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close this bookEconomics of the Philippine Milkfish Resource System (UNU, 1982, 66 pages)
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View the documentAbstract
close this folderI. Introduction
View the document1. Purpose
View the document2. Overview of the resource system
View the document3. Methodologies
close this folderII.The procurement sub-system: fry gathering and distribution and fingerling rearing
View the document1. Introduction
View the document2. Fry-Gathering techniques
View the document3. The concession arrangement
View the document4. Distribution of fry
View the document5. Efficiency of the procurement sub-system
View the document6. Some implications of a milkfish hatchery
close this folderIII. The transformation sub-system: cultivation to market size in fishponds
View the document1. Overview
View the document2. The physical environment
View the document3. The socio-economic/cultural environment
View the document4. Tenure patterns
View the document5. Alternatives for increasing
View the document6. Size of operations
View the document7. Technique of production and average yields
View the document8. Input use
View the document9. Measures of efficiency
View the document10. Insignificant variables and measurement problems
close this folderIV. The transformation sub-system: cultivation to market size in fishpens
View the document1. Introduction
View the document2. Some efficiency measures
close this folderV. The delivery sub-system: marketing of milkfish
View the document1. Marketing practices and structure
View the document2. Marketing costs
View the document3. Prices and pricing efficiency
View the documentVI. Discussion and conclusion
View the documentAppendix: definition of terms
View the documentNotes and references
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