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close this bookIdentification of Food Components for INFOODS Data Interchange (UNU, 1989, 165 pages)
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This document could not have been prepared without the comments, criticisms, and suggestions of the many reviewers of draft versions. The following made especially significant comments, and their contributions are gratefully acknowledged: Lenore Arab, Wulf Becker, Lena Bergström, Ake Bruce, Doris Calloway, Michael Deutsch, Max Feinberg, Brucy Gray, Denise Heintze, Frank Hepburn, Bridie Holland, Martijn Katan, Anders Møller, Suzanne Murphy, Jean Pennington, Betty Perloff, Wanda Polacchi, William Rand, Nancy Rawson, Lembitu Reio, Dave Roberts, Roselyn Romberg, Nevin Scrimshaw, Ian Unwin, Pam Verdier, and Robert Weisell. The authors also wish to express their appreciation to James E. Ricketson and Denise Heintze for their exceptional efforts in final editing and formatting of the text. The authors of course are responsible for any remaining errors or omissions.