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close this folderThe new world of computing: The sub-language paradigm
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View the document1. Prologue
View the document2. Obstacles to the development of the telephone-computer
View the document3. Sub-language: a new paradigm
View the document4. The implementation of sub-languages
View the document5. The creation and basing of sub-languages
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View the document7. All of the world's information
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1. Prologue

We are witnessing one of history's major technological events: the advance of the telephone-computer era. Over a number of years, we have directed our research toward the solution to the problems of this coming age. The results of this research are presented here. However, it is not enough to put down some concepts from which a solution may be implied. The solution therefore is also in the form of a fully implemented system that now exists as a commercial prototype ready for product development - the New World of Computing system.