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close this bookUnited Nations University - Work in Progress Newsletter - Volume 13, Number 1, 1990
View the document(introductory text...)
View the documentUnderstanding the 1990s shaping history's next chapter
close this folderGlobalization, multilateralism and social choice
View the document(introductory text...)
View the documentThe state: From buffer to transmission belt
View the documentMicro-regionalism vs. Macro-regionalism
View the documentThe elites of globalization
View the documentIntellectual equipment obsolescent
View the documentA post-hegemonic world?
View the documentThe UN in post-Westphalian world?
close this folderThe soviet perspective - Socialism's new face
View the document(introductory text...)
View the documentNew face for socialist world
View the documentA time for new political thinking
View the documentRecognizing both sides' achievements
View the documentPast emphasized struggle
View the documentMarxism as a 'besieged camp'
View the documentPeace: Not truce at the brink of war
View the documentFinding the legal mechanisms: The UN role?
close this folderChange in east-central Europe... And the global system of peace and governance
View the document(introductory text...)
View the documentImpact of global change in '70s and '80s
View the documentInternal weaknesses
View the documentPower interests, rigid attitudes
View the documentCentral issue: German reunification
View the documentDanger of renewed ethnic tensions
View the documentLarger global implications
View the documentImpact on the third world
View the documentEast-west conflict weakened UN role
close this folderGlobal impact of the US deficit
View the document(introductory text...)
View the documentWhy such a large deficit?
View the documentWhy fewer US savers?
View the documentImplications for world economy
View the documentWorld-wide capital shortage
View the documentDeficit threaten free trade
View the documentUS trade deficits: Not sustainable path
View the documentJapan: Finding its place in a new global order
close this folderThe human factor in the Himalayas - Coping with modem intrusions
View the document(introductory text...)
View the documentThe complexities of poverty
View the documentImpact of 'modern' system
View the documentDebt from rising aspirations
View the documentAscending the caste ladder - to Hunger
close this folderSustaining agricultural production in Africa
View the document(introductory text...)
View the documentWhat is sustainability?
View the documentPolitics of sustainability: Global and national
View the documentLimitations of Africa's resource base
View the documentInstitutional support critical
close this folderCrucial third world need - Software that speaks their own language
View the document(introductory text...)
View the documentThe UN's limited role
View the documentStrengthening capacities to adapt
View the document'Public domain' software
View the documentTwo roads to help: Bilateral vs. International?
close this folderNew development strategies for the '90s - Build local human resources
View the document(introductory text...)
View the documentPut people at the centre
View the documentComplementarities: The vital linkages
View the documentAttacking poverty
View the documentEnvironment and development
View the documentA world social contract - With noble purpose
close this folderSoedjatmoko remembered - 'Learn to leave room for the unexpected'
View the document(introductory text...)
View the documentSociety is fusing and splitting apart
View the documentThe capacity to learn
View the documentRoom for the unexpected
View the document'Love thy neighbour'
View the documentHeart of mankind beats uncertainly
View the documentEnergizing 'the least... And the lowest'
View the documentNo longer any frontiers
View the documentTough lesson for democracy
View the documentA world of 'knows' and 'know-nots'?
View the document'We owe our children an honest assessment'