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View the documentAppendix A: agenda of the United Nations University-university of Khartoum workshop on arid lands management
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View the documentAppendix C: draft statutes, institute of environmental studies, university of Khartoum
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View the documentAppendix E: selected list of books and monographs published by the central arid zone research institute, Jodhpur, India
View the documentAppendix F: content of training programmes in arid lands management proposed by the university of New South Wales, Kensington, Australia
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View the documentAppendix H:course outline in training for arid lands management proposed by H-U.Thimm

Appendix A: agenda of the United Nations University-university of Khartoum workshop on arid lands management

22 - 26 October 1978

Sunday, 22 October
8:30 - 10:30 a.m. Opening ceremony, Friendship Hall

Professor Ali Fadl, Vice Chancellor, University of Khartoum
1. Opening Speech: Dr. Bashir Abbadi, Minister for Transport and Communications and Chairman of the Khartoum University Council, on behalf of President Nimeiri
2. Introduction: Professor Walther Manshard, Vice-Rector, Programme on the Use and Management of Natural Resources, United Nations University
3.Professor M.D. Al-Khalifa, Dean, Faculty of Science and Chairman of the Institute of Environmental Studies, University of Khartoum

11 a.m. - 1 p.m. Working session, Staff Room, Faculty of Arts, University of Khartoum

Chairman: Professor W. Manshard  
  1. UNU Arid Lands Sub-programme: Professor J.A. Mabbutt, Programme Co- ordinator
  2. Higher Education in the Sudan: Professor M.O. Beshir, Dean, Graduate College, University of Khartoum

5 - 7 p.m. Arid lands management in the Sudan

Chairman: Professor M.O. Beshir
1. Dr. S. Rashid
2. Dr. A. Darrag
3. Professor A. Rapp, Lund University, Sweden and Professor H. Mensching, University of Hamburg, Federal Republic of Germany
Report of the United Nations University Evaluation Mission to the Sudan

Monday, 23 October
8:30 - 10:30 a.m. Assessment studies

Professor Yusuf Fadl Hasan  
1. Dr. Douglas L. Johnson,
Clark University, USA
Management Strategies for Drylands: Available
Options and Unanswered Questions
2. M.M. Khogali,
Department of Geography,
University of Khartoum
Nomads and Their Sedentarization in the Sudan
3. Dr. Ibrahim Alam al-Din  
4. Dr. Sharaf el-Din Bannaga, Water-Health Relationships in el-Obeid Town: An Example from Urban
Khartoum Polytechnic Semi-arid Areas, Western Sudan
5. Dr. M.A. el-Rasheed,
Department of Forestry,
University of Khartoum
Soil Conservation and Land Reclamation in the Sudan

Professor H. Mensching  
1. Dr. Salih A. el-Arifi,
Department of Geography,
University of Khartoum
Some Aspects of Local Government and
Environmental Management in the Sudan
2. Dr. Yagoub Abdalla Mohammed,
Department of Geography, University of Khartoum
Impact of Improved Rural Water
Supplies on Settlement Distribution
in Western Sudan: The Case of East Kordafan and el-Fasher Districts
3. Professor H-U. Thimm,
Justus-Liebig University,
Giessen, Federal Republic of
Socio-Economic Assessment of Agricultural Development Projects in
the Sudan

5 - 8 p.m. Network and other institutional arrangements



Professor M.D. el-Khalifa  
1. Dr. G. Karrar,
Desertification to the
Desertification Secretariat, United Nations Environment Programme

2. Dr. J.H. Davies,
University College,
Department of Geography,
University College,

3. Professor J. Gallais,
Countries of
Laboratoire de Recherches sur
les Regions Seches,
Rouen University, France

4. Dr. H.S. Mann,
Central Arid Zone Research
Jodhpur, India

5. Professor J.A. Mabbutt,
School of Geography,
University of New South
University of New South Wales
Kensington Australia

Relevance of the UN Plan to Combat
Khartoum Workshop on Arid Lands Management

Proposed Joint Research Project between
Swansea, and the University of Khartoum under the United
Nations University Arid Lands Sub-programme Swansea, Wales

Report on Geographical Research in Francophone
Western and Central Sahel
The Central Arid Zone Research institute,
Jodhpur, India, and Its
Relevance to the United Nations University
Network in Africa
Proposed Training Programmes in Arid Lands
Management at the
Wales, Australia

Tuesday, 24 October
6:30 a.m. Field trip to Gezira and Rahad Schemes

Breakfast at the Gezira University Lunch at Rahad Scheme Return to Khartoum about 9 p.m.

Wednesday, 25 October
9 a.m. - 1 p.m. Working groups

Group A: Research projects Leader: Dr. Randall Baker
Group B: Training Leader: Dr. G. Karrar

5 - 8 p.m. Plenary session
Chairman: Professor J. A. Mabbutt
Report of the working groups
Approval of workshop reports
Vote of Thanks: M.M. Khogali