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Mold curing

Cure Immediately

The proper setting of the mortar is only possible if the tiles are cured correctly. The curing procedure should start immediately after the product has been cast. The tiles have to be stacked in an airtight manner or covered within 5 minutes after casting. Neglecting this would result in drastically weakened tiles and cracking.

Curing Method

During this period the tiles are cured in a horizontal position while still on the mold, by covering their surface with a plastic sheet or by stacking with molds that guarantee airtight and dampproof stacking.

If during this step cracks develop on the surface, it is a sign of too much air circulation.

Curing Period

The most important curing period is during the first 24 hours.

For organizational reasons it is difficult to keep the tiles on the stack for exactly 24 hours. However, a minimum of 20 hours must be allowed.
(See also Production Management Guide)