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List of abbreviations


Annuaire française de droit international


American Journal of International Law

Am. U.L. Rev.

American University Law Review

Ann. de l'Inst. de droit int'l

Annuaire de l'Institut de droit international


Code of Federal Regulations (United States)

Ch. Envt'l Mgmt.

Chinese Environmental Management

Ch. Leg. Sys. Nwspr.

China Legal System Newspaper

Ch. Y.B. Int'l L.

Chinese Yearbook of International Law

Den. J. Int'l L. & Pol'y

Denver Journal of International Law and Policy

Ecol. L.Q.

Ecology Law Quarterly

Env't J.

The Environment Journal

Env't Rep.

Environment Reporter (BNA)

Envt'l L.

Environmental Law

Envt'l L. & Pol'y J.

Environmental Law and Policy Journal

Envt'l Pol'y & L.

Environmental Policy and Law

Euro. J. Int'l L.

European Journal of International Law


Federal Reporter Second Edition (United States)

G.A. Res.

United Nations General Assembly Resolution

Gaz. St. Cnc'l Peo. Rep. Ch.

Gazette of the State Council of the People's Republic of China

Geo. Int'l Envt'l L. Rev.

Georgetown International Environmental Law Review

Harv. H.R.Y.B.

Harvard Human Rights Yearbook

Harv. Int'l L.J.

Harvard International Law Journal

Harv. L. Rev.

Harvard Law Review

Hou. J. Int'l L.

Houston Journal of International Law


Human Rights Law Journal


Human Rights Quarterly


International Court of Justice Reports


International Legal Materials


International Law Reports

Ind. J. Int'l L.

Indian Journal of International Law

Int'l & Compar. L.Q.

International and Comparative Law Quarterly

Int'l Env't Rep.

International Environment Reporter

Int'l Hrld. Trib.

International Herald Tribune

Int'l J.

International Journal

Int'l J. Refugee L.

International Journal of Refugee Law

Int'l L. & Politics

International Law and Politics

Int'l Prot. Env't

International Protection of the Environment

Int'l Soc. Sci. J.

International Social Science Journal

Mich. J. Int'l L.

Michigan Journal of International Law

Neth. Int'l L. Rev.

Netherlands International Law Review

N.Y. Times

New York Times

N.Y.U.J. Int'l L. & Pol'y

New York University Journal of Inter national Law and Policy

O.J. Eur. Comm.

Official Journal of the European Communities

Österch. Ztshrft. für öffntlchs. Recht und Vlkrcht.

Österreichische Zeitschrift für öffentliches Recht und Völkerrecht

Pace Envt'l L. Rev.

Pace Environmental Law Review

Phil. & Pub. Aff.

Philosophy and Public Affairs

Prologue: J. Am. Archvs.

Prologue: The Journal of the American Archives

R. Int'l Arb. Awards

United Nations Reports of International Arbitral Awards


Renmin Ribao (People's Daily, China)

R. 3rd For. Rel. L.U.S.

Restatement Third of the Foreign Relations Law of the United States

Rec. des cours de l'Ac. de droit int'l

Recueil des cours de l'Academie de droit international

Rev. des droits de l'hom.

Revue des droits de l'homme

Rev. Gen. de Droit Int. Public

Revue Generale de Droit International Public

Rivsta. Giur. dell'Amb

Rivista Giuridica dell'Ambiente

Rutgers L. Rev.

Rutgers Law Review

S.D.L. Rev.

South Dakota Law Review

So. Afr. J. Hum. Rts.

South African Journal of Human Rights

Soc. Theory & Prac.

Social Theory and Practice


United States Statutes at Large

Tex. Int'l L. J.

Texas International Law Journal


United States Treaties and Other International Acts Series

Tn. L. Rev.

Tennessee Law Review

T. S.

Treaty Series


United Nations General Assembly Official Record


United Nations Year Book


United States Code


United States Treaties


United States Treaty Series

Va. J. Int'l L.

Virginia Journal of International Law

Verfsg. und Rcht. in Übersee

Verfassung und Recht in Übersee

X. Gen. Oseas. Nws. Svc.

Xiahua General Overseas News Service

Y.B. Int'l L. Comm'n

Yearbook of the International Law Commission