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1. Paraphrased, compliments to Asimov, the three laws are: (1) no robot may harm a human being; (2) subject to the first law, no robot may permit harm to come to a human being; (3) subject to the first and second laws, no robot may permit harm to come to itself.

2. Review of the Multilateral Treaty-Making Process, UN Publication ST/LEG/SER.B/21, Sales No. E/F.83.V.8 (New York, 1985). See P.C. Szasz, "Reforming the Multilateral Treaty-Making Process: An Opportunity Missed?", International Law at a Time of Perplexity: Essays in Honour of Shabtai Rosenne (Y. Dirnstein, ea.. Martinus Nijhoff, 1988), 409441.