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close this bookWorking with Presses - Course: Mechanical woodworking techniques.Trainees' handbook of lessons (Institut für Berufliche Entwicklung, 16 p.)
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4. Labour Safety with the Spindle Presses

When operating the spindle press it carries out only slow motions. That is why there are no accident hazards resulting from the driving parts of the machine.

However faulty handling of the clamp lever and the spindle controlling unit can lead to accidents.

The press is closed and opened with strong man power. If the clamping strength of the clamp lever stops suddenly the operating person comes to fall. On the press stand or other objects you can be injured seriously. That is why you always shall pay attention to the right sitting of the clamp lever in the lever lead. Before you exert pressure you have to check that the notch pawl has locked in the notch wheel (visual inspection).

Hardened urea-formaldehyde glue forms very sharp edges. There is a hazard of getting injured when unclamping, so please do it carefully. It is not permitted to use an additional clamp lever prolongation. Otherwise the press can be damaged because of overloading.