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Each country office must establish a policy specifying who can approve the repackaging of damaged or infested food. For reconstitution of small amounts, it may be the warehouse manager or storekeeper. However, when costs exceed US$200, the country office may require the project manager or someone higher to approve repackaging. If there is any question regarding the allowability of reconstitution costs, contact the local donor representative directly and obtain approval in writing.


No prior approval required for repackaging costs.

US Government

The U.S. Government provides for the reimbursement of costs if reconstitution is not due to any act, omission or failure on the part of CARE to provide proper storage, care and handling.

If repackaging costs are US$ 500 or less, no prior approval is required. Invoices and other documents to support repackaging costs should be forwarded to CARE USA Headquarters with other marine claims documentation.

If costs are US$ 500 or more, prior approval must be obtained from the U.S. Agricultural Counselor or Attachfor Section 416 food) or from USAID or the Diplomatic Post (for PL-480 Title II & III food). To avoid delays in repackaging infested food that may damage other food, CARE may request a waiver from USAID or USDA of the prior approval requirement. The written waiver authorization must be forwarded with the reimbursement request.