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View the document1. Organizing Elections in a Mine Field: The Cambodian Challenge
View the document2. The Politics of Reassurance: International Presence at the Local Level in South Africa
View the document3. Voting for Peace: Preparing for Post-war Democracy in Mozambique
View the document4. End of the War Machinery: Demobilization in Mozambique
View the document5. Caught in the Crossfire: Dilemmas of Human Rights Protection in Former Yugoslavia
View the document6. Back from Rwanda: Confronting the Aftermath of Genocide
View the document7. Behind the Compound Wall: Volunteerism under Challenge in Somalia
View the document8. Part of the System: Varieties of Volunteer Support Roles
View the document9. The Art of Building Peace: Artisan Skills for Development and Peace in South Asia
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Volunteers Against Conflict

“At the heart of this book is the committed individual who acts to make the world a better place. These personal stories of men and women volunteers serving with the United Nations demonstrate that one can do more than idly care. The dedication United Nations Volunteers demonstrated in their work in South Africa is typical of their commitment in other settings where people yearn for freedom, peace, and democracy. To them and to this world body, I once more say, on behalf of our rainbow nation: Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.”

Nelson Mandela, President of the Republic of South Africa

“Conflict destroys communities. It makes victims of entire countries. Without active work against conflict, we have little hope. This book is full of hope. It confirms that there are people who care and reach out - as volunteers. These personal stories restore faith in our ability to improve the human condition.”

Mary Robinson, President of Ireland

“The United Nations Volunteers Programme provides grass-roots support at the front line of many of the world’s most dangerous conflicts. This collection of individual experiences is inspirational and highly informative.”

Jimmy Carter, Former President, USA

“Rescuing the deepest cultural values, civil society is able to stimulate the pacific essence of human beings. Peace is life and this conviction must help banish warlike thought; to substitute hostility and aggression by encouraging collaboration and solidarity. This is the essence of human dignity. I salute the humanitarian labor of people who, voluntarily, strive to contribute to the building of humane civilization, which is based on world peace.”

Rigoberta Mench, Nobel Peace Laureate

“The compassion and dedication that UN Volunteers bring to their work is evident throughout this book, which provides an excellent insight into the spirit of volunteerism within the United Nations system. UNHCR and millions of refugees worldwide are deeply appreciative of their efforts. These personal accounts of their many challenges and successes are well worth reading.”

UN High Commissioner for Refugees Sadako Ogata

United Nations University Press

ISBN 92-808-0923-7
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