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Energy After Rio, Prospects & Challenges
Executive Summary 35p.
Translation in all UN languages. The full Report will be published soon.
By Amulya Reddy, Robert Williams, Thomas Johansson. UNDP, United Nations Development Programme, International Energy Initiative, Energy 21, Stockholm Environmental Institute.
Contact: Annie Roncerel, Energy and Atmosphere Programme/SEED/BPPS, 1 United Nations Plaza, New York NY 10017, USA
Ph.: +1-212-906-6616,
fax: +1-212-906-5148,

Paying the Piper: Subsidies, Polities, and the Environment
WorldWatch Paper 133, By David Malin Roodman Dec. 1996, 80p. $5.
Contact: WorldWatch Institute, 1776 Massachusetts Ave. NW Washington DC 20036-1904, USA
Ph: +1-202452-1999,
Fax: +1-202-296-7365.

Voices from Africa, Sustainable Development, Issue No. 6 70p.
Contact: UN-NGLS, United Nations Non-Governmental Liaison Service, Palais des Nations, CH-1211 Geneva 10, Switzerland. Ph: +41-22-798-5850,
fax: +41-22-788-7366,

Financing Investments in Renewable Energy: The Role of Policy Design and Restructuring
Financial models of cases of wind power and PV. Tax Policies and tax appetite. Electric industry restructuring and long-term contracts. Surcharge-funded policies, production incentives, above-market contract payments. Green marketing programs. Low-interest subsidised loans and guarantees.
By Ryan Wiser and Steven Pickle March 1997, 88p.
Contact: Environmental Energy Technologies Division, Ernest Orlando Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, University of California, USA
Ph: +1-510-486-5474,
fax: +1-510-486-6996,

- How Global is Global & How Warm is Warming?
- Changing Coastlines, Effects of Climate Change
- CO2 Mitigation and the Indian transport Sector
20-page publications, 1996. Supported by the Ford Foundation. 'Popular publications' with charts explaining the concepts and facts.
Contact: TERI, Tata Energy Research Institute, Darbari Seth Block Habitat Place, Lodhi Road, New Delhi-110 003, India.
Ph: +91-11-462-2246, fax: +91-11-462-1770, e-mail:

Exploring US Residential & Commercial Electricity Conservation Potentials: Analysis of the Lighting Sector
328 p A4, 1996, 40 US$.
Dissertation by Diana Yorsatz, University of California, LA, USA.
Contact: Diana Vorsatz, Environmental Science Dept., Central European University, Nador u.9, 1051, Budapest, Hungary. Ph: +36-1-327-3021, fax: +36-1327-3031, e-mail:

Renewable Energy and Sustainable Development in a "liberalised" Energy Market
Focus on legislation in the European Union and Denmark as well as other European countries. Translated and shortened from Danish. Published by the Danish organisation for Renewable Energy "OVE - Europe" in co-operation with INFORSE-Europe, 66p. $15.
Contact: OVE-Europe, Gl. Kirkevej 56, 8530 Hjortshenmark
Ph: +45-86227000, fax: +45-86227096, e-mail:


TERES II, The European Renewable Energy Study. The Prospects in 30 European Countries from 1995-2000.
The project was carried out for the European Commission ALTERNER program by ESD, Energy for Sustainable Development ltd.
Contact: Umberto Tiberi, ALTERNER DGXVII European Commission, 200 Rue de la Loi, Brussels, Belgium. Ph: +322-295-2281, fax. +322-296-6283 and Ian McChesney, ESD, e-mail:


Global Eco-Village Network Europe News-Letter
No. 1 in 1997. Report of activities, calendar of events, community connections.
Contact: Ginsterweg 5, D-31595, Steyerberg, Germany.
Ph: +49-57-6493040 fax: +49-57-642368,
e -mail: even

Baltic Negawatt
Regional newsletter on the sustainable energy for the Baltic States. No 1. in 1997. Published by Re-En Center, TAASEN Lithuanian Green Movement, Latvian Information Office on Sustainable Energy.
Contact: Tonu Lausmaa, Re-En Center, 3 Tuse, EE0004 Tallinn, Estonia,
Ph: +3726-6542047, fax: +3726-397901,

Clean Energy Finance - CEF
Quarterly Newsletter on investments in emerging markets, 6p., No. 1 in 1996
Contact: Winrock International, 1611 North Kent Str, Suit 600, Arlington, VA 22209-2134, USA Ph: +1-703-525-9430, fax: +1-703-243-1175 e-mail:


UNESCO/ISEEK Energy Database

Information on organisations in the fields of renewable energy and energy conservation from about 170 counties.

The CD is one of the strategic projects of the World Solar Summit Process. 2nd edition, 1996. It will be revised annually. Language: English.

Contact: ISEEK, Int. System for Energy Expertise and Knowledge, UNESCO Publishing, 1 rue Miollis, 75752 Paris Cedex 15, France. Ph: +33-1-45684578, fax: +33-1-45685741,