11 Mediterranean-Qattara solar-hydro and pumped-storage development
View the document2.12 Concluding remarks