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close this bookGuidelines and References: Livestock Training Component (Small Animal Husbandry) (Peace Corps, 1985, 302 p.)
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A) Livestock development



1. List the 5 components of livestock development.

2. List 5 examples (1 from each of the 5 components) that make an operation to be:

A. Low production

B. Moderate production

C. High production

3. Evaluate 3 livestock operations to determine the level of production and make management recommendations based on local conditions and resources

4. Participate in all scheduled field trips to local farms.

5. Describe the mayor steps of the research - extension chain.

6. Describe the major climatic zones, rainfall and cropping patterns, infrastructure, planting and harvest dates of forage crops, and common management practices for animals in your host country.

7. Give 2 method demos on a live stock technique or practice in accordance with guidelines from the staff.

8. Hand mix at least 1 feed ration.

9. Maintain a field notebook.