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Major step at the first INFORSE workshop in Argentina

The INFORSE workshop in October in Argentina attracted 60 interested parties. A permanent "Sustainable Energy Forum" was created. Proposals from the Workshop are expected to act as an Action Program

Proposed Strategies

The first INFORSE workshop in Argentina, which was held in October 1997, took a major step to propose sustainable energy strategies for the Argentinean Government.

It is expected that these strategies will unite the Government and the society in common actions toward a sustainable development.

The workshop analysed national and international experiences. It proposed specific targets and strategies at local level and suggested various scenarios, considering the environmental and social impact.

Forum Created

The participants in the meeting established a permanent Sustainable Energy Forum for the discussion of policies among NGO's, the private sector, and the Government. This Forum will be a powerful tool for INFORSE activities in Argentina. Inside the Forum will be several different working groups to study and compare possible ways to eliminate the main problems and barriers blocking renewable energy in Argentina e.g., leg illative framework, taxes, etc. The Forum plans to have a Web page, an open electronic list, and an office for public information.

The NGO Meeting Raised Overall Interest

The INFORSE meeting had more than 60 par ticipants representing all sectors of the society. The meeting, initiated by the INFORSE member REJIMA, attracted many NGOs. Among others, the Argentinean NGOs were represented by REJIMA, Greenpeace, Taecoro, Solidarydar, Gaia, Genco, Cenpat, Wise and Unpa Along with the NGOs, utilities and the Argentinean Energy Secretariat showed strong interest.

Special international participants were: Emilio La Rovere (Brazil, INFORSE Latin-America Coordinator); Pilar Chiva (ICAEN, Spain); J Leming (Danish Energy Agency, Denmark); Rob Bradley (Ecotec, U.K.), Robert Forrest (Energy Unlimited, Scotland), and Gerardo Monty (CEUTA, Uruguay NGO, INFORSE member).

Meet Again in October'98

Following the success of this first Argentinean INFORSE meeting, it is planned that the next meeting will be held jointly with ASADES (National Association of Renewable Energies) at ASEDA's annual congress in Salta (north of Argentina) during October of 1998.

More Information: REJIMA, Mario Bravo 1029, piso 4 depto A, 1175 Buenos Aires, Argentina. Ph/fax: + 54-1-9630722, e-mail: