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close this bookFood and Nutrition Bulletin Volume 05, Number 2, 1983 (UNU, 1983, 104 pages)
View the documentEditorial - INFOODS, the International Food Data Systems Project
close this folderHunger, health, and society
View the documentNutrition intervention and evaluation: A call for reflection-in-action
close this folderHunger, technology, and society
View the documentPreparation of weaning foods with high nutrient density using flour of germinated cereals
close this folderINFOODS
View the documentInternational network of food data systems (INFOODS): Report of a small international planning conference
View the documentUser requirements for data bases and applications in nutrition research
View the documentAvailability of and needs for reliable analytical methods for the assay of foods
View the documentUse of food composition data by governments
View the documentUses of nutrient data bases for identifying nutritional relationships to public health and nutrition education in the united states
View the documentThe state of food composition data: an overview with some suggestions
View the documentThe data required for a food data system
close this folderRevised PAG guideline
View the documentPAG/UNU revised guideline no. 7: Human testing of novel foods
View the documentInventory of advanced training programmes in human nutrition science
close this folderNews and notes
View the documentReport of a workshop on interactions of nutrition and parasitic diseases
View the documentReport of a workshop on nutrition and the development of the child
View the documentNew journal
View the documentAbstracts of selected current articles in food and nutrition
View the documentUNU sub-programme on food, nutrition, and poverty