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Cheek cells

Class: 6, 5. 3

Lesson: Cellules/ Organisation grale du corps humain

Rationale: Show nucleus, membrane and cytoplasm of an animal cell.


eye dropper (science kit)
Optional: methylene blue (see "Preparation of methylene blue", p. 34)
toliet paper


1. Place a drop of water on a slide.
2. With the plain end of a match, gently scrape the inside of the cheek.
3. Swish the end of the match in the drop of water.
4. Add a coverslip.

Optional: Staining with methylene blue

Note: The students have trouble seeing cheek cells, so staining is highly recommended.

5. Place one drop of methylene blue at one side of the cover slip.

6. Tear off a piece of toilet paper no larger than the width of the coverslip and place tom edge in contact with the water at the opposite edge of the coverslip.

7. The toilet paper will draw the stain under the coverslip.

8. If it looks like the stain isn't going to completely cross the coverslip, add a drop of water at the same edge where the methylene blue was added.

9. Observe at 100x or greater.

Source: Silver Burdett Laboratory Manual, p. 29.