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We would like to thank Dr Judy McGuire and Dr Nancy Pielemeier of the Office of Policy and Program Co-ordination of USAID for their assistance, including substantial intellectual input and funding of the original conference.

Dr Stanley Gershoff, Dean of the Tufts University School of Nutrition, was instrumental in funding the activities needed to prepare these papers for publication. Dr Nevin Scrimshaw of the United Nations University arranged for the publication of the volume. Lisa Miller ably co-ordinated the conference at which these papers were first presented. Finally, we wish to express thanks to the people who participated in the conference (listed on page 203), and whose thoughtful comments and insights provided the basis for much of the thinking reflected in this book.

Beatrice Lorge Rogers and
Nina P. Schlossman,
Medford, Massachusetts

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This volume arises from the interest of the United Nations University in research contributing to the understanding and support of the central role of women in maintaining household nutrition and health under conditions of poverty. It constitutes a part of the University's Nutrition and Primary Health Care Project, and is based on a workshop funded by USAID that focused on the practical application of methodologies from the disciplines of anthropology, economics, and psychology to the analysis of household resource distribution issues. The objective was information that will help to avoid negative consequences and promote positive effects of development programmes. The book discusses not only measurement of intra-household food and health related behaviours, but also of how the household responds to economic and social changes and interventions.