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AK Draper
J van der Pols
PS Shetty
JVGA Durnin*

Human Nutrition Unit
Department of Public Health and Policy
London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine
*Department of Human Nutrition
University of Glasgow

© London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine 1997
PHP Departmental Publication No. 26
Series Editor: Tamsin Kelk
ISSN: 0962-6115

Public Health and Policy Publications

This series of publications is produced by the Department of Public Health and Policy, in the
London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. Previous publications in the series which are currently available are:


Slum improvement: health improvement? (Stephens & Harpham 1991)


Economic aspects of AIDS and HIV infection in the UK (Gray 1991)


Socioeconomic aspects of HIV and AIDS in developing countries (Foster & Lucas 1991)


The mystique of markets: public & private health care in developing countries (Bennett 1991)


Smoking cessation interventions: is patient education effective? (Sanders 1992)


Health and social services manpower in the UK: a review of research 1986-1992 (Phillips, Gray, Hermand & Normand 1992)


Implementing the Bamako Initiative in Africa (McPake, Hanson & Mills 1992)


A competitive market for postgraduate education (Thompson & Normand 1994) Report prepared for Subgroup 1 of the Working Group on the Funding of Medical e Dental Training Grades


Diet and poverty in the UK. Contemporary research methods and current experience (Dowler & Rushton 1994)


Health care markets for export? Lessons for developing countries from European and American experience (Broomberg 1994)


Hospital clinical pharmacy research in the UK: a review and annotated bibliography (Cotter, McKee & Barber 1995)


User fees at government health services: is equity being considered? (Russell & Gilson 1995)


Post-conflict rehabilitation: preliminary issues for consideration by the health sector (Macrae, Zwi & Forsythe 1995) Conflict & Health Series No. 2


Best buy for stroke. Proceedings of a seminar for purchasers (editors S Law & J Mant 1995)


Rural health insurance: a viable alternative to user fees? (review of schemes in Burundi, Guinea Bissau and proposed scheme in Ghana) (Arhin 1995)


The treatment of depression: evaluation & cost-effectiveness (Hotopf, Lewis & Normand 1996)


Systematic review of the literature on the effectiveness of surgery for stress incontinence in women (Downs & Black 1996)


Institutional and economic perspectives on government capacity to assume new roles in the health sector: a review of experience (Bennett, Russell & Mills 1996)


Systematic review of surgical procedures in hospital admission rates (McPherson, Downing & Buirski 1996)


Private practitioners and public health: close the gap or increase the distance? (Swan & Zwi 1997)


Journeying to agathotopia. Scope for opportunism and altruism in reformed health sectors (Roberts 1997)

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