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close this bookThe Impact of Economic Development on Rural Women in China (UNU, 1993, 85 pages)
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Appendix 1. General survey form


Village____ Township___ County___

I. Information on subject (women over 17 years old)


Date of birth: Month___ Year___

Place of birth:

Village___ Township___ County____ Province___ Educational level___

Marital status___

Present address:___

Village___ Township___ County___ Province___
Occupation___ Main profession___

II. Information about members of subject's family

Relationship to subject


Education level


Main profession


Family size: Total___ Women___ Men___
Type of family production___
Family income in 1985: Total___ yuan RMB Net___ yuan RMB

Date of completion of form:
Day___ Month___ Year___