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Peace corps academic and community- based resources



Community-Based initiative to Eradicate Guinea Worm: A Manual for Peace Corps Volunteers by Eva Silverfine, WIlliam Brieger, Angela Churchhill. A manual for Volunteers working in communities where Guinea worm disease is endemic. Provides dear explanations, with visual aids, of the life cycle, symptoms, treatment, and prevention of the disease.


Environmental Education: Creating a Program that Works by Judy Braus and David Wood. Publication Date: Summer 1993.

Provides an overview of environmental education, including how to assess environmental education problems and "size up" a school, how to create environmental education lessons, dozens of activity samples, suggestions for evaluation, and more.


The Growing Classroom: Garden-based Science by Roberta Jaffe and Gary Appel. (Addison-Wesley Publishing Co.) 1990.

Provides a curriculum for teachers to develop a garden-based science program. Offers information for starting a school garden, incorporating it into a classroom, and adapting the program to meet specific needs and resources. Presents techniques for managing a class and methods for cultivating community support.

ED 089

Mathematical Activities by Brian Bolt. (Cambridge University Press) 1988. Contains more than 150 games, puzzles, and investigations designed to encourage creative thinking and practical work.

A resource of mathematical education ideas.

WD 006

Navamaga Training Activities for Group Building, Health and Income Generation edited by Suzanne Kindervatter. (Over seas Education Fund International, Washington, D.C.) 1988.

A handbook developed in Sri Lanka to help strengthen the economic roles of rural women through income generation, group building, and health training.

H E234

Tallying AIDS: A Guide for Community Work

by International Planned Parenthood Federation. (Macmillan Education Ltd.) 1988. Guide to promote understanding of the discase, awareness of the means of preventing its spread, and support for people infected with HIV. Information is accessible and thought-provoking.


Nucleus English for Science and Technology Series. Titles in the series: Biology, Phisics Chemistry, Mthematics, Engineer ing, Agriculture, Medicine, Nursing Science, Architecture, and Building Construction edited by Martin Bates and Tony Dudley-Evans. (Longman) 1985. An integrated series for students who need English language skills for specific purposes. Provides a sound basis for the study of scientific and technological subjects in English. Student books accompanied by teacher's notes on methodology and scientific background, cassettes and texts for listening comprehension.


Women Working Together for Personal Economic, and Community Development by Suzanne Kindervatter. (Overseas Education Fund International, Washington, D.C.) 1983. A handbook of learning activities that address the needs of low-income communities. Activities to help participants clarify personal goals, identify community resources, and organize for community problem-solving.