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close this bookProceedings of the Khartoum Workshop on Arid Lands Management (UNU, 1979, 96 pages)
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View the documentAppendix A: agenda of the United Nations University-university of Khartoum workshop on arid lands management
View the documentAppendix B: workshop participants
View the documentAppendix C: draft statutes, institute of environmental studies, university of Khartoum
View the documentAppendix D: syllabus details for proposed M.Sc. programmes in environmental studies at the university of Khartoum
View the documentAppendix E: selected list of books and monographs published by the central arid zone research institute, Jodhpur, India
View the documentAppendix F: content of training programmes in arid lands management proposed by the university of New South Wales, Kensington, Australia
View the documentAppendix G: information on the research centre on development in tropical dry areas, university of Rouen, France
View the documentAppendix H:course outline in training for arid lands management proposed by H-U.Thimm

Appendix E: selected list of books and monographs published by the central arid zone research institute, Jodhpur, India


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