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IUNS news

The list of officers and committees of the International Union of Nutritional Sciences (IUNS), published in preliminary form in the Food and Nutrition Bulletin, vol. 5, no. 1 (Feb. 1983), has now been published as the IUNS Directory 1982-1986, and is available from the Secretary General, Dorothy F. Hollingsworth, c/o Institute of Biology, 20 Queensberry Place, London SW7 2DZ, UK.

Since the publication in the Bulletin, the following changes have occurred: - A new committee on the History of Nutrition has been instituted in Committee II as 11/13 under the chairmanship of Dr. W. J. Darby. Its first charge is to compile a history of the first 40 years of IUNS for distribution at the Thirteenth International Congress of Nutrition in 1985. The membership of the committee has yet to be determined. - Dr. G. Solimano has resigned as IUNS liaison representative to UNICEF headquarters, New York. The new representative is Dr. L. J. Teply.

Affiliated Bodies-Changes of Address

Federation of European Nutrition Societies
Dr. A. A. Berat, Secretary
Laboratoire de Physiologie de la Nutrition
78350 Jouy en Josas, France

International Committee for Dietetic Associations
Miss Eleanor Sortome, Executive Director
The Canadian Dietetic Association
385 Yonge Street, Suite 304
Toronto, Canada M5B 1S1

Latin American Society of Nutrition
Dr. Alfred Lam-Sanchez, President
c/o School of Agricultural and Veterinary Sciences
State University of Sao Paulo
14.807-Jabotical-Sao Paulo, Brazil

IUNS Publications

The following publications have appeared since the issuance of the IUNS Directory 1982-1986:

A7 1978
"Notes on Workshop on Nutrition Education for Medical and Other Health Sciences," held by Commission v in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 27 Aug. - 1 Sept. 1978, during the Eleventh Congress 8 pp., photocopied.

B47 1982 IV/4B.
"The Biology of Parasitic infection: Workshop of Interactions of Nutrition and Parasitic Diseases." Report of international symposium held in Bellagio, Italy, 27 Sept. - 1 Oct. 1980. Reviews of Infectious Diseases, 4: 735-911 (1982).*

B48 1983 V/1 and V/14.
"Training in Clinical Nutrition: Under graduate and Postgraduate."' Mark L. Wahlquist and Bjorn Isaksson. 12 pp., photocopied: to he published.

B49 1983 v/1
"A Survey about Nutrition Teaching in the Schools of Pharmacy of Latin America," Report of IUNS Working Group 2,5ubgroup for Latin America, Chairman, María E. Río. 9 pp., photocopied.

R50 1983 II/-.
"Methodologies for the Evaluation of Nutrition Programmes," Report of a seminar held by IUNS Working Group 3 in Brasilia, Brazil, 1982. Walter J. Santos. 2 pp., photocopied.

C42 1982
Proceedings of the First Asian Household Nutrition Appropriate Technology Conference, held in Colombo, Sri Lanka, 1217 July 1981, sponsored by the Ministry of Colombo Hospitals and Family Health, IUNS, USAID, UNICEF, and INCS Ed Ron Israel. Project AID/DSAN-C-0209, USAID, Washington, D.C., USA, 1981.249 pp. Food and Nutrition (FAO), 8(21; 59 (1982)

C43 1983
"Nutrition Education: The Work of IUNS" Paper presented by D. P. Hollingsworth to the New Developments in Nutrition Education International Conference of the University of London Institute of Education. 14 pp., photocopied; to be published.

C44 1983

"Prespectives and Recommendations." Report from the International Conference on Chemistry and World Food Supplies: The New Frontiers (CHEMRAWN 11), held in Manila, Philippines, 7-10 Dec. 1982 (IUNS affiliate sponsor). Ed. Gordon Bixler and L. W. Shemilt. To be published by the International Rice Research Institute, Los Baños, Philippines.

C45 1983
Chemistry and World Food Supplies: The New frontiers (CHEMRAWN II). Proceedings of the International Conference on Chemistry and World Food Supplies, Manila, Philippines, 6-10 Dec. 1982. Ed. L. W. Shemilt. Pergamon Press, New York, 1983.600 pp. Hardcover US$120, flexicover US$70.