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D) Swine production



1. Feed and care for an about to farrow sow and a litter of weaned feeder pigs during training on a daily rotating basis.

2. Contrast traditional and improved methods of swine raising and discuss their pros and cone in terms of coat returns.

3. Give feasible production goals for the small scale farmer.

4. Describe the reproductive period of swine as to: heat cycle, estrus, gestation period, heat symptoms, lactation, signs of farrowing, and post-weaning heat.

5. Assist a sow at farrowing.

6. Give guidelines for and perform the following operations: clip needle teeth, tail dock, and give iron shots to newly born piglets.

7. Participate in the construction of a farrowing crate and explain its advantages.

8. Distinguish between sick and healthy pigs.

9. Disinfect one hog shed and list one readily available disinfectant in your host country.

10. Discuss the nutritional requirements of pigs and balance 1 feed ration.

11. Treat for 2 common internal parasites of engine and discuss their prevention, diagnosis, and treatment.

12. Treat for 2 common external parasites of swine using a recommended insecticide for their control.

13. List 3 mayor swine diseases, discuss their symptoms, prevention, and treatment.

14. Design a management plan and operation schedule for a 2 sow operation. Include inputs, costs, and estimated returns.

15. Administer medications and deworming medicines as required.

16. Keep production records on the training swine project and use them to determine profit or loss and the level of production.

17. Describe swine anatomy in relation to animal production. Give guidelines on engine selection and discuss methods of herd improvement feasible for small scale farmers.