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NORAD-D's relations to and the presence within the projects varied. In the rural roads projects in Mbeya and Tanga there was a direct relationship to the project leader and management at both places, mediated with evaluation/study teams, workshop meetings etc. and through a Norwegian coordinator in the Prime Minister's Office. The relation to the Sao Hill Sawmill is mediated by the Norwegian consultant firm, FORINDECO. At the Institute of Development Management the relation was in 1990 mediated by two project teams with both Tanzanians and Norwegians as members. At Tacoshili the relation was a direct one, with NORAD representatives on the board of Tacoshili, but for a period of 6 years (1984-1990) mediated by a Norwegian shipping company, Nordenfjeldske, that took over management tasks of the company. Interviews at NORAD-D told of a policy-making and financial control-orientation among project officers. They did not conceive of themselves as participants in Tanzanian government planning of the projects nor as participants in project internal policy-making. Their role was directed at the planning and making of agreements on aid with the Tanzanian government and see to it that allotted money to the projects was used according to the agreements and rules (the degree and detail of the economic control varied across project officers).