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Improvement of nutritional quality of cereal and food legumes by breeding

Two recent publications that merit the attention of food and agricultural scientists concerned with improvement of cereal and food legume crops are the following.

Nutritional Standards and Methods of Evaluation for Food Legume Breeders. Prepared by the International Working Group on Nutrition Standards and Methods for Evaluation for Food Legume Breeders. J.H. Hulse, K.O. Rachie, and L.W. Billingsley, 1977. IDRC-TS7e. available from: International Development Research Centre, Box 8500, Ottawa, Canada KlG-3H9.

Nutritional Evaluation of Cereal Mutants. Proceedings of an Advisory Group Meeting, Vienna, 26 - 30 July 1976, jointly organized by the Joint FAD/IAEA Division of Atomic Energy in Food and Agriculture, the Food Policy and Nutrition Division of FAO and the Gesellschaft für Strahlen und Umweltforschung. Publ. in 1977 by the International Atomic Energy Agency, P.O. Box 590, A- 1011 Vienna, Austria.

The IDRC document updates and enlarges earlier initiatives of the Protein-Calorie Advisory Group of the United Nations system which, on the basis of efforts by similar expert working groups, issued in 1973 PAG Statement 22, "Upgrading Human Nutrition Through the Improvement of Food Legumes", and in 1974, PAG Guideline No. 16, "Protein Methods for Cereal Breeders as Related to Hum an Nutritional Requirements".

The IDRC document is essentially a handbook featuring: (1) a discussion of the nutritional objectives to which legume breeders should give attention; (2) recommended physical and chemical methods of analysis; (3) recommended methods of biological evaluation; and (4) a series of related background papers written by various members of the working group.

The IAEA document reviews the work of the joint FAO/ IAEA programme to improve seed protein through the use of nuclear techniques, supported since 1969 by the Federal Republic of Germany. The report features a series of papers by various research workers dealing with factors affecting the nutritional quality of cereal grains, the potentials and limitations of breeding for nutritional improvement, and various methods useful for determining nutritional quality. The document concludes with recommendations for goals and methods useful to plant-breeders in achieving cereals of improved nutritional quality.