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close this bookAgricultural Expansion and Pioneer Settlements in the Humid Tropics (UNU, 1988, 305 pages)
close this folder16. Organized settlement on the Amazon frontier: The Caquetá project in Colombia
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Frontier management technology

As awareness of the environmental impact begins to consolidate in the area today, pressure for implementing new settlements continues. However, both government officials and the community are re-evaluating the livestock production model. The area has since attained statehood, a local university was created a few years ago, and there is growing concern with the environmental issues and related natural phenomena. There is a growing demand for new local research and technology oriented towards encompassing the conservation issue and making production a part of it. Unfortunately, research in this field has been limited, and whatever technology is available has been developed for the more stable and fertile tropical forest soils of the Caribbean basin.

There is one accomplishment, though, and that is that the community has agreed to organize and manage those areas that, because of their special characteristics, are of a clear social interest; these areas are the natural lakes, watering holes and small streams, and the special hunting areas. INCORA is revising its rules so that these areas are not granted individual titles.

If this new approach to the management and conservation of natural resources is reinforced with the introduction of compatible agro-forestry production models, of which rubber production seems to be one of the more feasible, then perhaps the original objective of pioneer stabilization (economic and social) will be attained.