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close this bookEnvironment, Energy, and Economy: Strategies for Sustainability (UNU, 1997, 381 pages)
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View the documentPreface
View the document1. Introduction
close this folderPart 1 - Global issues and response strategies: Overview
View the document2. Past issues and new problems: A plea for action
View the document3. Policy measures for global environmental problems: A Japanese perspective
View the document4. Environment, economy, energy, and sustainable development
close this folderPart 2 - The status of the global environment
View the document5. Climate changes due to the increase in greenhouse gases as predicted by climate models
View the document6. Deforestation and desertification in developing countries
View the documentComments on part 2
close this folderPart 3 - Energy-economy interactions in stabilizing CO2 emissions
View the document7. Modelling economically efficient abatement of greenhouse gases
View the document8. Macroeconomic costs and other side-effects of reducing CO2 emissions
View the document9. The effects of CO2 reduction policies on energy markets
close this folderComments on part 3
View the document1. Lawrence R. Klein
View the document2. Warwick J. McKibbin
View the document3. Kenji Yamaji
View the documentAppendix to part 3 examining the macroeconomic effects of curbing CO2 emissions with the Project LINK world econometric model
close this folderPart 4 - Long-term strategies for mitigating global warming
View the document10. The role of technology in energy/economy interactions: A view from Japan
View the document11. Global and renewable energy: Potential and policy approaches
View the document12. Energy efficiency: New approaches to technology transfer
View the document13. Decarbonization as a long-term energy strategy
close this folderPart 5 - Energy issues in developing countries
View the document14. The crisis of rural energy in developing countries
View the document15. The developing world: the new energy consumer
View the document16. The role of rural energy
View the documentComments on part 5
close this folderPart 6 - Long-term strategies of developing countries
View the document17. Leapfrogging strategies for developing countries
View the document18. A development-focused approach to the environmental problems of developing countries
View the document19. Economic development, energy, and the environment in the people's Republic of China
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